Our Review Process

Man writingNo matter what we are writing about, we use the same process for all our reviews. Our philosophy at WeRockYourWeb.com is to be honest, transparent and 100% valuable to our readers and not approach any article with any type of bias. It’s important to us to find as much research as we can, along with our own first-hand experiences when resources permit, and create the most comprehensive, in-depth article as possible. That way you, our readers, can make the best, most educated decisions when it comes to a product or service.

How We Review Products and Services

  • Independent reviews from experts
  • Anonymous phone calls to mystery shop
  • Email inquiries to the company
  • Feedback on our website from emails and comments
  • Social media chatter and posts
  • Survey other review sites including forums, Yelp, Angie’s List, Amazon, Better Business Bureau, etc.

So while we do not always try or buy everything we review (due to time or other limitations), we have designed a system that resonates with our readers and has been successful. Having our readers’ trust allows us to continue to provide you with the best, most valuable information on the Internet. We take pride in being transparent and upfront with you. But if there’s something you don’t like, let us know!

How We Compare to Other Review Sites

Sometimes people ask us how to trust the credibility of other review sites. So we have made a list of things to look for in a site to help you see how trustworthy they are. Ultimately, it’s up to the reader to decide how legit a website is, but we think having the following helps validate a site:

  • Contact Us page – is it possible to reach them?
  • An About Us page – did a real person write the article?
  • A Disclosure Policy – how are they compensated and how do they handle feedback?
  • An explanation of review criteria (this page) – how do they select the best in any given category?
  • An author for each article – and a bio about the writer.

We are proud of our reviews and excited about the products and categories we cover. But we’re always striving to improve. If you still have concerns or questions, please reach out. If you come across a review site you think is questionable, or a piece of information we’ve sourced that you don’t trust, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy rockin’ the best of the web with us 🙂

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