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A domain name is your address on the internet. Few things are more important to your business and your brand, so if you’re just starting out make sure you don’t rush this step.

Are you on the hunt for the best domain name registrar? We’ve researched this category extensively to provide you with individual, versus and comparison articles to help you find the best registrar for you. We even give you tips on choosing the best domain name for you and your visitors.

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Defend Against Typosquatting

Typosquatting, also referred to as URL hijacking (in relation to domains), relies on typographical errors (typos) made by users when trying to access a domain directly via URL. If the user mispells the website, they will end up on the site of a “typosquatter”, a type of cybersquatter, whose purchase of the domain name is the sole intent of attracting traffic due to misspellings. How do you prevent typosquatters from taking advantage of you?

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Domain Name With or Without Hyphens?

Hyphens or no hyphens in your domain name? Technically hyphens are recognized as a separator (or space), so they should be used in instances where search engines may not correctly discriminate your keywords. But do they carry an additional advantage over non-hyphenated domain names when it comes to search? …

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How to Transfer a Domain From Another Registrar

Domain transfers, because of a registrars interest in retaining domains, can be confusing, especially if the domain you wish to transfer resides at another registrar. I break down various transfer scenarios and give advice on how to transfer domains with minimum hassle…

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How to Find a Reliable Domain Name Registrar

The domain registration market is lucrative, which means there are a lot of people, including unqualified and dishonest ones, out to make a quick buck. We sift through the garbage and finds the best domain name registrars to suit your needs…

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My Domain Name Expired. Can I Get It Back?

Oh no, my domain name expired can I get it back? We look at what happens to a domain name after it expires and examine ways for you to get it back before the public get their hands on it…

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Parking vs Redirect vs Addon Domains – Which is Best?

Should I park, redirect, or use add-on domains? Parking is a function of a DNS (Domain Name Server) entry, where the DNS zone for both the parked and original domains resolves to the same document root (the same content). This is what makes Drupal multisite installations possible (many sites can access one document root, but have their own settings, themes, etc. files to make them unique)…

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Should You Have Keywords in Your Domain Name?

This is a long disputed question in the search marketing community, the answer of which depends not only on how different search engines treat keywords in your domain name, or URL, but also the size of your advertising budget, and other factors…

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What’s The Cheapest Domain Registration Company?

You’ve got your business up and running and now are looking to secure your online real estate with a corresponding domain name. There are so many domain registrars out there, how do you know which one to go with, and which is the most affordable? We’ve price checked the leading domain registrars and ranked them based on affordability…

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Finding The Right Domain Name For Your Business

Selecting a domain name is the first step in getting your business online. And because of the way domain names are treated by search engines, it’s a very important first move. You want to take your time selecting your domain name so you don’t have to go back and choose an alternative down the road and go through the lengthy process of redirecting website pages that search engines have already indexed…

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Does GoDaddy Live Up To Its Super Bowl Hype?

Whether it’s a commercial with NASCAR front-woman Danica Patrick, or any other Superbowl-showcased ad on TV, has become the face of online domain registration. But since the site launched in 1997, has built itself into one of the Internet’s most prominent and multi-functional products but do they live up to the hype…

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