Michelle Schenker

Michelle holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and has worked in marketing at Bank of America, Mattel and Hanes. Michelle’s 20+ years of digital marketing and brand building experience inform our content and keep us on top of the latest tech details. Her expert advice and opinions have appeared in noteworthy media outlets, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Forbes, People, Reader's Digest and Apartment Therapy, among others. Michelle is also an experienced entrepreneur and small business operator, sharing her knowledge with our readers since 2012. When not geeking out, you can find her on a hike in the mountains or reading in the hammock with her dogs.

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3 Things Brands Should Avoid To Be More Likeable than Lance Armstrong

Was Lance Armstrong being completely honest during his “no holds barred” interview with Oprah last night? This uncertain feeling is familiar to many who visit a brand’s website and read the blogs only to feel a slight hesitation about whether the content offered is truly honest or weighted in favor of the brand being represented. If brands beat their chests and say they are the best, claim to never screw up (or won the Tour de France a record 7 times without doping!) and consistently deny customer complaints, consumers will grow to distrust your brand. It is inevitable. Don’t let your brand fall pray to the pitfalls of victory and success. Here are three things your brand should avoid if you wish to be more likeable than Lance Armstrong..

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Successfully Managing A Virtual Team

As an online publishing company here at We Rock Your Web, our team works all over the world. Further, every member of our team works virtually from their respective home offices. In fact, we rarely meet in person and more than 50% of the team have never met the majority of their teammates. Does this sound familiar? It is a rapidly growing trend and one you might want to consider when seeking your next job or in making business formation decisions.

But, how do you keep employees on task and team-oriented when they are not on-site to keep an eye on? Here are a few of of our top picks when it comes to managing virtual teams. We know them well because we use them virtually every single day to help build team morale and keep everyone on the same page…

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Beat the Competition with these Website Optimization Tips

So, you just launched your new website? How exciting!! The site looks amazing and it is apparent that your team has put in a great deal of work for this successful redesign! Congratulations, what a wonderful accomplishment. Everyone who has labored over this project should be proud and praised for their excellent and diligent work…

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Interview With The CEO & Co-Founder Of Shoeboxed: Taylor Mingos

Shoeboxed.com is one of our favorite B2B apps of all-time and we were thrilled to recently have the opportunity to chat with the founder, Taylor Mingos about his company, small business trends and more. He even offers a tip to help you out on next year’s taxes.

chapter 5

Chapter 5: Cha Ching! How to Make Money With Your Website

Show me the money! That’s right, now that you’ve created your website, it’s time to figure out how to make money. If you are an online retailer, the financial path is rather obvious. However, if you’re a blogger, it’s probably not so straightforward. So, I am excited to share with you a couple of different ways that you can make money with your site and have a little fun along the way in this fifth and final phase of the website development process…

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