Alex Schenker

Alex bring a series of in-depth articles on search marketing and content management systems as well as troubleshooting tips to We Rock Your Web’s collection. He is an avid tennis player, nature enthusiast, and hiker, and enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and dogs, Bella and Lily.

Amazon Associate Context Links Load Unbelievably Slow

Amazon has a new associate program, namely context links, similar to “content sensing” technology such as that used by Google’s Adsense. The script works fine, basically creating links out of targeted words on a page, that, when hovered over, reveal a user-styled box advertising a product on The problem? It’s slow as hell! We …

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Look N' Stop Updated to 2.06

For those of you who have been using Look N’ Stop 2.03 for a long, long time, you’ll be happy to know that Look N’ Stop has been updated to 2.06! Features of Look N’ Stop include: Blocks spywares and keystroke loggers. Makes your PC invisible to hackers. Fast download and fast setup. Out of …

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AT&T $18 cell phone upgrade fee

My new cell phone from a couple years back (a Motorola L6) gave up the fight after less than a year’s use. Good thing that I hung on to some of my older cell phones – a trusty Samsung that, unfortunately (after being thrown at a wall – don’t ask recently gave up the fight …

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Cron Runs Are Off By X Hours

Do you have a cron-based Drupal event that is off by several hours? Your problem is most likely not with your date settings, as I first suspected when I encountered this problem with the “Recent Popular Content” block resetting at an odd time (5 hours too early, as I wanted it to reset at midnight …

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Custom Firefox Styles

You can define your own styles in Firefox by renaming the following file (Windows users): C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\chrome\userContent-example.css to “userContent.css” Voila 🙂 Now you simply define custom styles. For example, say you want to add a dotted red border to all your links. You would add the following code to userContent.css: a:link { border: …

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How To Set CCK Teasers Without Hacks

Getting teasers to work in CCK has been a long-running issue in the Drupal community. The current approaches are summed up nicely by warco in his post on Developing CCK teasers the right way. I attempted nearly all those approaches. While they all have their merits, there are problems with all of them. The patches …

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Having trouble activating your Feedburner email subscriptions?

Feedburner, now owned by Google, is one of the few services out there that offers free and reliable email subscriptions to your RSS feeds. We say reliable because they use an opt-in method that prevents spam. Therefore, your feed email messages are more likely to reach their recipients (as opposed to landing in their junk …

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Could not load file or assembly MOM.implementation

There are many rumors going around about a MOM.exe spyware application. While there is one that exists, in most cases, the error message you’re seeing about mom.implementation or mom.exe errors is related to your ATI graphics card. That being said, if you’re not using an ATI graphics card, then you may indeed be infected with …

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Domain Name

Frustrated cartoon man and computer

Buying a new domain name might seem like the quickest and easiest part of launching your business online. But that’s where it can get dangerous – because your domain name is like your street address; actually more than that – it’s the deed to the property. If you lose control of it, you lose control of your entire online business, which can be a disaster. So don’t skip on the domain name step. Okay, then how to register a domain name you ask? I’ll take you through all the steps involved in securing your domain name, from finding if it’s available, researching the best alternatives if it’s not, buying it from a reliable vendor, and managing it down the road. I’ll help you avoid nightmare scenarios where you lose control of your domain name, or even worse, a competitors snaps it up, and your sales go to zero overnight. With a little preparation, it’s easy to avoid these pitfalls. I’m also prepared to answer any questions you have along the way…

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Why SEO?

Google Organic Search Results Example

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses all strategies that involve promoting a Web site in the search engine rankings. The higher your website is in the rankings, the more visitors you will receive, and the more sales you’ll make. SEM includes search engine optimization (SEO), which involves optimizing the code and layout of your website to cater to search engines. In other words, if search engines understand your website, they will be more likely to index its pages. Your pages must be “indexed” by search engines before they can appear in search engine results pages (SERPs)…

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