PeopleFinders Review: Is It Legit? How Can I Opt Out?

PeopleFinders on computer screen (caption: PeopleFinders Review)Want to learn more about a potential business partner or significant other? Or are you searching for a long-lost relative or friend? PeopleFinders could help.

This people search and background check site is one of many you’ll find online. Is PeopleFinders worth it? We give you the lowdown to help you decide if this is your best option.

Visit PeopleFinders’ Website

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Customer Service & Support 9.3
Pricing 9.0
Data/Intelligence 8.8
User-Friendly 9.5


  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward search functions – you can search by name, phone number, address, or email
  • Good bit of free information
  • Offers one-time purchases and subscriptions
  • Informative on subject of background check
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Affordable 3-day trial for both people search and background check services


  • No social media information
  • $2.95 membership cancellation fee
  • Affiliate ads for the same services as the site

What Is PeopleFinders?

PeopleFinders is a people search and tool that scans millions of public records and other online sources to build custom background reports. These U.S. records have been filed or recorded by local, state, and federal agencies and are available to the public.

Instead of spending hours upon hours going to courthouses and agencies to physically search all of these records, sites like PeopleFinders make it easy to find them in once place.

You can search for anyone in the U.S. by name, city, and state, and it’s all done anonymously. PeopleFinders doesn’t notify the person that you’ve run a search on them.

While you can use PeopleFinders for a variety of reasons, the site explicitly states that it’s not to be used for employment, credit or tenant screening, or related purposes covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

5 Things You Can Search For

You can use PeopleFinders to research:

  1. Lost family and friends
  2. Unknown callers
  3. Potential customers or business associates
  4. Online sellers
  5. Check the record they have on you (and opt-out if you like)

6 Key Features

  1. Ability to search 43+ billion property, historical, business, consumer, and court records
  2. Company has been in business for over 30 years
  3. Enterprise data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses
  4. BBB rating: C- (and not accredited)
  5. Customer support via phone and email 7 days/week
  6. Background reports can include:
    • Names & aliases
    • Relatives and other known associates
    • Current and historical phone numbers (phone type, carrier, etc.)
    • Addresses
    • Email addresses
    • Criminal records (arrests, trials, convictions)
    • Marriages and divorces (available only within certain date ranges, and only from specific states)
    • Birth records
    • Property records
    • Foreclosures
    • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments

PeopleFinders screenshot Mark Zuckerberg


PeopleFinders offers a 3-day trial at $0.95 for basic people search functions and $3.95 for full background checks.


  • Monthly PeopleFinder plan: $24.95/month (includes unlimited searches and 1 background check per month)
  • Monthly Background Check plan: $29.95/month (unlimited searches)

One-Time Purchases

  • $1.95 people search
  • $3.95 reverse phone lookup
  • $39.95 background report
  • View all options

Enterprise Solutions

  • Enterprise Lite: $72/month
  • Enterprise Power: $159/month

Consumer Feedback


I called to cancel my subscription. The customer service representative was extremely professional, informative, and just plain nice. Not only did he help me cancel my subscription but he noticed that I have not used it for an entire month so he credited that month of non-use back to my credit card. My experience with this gentleman could not of been better. – John M., Trustpilot 6/04/2020

I have been dealing with Peoplefinders for the last seven years. On the rare occasion that I have to call customer service, I have always been treated with a high degree of professionalism. Unlike many customer service departments, they have always been very helpful and each and every time, they have solved whatever issue I was calling about. To the customer service department at PeopleFinders: Thank you for being there. – Paul H., Trustpilot 5/27/2020


Yes, they emailed me the report I requested about a person, but the whole “report” only listed an old address. NOTHING else. Someone I know used another site and received a lot of info about the same person. Because peoplefinders have been around a long time, I went to them thinking there would be more info available. TOTAL RIPOFF! I called the company to complain and a very nice person there said that’s “all” they had in “their” files and that I’d be refunded. Additionally I called the fraud unit of my bank and credit card as well. – Sandra C., BBB 2/12/2020

I am normally very careful about paying for any online service but this company really gives you nothing worthwhile for your money. Simple things that should have been easy ,they apparently just skip anything that isn’t publicly available . I could’ve done as well. Very misleading, cant imagine how someone could get enough info to be safe if one was pre screening a date, really this is a pathetic excuse of a business. – Sheldon T., Sitejabber 10/18/2019

How To Opt Out Of PeopleFinders

Don’t want your information on PeopleFinders? It’s fairly easy to opt-out. On their main screen, scroll down to the bottom menu. Click on “Do Not Sell My Info” under Help. The opt-out page takes you through the steps with screenshots and a very brief video to show you how to remove yourself. They say to allow up to 48 hours before everything gets removed.

Our Final Verdict

Visit PeopleFinders’ Website

We’ve tested many people search sites, and we find PeopleFinders to be one of the easiest and quickest to use. Unlike some other sites, PeopleFinders also gives you a decent bit of information for free, including age, aliases, some city/state residence history, and relatives/associates. This is important because it can help you know you have the right person before forking over your money for a full report.

PeopleFinders also gives you plenty of purchasing options and a 3-day trial for a minimal fee (you just have to cancel before they start charging you). Many similar services require you to sign up for a subscription. That’s optional with PeopleFinders.

Want to see how PeopleFinders compares to similar sites? Read our reviews of the best background check services to see what other sites have to offer.

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