Campaigner Review: Has This Service Kept Up With The Times?

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Campaigner reviewCampaigner is one of the original email marketing services that’s still a popular option due its competitive pricing. It boasts a lot of features for beginners and advanced users alike. But with such intense competition, especially with newer services offering the latest technology and tools, how does Campaigner rate this year?

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Article Overview


3.95 / 5
Customer Service & Reputation 4.8
Pricing 4.0
Template Selection 3.8
Social Media Marketing 4.0
Autoresponders 4.3
List Segmentation 4.5
Spam Score 2.5


  • Excellent customer service reputation with little to no wait times
  • A solid and flexible newsletter template editor
  • Fast sending of email newsletters (a couple of minutes)
  • Contact manager that lets you import your contacts from popular email providers
  • Automatically removes unsubscribes and bounces
  • Reports best performing links, click trends, heat maps, workflows & more
  • API integration into existing data systems
  • SMTP Relay ensures transactional emails get delivered to customers’ inboxes
  • Automated opt in/opt out
  • Provides high volume contact options for larger businesses


  • Takes a learning curve and not very user friendly
  • Advanced features can get costly
  • Must pay extra for dynamic content in emails
  • Very limited number of email templates
  • No internal support for surveys or event marketing features
  • Spam checking is very limited; no spam score tool
  • Doesn’t offer nearly as many app/software integration choices as other top services
  • Must have a plan that allows more than 25,000 contacts to remove Campaigner logo from emails
  • No Android app
  • Credit card required for free trial

Key Features

  • Customer service 24/7
  • List segmentation and management
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Autoresponder
  • ROI reporting
  • Mobile app (iOS devices only)
  • A/B split testing
  • Image hosting
  • Excellent resource center with video tutorials, webinars and email marketing-how-to brochures
  • RSS feed integration


Pricing for Campaigner is on a per month basis, based on your number of contacts. All of these plans allow for an unlimited number of emails sent. Campaigner offers a 30-day free trial.

Number of ContactsPrice Per Month
Up to 1,000$19.95
Up to 3,500$29.95
Up to 5,000$49.95
Up to 10,000$79.95
Up to 15,000$99.95
Up to 25,000$149.95**
Up to 50,000$299.95**
Up to 100,000$549.95†
Over 100,000Call or request a quote online

** With the purchase of these higher-end plans, you get some of Campaigner’s more advanced features included in the price: Custom footer, 1GB CDN media hosting, suppressor list, projects and more.
† And with the purchase of the “Up to 100,000” monthly plan you get even more features: Workflows, APIs, static segment sampling, dynamic content, 3rd party Ad content, delivery support and more.


Campaigner occasionally has seasonal coupon codes, visit our dedicated Campaigner coupon page.

How Do Users Rate Campaigner?

One of Campaigner’s major strengths is its 24/7 customer support, which won the industry’s 2017 silver award for customer service team of the year and customer service department of the year. Despite their accolades, some customers have less than stellar experiences with Campaigner’s customer service while others have a great experience with Campaigner. Here are just a couple of the user reviews we’ve gathered.

Positive Reviews

I have been using Campaigner for 6 months now, the platform can sometimes be slow but overall we have had a great experience. We have seen a spike in sales since using the service. Kudos to the customer support team! We were happy to see such a helpful and responsive support team, all inquires were met in a timely manner. Cannot wait to dive in and experiment with some of the more advanced features of Campaigner.- David R., G2Crowd 1/7/2019

Negative Reviews

I wish that the email builder allowed you to do more. It does not allow me to achieve what I want artistically so I have to design it myself and just upload a jpeg, which is not SEO friendly. – Danielle F., G2Crowd 2/13/2019

A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing

Don’t know how or where to start with your email marketing? Campaigner gives you the tools you need to jump-start your email marketing campaign. This is one of Campaigner’s 35+ video tutorials at your disposal, covering everything from the most basic to its most advanced features.

How Does Campaigner Compare To Others?

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While Campaigner has been a top choice for small businesses for years, its user interface hasn’t kept up with its competitors, and customers report that the system has become buggy and slow. Also, its template editor used to be top-of-the-line, but based on user feedback, it now comes across as antiquated compared to many other services.

Want to see how Campaigner stacks up against the competition? Check out our email marketing software review. You’ll look at the pros and cons for each provider as well as key features. We’ve even made a comparison table to help you see the fundamental differences side by side.

What other email marketing services are you considering?

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Great review. Detailed and in-depth.

Thank you, Sani, glad you found it helpful!

Great platform and wonderful choice of templates. Our company has been successful since using Campaigner. We can’t imagine using another platform. Thanks Campaigner!

The segmentation feature within Campaigner has made it easy for me to target my customers. Since I started, my opens have increased by 62% after segmenting my lists. 2017 has been a wonderful year for my online business, I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds. I hold a lot of my success to email marketing! Thank you Campaigner.

Hello Lorraine,

Thank you for reviewing our platform. We work really hard to ensure our platform has everything to meet our customers needs and we are happy to hear our segmentation feature has helped your grow your business.

If you have any questions in the future please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Have a great day!

-The Campaigner Team

New customer over here!! At this point my experience is nothing but exceptional, we have seen a spike in sales since using the service. Kudos to the customer support team! We were happy to see such a helpful and responsive support team, all inquires were met in a timely manner. Cannot wait to dive in and experiment with some of the more advanced features of Campaigner.

Hi Jaclynn,
Thank you so much for taking the time to review our platform. We are happy to hear about your email marketing success!!

If you have any questions in the future please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here 24/7 always willing to lend a hand!

