Best Dictation Software And Voice To Text Apps In 2023: Dragon vs Braina vs SpeechLogger & More

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Boost your work productivity with the best dictation app. It can beat your typing speed by five times! Not only can it convert voice to text, but it can also do a variety of other features and commands.

Best Dictation Software And Voice To Text Apps

Dictation and voice to text apps are so varied in their features and uses that we decided to rank our top three winners based on features we think are best for small business users.

If our top winners are more feature-rich than you need, be sure to see our other reviews to find more simple dictation software and apps or niche services that may suit your personal or business needs.

Winner: Nuance Dragon Review

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Our winner, Nuance’s Dragon, is the industry-leading dictation software and is the best transcription software you can find. Dragon’s intelligent speech recognition software continually adjusts for your accent, dialect and inflection to improve its accuracy. Dragon is compatible with more platforms and uses than any other dictation software — Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, web browsing, form filling, emailing, texting and more.

And they offer a suite of products tailored for lawyers, medical professionals, businesses, teachers and personal use. This software isn’t cheap and maybe too much if you’re looking for occasional simple dictation. But if your budget allows, Dragon delivers the best voice recognition software on the market.



  • 99% accuracy
  • User-friendly
  • Available for PC and Mac, with companion iOS and Android apps (added fee)
  • Compatible with internet, Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Bluetooth
  • Mobile apps work with WiFi or cell network
  • Can create customized words and commands
  • Formats text and you can insert graphics
  • Supports 7 languages
  • Expensive
  • Learning how to use all the features can be a bit complicated
  • Must use punctuation commands
  • License is only for one user


Read our in-depth Nuance Dragon Review

Runner-Up: Braina Pro Review

Visit Website | Android App

Windows-based Braina Pro wins our number two spot for the best voice to text software. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, Braina is a completely automated speech recognition software that does much more than just transcribe voice to text (with user-reported 99% accuracy).

The personal assistant feature is a huge plus — you can dictate reminders, notes, search your PC for files, music and videos, browse the web, and much more. You also can automate your mouse and keystrokes and create custom voice commands and replies.



  • Excellent accuracy
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Speech to text in any software or website
  • Supports canned answers (predetermined responses to common questions)
  • Control your PC remotely via Android app
  • Supports 40 languages
  • Must have internet connection for mobile app to perform most features
  • Not compatible with Mac OS or iPhone
  • Must use punctuation commands
  • Doesn’t format text
  • Only for one user on one computer


Braina offers a 7-day free trial, but it only includes the most basic features. Its license pricing is for use on one computer, but you can get a 50% discount on a second license.

  • Free for Lite
  • $49 for 1 year
  • $69 for lifetime

Best Free Dictation Software And App: Speechlogger’s Speechnotes Review

Speechlogger logo

Visit Website | Android App

If you’re looking for a simple but accurate voice dictation tool for free, it’s hard to beat Speechlogger’s Speechnotes. Like LilySpeech, Speechnotes uses Google Chrome’s Web Speech API functionality, which is among the most accurate speech recognition programs available.

One of Speechnotes’ best features is built-in automatic punctuation, which makes dictation go much faster. You must use Speechnotes in Chrome, but they also offer a free Android app that you can find on Google Play that has some excellent mobile features, including Bluetooth support.



  • Entirely free
  • Easy to use and no installation
  • Auto punctuation (PC only)
  • Android app supports Bluetooth
  • Supports 9 languages
  • Must have WiFi or internet connection
  • Can’t create canned answers
  • No automatic form fill or voice-enable browsing
  • Not compatible with Mac or iPhone


  • Free

What About Go Transcribe, LilySpeech, SmartAction, Speech Recogniser, and Voice Text by TalirApps?

Below you’ll find an alphabetical listing other companies we’ve reviewed. While these didn’t make our top three this year, your business might find a better fit her given your specific needs, so we encourage you to glance over these reviews.

Go Transcribe | LilySpeechSmartAction | Speech Recogniser | Voice Text by TalirApps

Go Transcribe Review

Go Transcribe logo

Visit Website

Go Transcribe is a niche voice transcription software that lets you upload audio files into their cloud-based service for quick conversion to text.  This software is an excellent option for meeting minutes, medical transcription and similar business uses. Once you’ve uploaded your audio file, Go Transcribe gives you your converted text within minutes.

They have an easy-to-use online editor to make any necessary changes, and you can download your transcription to many formats, including Word and PDF. You can even set up workflows to allow your assistant to review the transcription.



