5 Tips For A Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

Amy of Savvy Sexy SocialThere are so many marketing options to choose from to represent your brand. Too many actually! But one thing is for sure: if video and multimedia is not part of your strategy, you will quickly fall behind your competitors.

YouTube and Instagram stories are just two of the great examples of why you should consider your online video storytelling much more seriously. The majority of people are visual learners, so if you want to let them know what you’re up to, it’s time to focus on their medium of choice.

YouTube videos offer an amazing opportunity to reach your audience for so many reasons. One being that you can make such a personal connection. Another is because YouTube is a massive search engine where people look for new information and ideas (and maybe even new cat videos) every day.

But how can you use it for your business? Especially when you are competing with some of the best cat videos in the world?

Here are five steps to consider when starting your YouTube marketing strategy from our guest author (and Video guru Amy Landino, formerly Amy Schmittauer). Amy has created hundreds of videos and acquired millions of views and over 300k of subscribers over the years.

1. Know Your Target Customer

Until you have your target customer defined in great detail, sharing information anywhere is going to be difficult, especially in video. Views, subscribers, vanity numbers, etc. are not going to matter until you know you’ve targeted the right people. Write this down and envision this person every time you’re creating a new video.

2. Look At The Lens Of The Camera Like It’s Your Target Customer

Until you realize that the camera is just a conduit for your message, it’s not going to be much fun to video blog. You don’t have to be an amazing personality, you just need to know why what you’re saying is important to your customer. When that mindset shift happens, you’re on the right track with YouTube marketing.

3. Share Value Constantly

Your video publishing schedule matters less than your intention to share value frequently on YouTube. If you’re hung up on logistics and can’t think of anything to share with your video audience, you haven’t done step one in great enough detail.

Why does your target customer care about your brand and what you do? How can you align with those priorities? Answering your customers’ frequently asked questions in video can be a great place to start and a great way to share this much-needed information.

4. Research Similar Content Published On YouTube

Want to rank well in search? It has a lot more to do with research than it does with the perfect copy. Why? Because if you don’t know what you’re competing against on the front page of search results, it’s hard to know how to optimize.

Take into consideration the headlines and description sections of your competitors videos to figure out how you can better accommodate what your target audience is searching for in that realm of information. Use tags to enhance your copy by reiterating keywords. You’ll be able to do all of this much better when you research.

5. Always Have A Call-To-Action

If you’re wondering why your YouTube subscriber base isn’t increasing or why no one is visiting your website, have you thought about what you’ve asked your audience to do once they’ve reached the end of the video? Having a call-to-action directly aligns with the results you’re going to get so you want to be very clear.

Maybe instead of asking them to buy your product you are asking them to join your email list. This is a great way to at least move them along your sales funnel from the A.D.D. world of YouTube to converting.

Learn more about having a call-to-action in this video:

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Game

Learn more about enhancing your video content strategy by visiting Amy’s YouTube channel. You can also learn more about other social media platforms to use in our social media marketing for small business.

Had any success with Youtube marketing? Let us know in the comments!

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