-The Campaigner Team

I became a customer a little over 7 months ago. I just started my photography business full-time and was looking for an email service to help grow my list/client base. It was particularly important for me to find an email service that was easy to use. HTML design is not my strong suit so at first I was hesitate to even dive into the world of email marketing but with campaigner the template selection was great and when I wanted something a little more customized I was able to work with them to build the perfect template for my photography business. Since using Campaigner my list size has grown by 46%, I’m able to keep in touch with my clients and send updates and specials with just a few clicks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience online. It means a lot to our staff that you took time out of your day to post a positive review about our platform.

We hope you continue to see success with your email marketing efforts!

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us! You can check out our blog as well for weekly email marketing tips and tricks!

-The Campaigner Team

I’ve been using Campaigner for a little over 4 weeks and I have to say my experience has been good. The 24 hour support is great, I work long hours and sometimes I do not get to my emails until late at night, having them available anytime really helps when I get in a jam. I would suggest adding more hotel and travel templates but other than that I have to say I have enjoyed using the platform so far!

Hi Allison,
Thanks so much for the review. We are currently working with our design team to create more travel/hotel templates! Thank you for the feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions of suggestions for us in the future, you can email me directly at
Have a good day!!!

Campaigner Team Marketing cannot be trusted, plain and simple. The parent company J2 Global is nothing short of a scam and will charge your card time and time again despite requesting to change your account and/or cancel it. Their website is often down or unreachable. Their support staff do not address technical faults, bugs and problems with their website. Our experience with and JS Global has been nothing short of appalling, and we strongly recommend that you avoid and JS Global at all costs.

Terrible company – Do not work with them and they will over charge and rip you off even after you cancel!


I would like to apologize for the negative experience you had while using our service. I would love for you to give us a chance to change the impression you have of our platform. Feel free to contact me directly at I will be more than happy to assist with any issues, comments, or questions you may have.

The Campaigner Team

6 year power use of Campaigner here.

They suck. And to top it off, they are giving us the run around now that we want to cancel our account.

Worst memories include:
-Failed sends (some taking over 48hrs to get out past scheduled send time)
-Waiting 3+ hours for a TEST to go through!
-Support techs with nasty ATTITUDES…acting like I don’t know what I’m doing when I’ve sent hundreds of campaigns to literally millions of recipients worldwide. Their server/sending troubles would tend to repeat themselves, and they’d act like I messed up my code, even though it was for DUPLICATED resends!
-The imbecilic tech support during evening hours. The guy that basically tells you that the tech support crew the next business day will have to call me back!
-Being unable to even LOGIN to our account for hours due to their server issues!
-Sitting in a chat queue for ~1hr when it says “your position is #1” and “average wait time is 1-3 minutes”

No email marketing platform is perfect…but Campaigner can bite it 😉

Hi There,

I know this reply is late but we appreciate the time you took to share your feedback. We read with much concern about the unpleasant experiences you encountered while using our platform. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we understand your frustration.

In the last few months our team has worked incredibly hard to fix many of the issues you listed above, including the fail sends and test issues.

We hope that you will reconsider using our platform in the future and give us a chance to change the impression you have. We are always looking to better our platform for our customers so please contact me directly at if you have any other issues or comments.

Campaigner Email Marketing

We can confirm the arrogant and snotty personnel and the over billing of the account by Campaigner. They more than double billed us and refused to credit the funds back to the card and we could only use the credit for future months. When we canceled the account we still had a credit balance and they said they need “approval” to refund us for the unused month from the previous double billing they did. All these complaints seem to follow a common thread. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Also we found their system very slow and buggy (the html editor).

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I was very disappointed to read of your experience while using our platform. Whilst an apology will regrettably not alter the outcome of your experience on this occasion, I do extend it with all sincerity.

Our team appreciates the feedback on the HTML editor. Customer feedback allows us to work together as a team to provide you all with the best service possible.

We hope that you will reconsider using our platform in the future and give us a chance to change the impression you have of us. If you have comments in the future do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Campaigner Email Marketing

Campaigner is terrible. Besides that the software has so many glitches and the emails always come out distorted on mobile devices. And out of my 5,000 contacts only 700 received the email. They upgraded my account and began charging me more money each month without my approval. The customer service rep I spoke with was arrogant and not interested at all in helping me when I called. There are much better services out there that have better function and integrity.

Campaigner took me for nearly $1,000. I thought that my account was closed, but they continued to bill me until they officially closed my account. Beware of their billing strategies!!!

Just had a horrible experience with Campaigner. I wanted only to take a quick look at their templates. They insist that you give them your credit card information before you can do this. I never used their services but they billed me for months. I asked, but they refused, to refund my money. They are the only e-mail marketing company that I am aware of who requires a credit card number to investigate their services. Stay away. There are many other companies who provide great e-mail marketing services who operate with integrity.

Contactology has hobbled together bits and pieces of other software modules to create a thoroughly user-unfriendly experience. For one, if you are actually designing a campaign, you don’t have access to live chat support…you have to go open a new window. I created an email based on their own template, and it did not work in Outlook 2003 and earlier. Of course almost 18% of the public still uses these versions of Outlook. Well, the company’s designers refused to correct the template (seriously), so I had to rebuild everything as html.

Beware the fine print. They told me you could turn an account on and off, and not get billed for the account when it is off, but they didn’t state that you had to turn it off within a certain timeframe, so I got charged for it anyway because I missed the cutoff by a day.

The sales guy is really nice and very smooth. The support staff is great.

Fantastic, I’ve been waiting for someone to post a Contactology review for @#$% knows how long. While there’s a lot of useful information in this review, it would be a heck of a lot easier to visualize if you used tables? Ie. for the pricing – how about putting that in a table? That would be just #$% dandy!

Peace out homies.

Campaigner provides the worst customer service I have seen in a very long time. I am very displeased with the billing as well as with inconsistencies in service. Wish they had a money back guarantee.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with Campaigner’s customer service. Check out your other options here