  • Users report excellent accuracy
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Quick transcription turnaround
  • Easy download to Word, PDF, and other formats
  • Supports 12 languages
  • On the pricey side
  • No mobile apps, but you can upload files from your mobile phone
  • Not meant for voice to text emailing, texting or social media posting


  • Pay as you go: starting at $13.20 ($0.22/minute); one user
  • Individual plan: starting at $48/month ($0.20/minute) ; unused minutes roll over; one user
  • Business plan: starting at $96/month ($0.16/minute); unused minutes roll over; unlimited users & workflows
  • Corporate plan: starting at $420/month ($0.14/minute); unused minutes roll over; unlimited users & workflows
  • View all plans

LilySpeech Review

LilySpeech logo

Visit Website

This Windows-based software is fairly bare bones compared to our top two picks, but it packs a reliable punch. LilySpeech uses Google Chrome’s powerful Web Speech API functionality and harnesses it into an easy-to-use interface controlled by LilySpeech’s software. The result is extremely accurate word recognition (in 24 languages) at an unbeatable price of $2.49 per month.

You get a few helpful features to boost your productivity, including full-fledged canned answers that allow you to instantly access templated emails, form messages and more. The major downside for some users is that you can only use LilySpeech on a Windows-based PC (no mobile apps).



  • 99.5% accuracy
  • Very inexpensive
  • Can dictate emails, documents, web searches and more
  • Create custom words
  • Customizations saved in the cloud
  • Supports 24 languages
  • Must have Internet connection to work
  • Have to use punctuation commands
  • No mobile apps


  • $2.49 per month per user

SmartAction Review

SmartAction logoVisit Website

SmartAction is a speech recognition software in a league of its own, but we wanted to include it in our reviews in case your business can benefit from its powerful customer service automation. SmartAction is a centralized artificial intelligence engine that automates customer service across voice, SMS, text, chat, mobile, and social media.

This software harnesses both voice and digital conversations and provides solutions for everything from appointment reminders, scheduling and account management to complex call center needs. SmartAction is popular with small and large businesses alike. Some of their noteworthy clients include Penske, AAA, Pizza Hut, Office Depot and more.



  • Easy to use and quick implementation
  • Accurate recognition with both concatenated and continuous speech
  • Extremely customizable for your specific needs
  • Automatic form fill
  • 24/7 customer support
  • May be too expensive for very small businesses
  • Not meant for simple voice to text dictation


  • Must contact SmartAction to customize your needs and get a quote

Speech Recogniser Review

Speech Recogniser logo

iOS App

Speech Recogniser by Anfasoft is a popular and reliable iOS app that can help you stay productive when you’re on the go. This app gives you the basics voice to text functionality, including texting, emailing, notes to yourself. But Speech Recogniser does more.

You can post status updates on Facebook, tweet, copy your text to other apps, and even hear translations into more than 40 languages being read aloud to you. Speech Recogniser’s accuracy and ease of use beat out many free voice to text apps and is well worth its $10 price tag. The downside? This app won’t work without a WiFi connection.



  • Reliable accuracy
  • Excellent translation tools (supports 40+ languages)
  • Automatically inserts punctuation
  • A bit pricey for a mobile app
  • Requires WiFi
  • No Android app


  • $10.00

Voice Text By TalirApps Review

Voice Text logo

iOS App

Voice Text by TalirApps is arguably the best speech to text app for iPhones. This app not only is easy to use, reliable and accurate, it also has some added features to boost your productivity and save you time.

Features include voice-to-text transcriptions that you can quickly send as SMS, email, or paste them into any application using the clipboard. Also, you can copy and paste your text it to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also includes automatic correction for grammar and punctuation and gives you a convenient editing benefit that provides a list of suggested words.

The downside to this app is that you must have a WiFi connection for it to work.



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Users report excellent accuracy
  • Very reasonable price
  • Automatically edits for grammar and punctuation
  • Supports 15 languages
  • Must be connected to WiFi
  • No Android app


  • $4.99

See The Best Dictation Software In Action

Check out the video below to see how our number one pick, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, works.

Why Type When You Can Talk?

We hope our dictation app reviews have helped you choose the best solution for your individual or business needs. You’ll be amazed at how much these products can improve your workflow and let you get more done in less time.

But, why stop at dictation? There are more ways to stay productive, including online collaboration tools and voice recognition software too.

What other voice to text software or apps have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

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