6 Best Field Service Management Softwares For Small Business: Jobber vs Housecall Pro vs ServiceTitan vs Kickserv vs Workiz & More

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When you have multiple employees working off-site, it can be difficult to manage scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, customer support, and much more. That’s where field service management software can be a game-changer.

These software solutions can help you streamline all of your processes under one roof. The ultimate benefits? You and your employees can deliver the most efficient services to your customers. See my field service management software reviews to find the perfect fit for your small business.

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What Is Field Service Management Software?

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Field Service Management software can help businesses streamline remote workers and their tasks.

The basic definition of field service management (FSM) refers to the management of a company’s employees who work in the field at client properties, rather than on the company’s property. A vast majority of FSM software products are geared toward service-based companies with clients needing on-site service technicians or other assistance (e.g., home repairs, HVAC, electricians, plumbing, house-cleaning, home health care, IT, etc).

How Do Managers & Employees Use FSM Software?

Managers and supervisors use FSM software to organize everything from scheduling, route planning, work instructions, invoicing, and more to give on-site field employees the most efficient communications and customer support feedback. It also gives managers the ability to communicate quickly with clients and employees.

Remote employees use FSM software (typically in a cloud-based field service management app on mobile or tablet devices) to give updates on completed services or the need for further assistance, get priority scheduling changes, and more.

6 Key Features Of Field Service Software

The best field service software includes a wide variety of solutions to manage your business. However, keep in mind that not all field management solutions have every feature listed below. We’ve noted these in our reviews.

1. Scheduling And Dispatching

These features are essential because they allow you to efficiently manage your workers’ schedules, assign jobs, and dispatch field workers. They handle routine scheduling, emergency jobs, and rescheduling, and, with some software, they can handle automatically scheduling preventative maintenance. Also, with these features, you can track work orders and add notes for what your clients may need.

2. Mobile Access

Mobile access is key for field workers these days. The best FSM solutions have IOS and Android mobile/tablet apps that sync with your desktop software. At a minimum, these apps give your field workers access to job details, customer information, and updates to scheduling statuses.

Some solutions also offer features like reporting job progress to managers, the ability to order parts while at a client’s location, presenting invoices to customers, and accepting mobile payments on-site.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Some of the best FSM software solutions have built-in CRM features. As a small business owner, CRM helps you manage customer information in one place, track service history, and vastly improve your ability to communicate with your customers throughout your service’s progress.

4. Estimates, Invoicing, And Payments

At its basic, FSM software should include features to generate job estimates, give your clients quotes, and create, send, and track invoices. However, many of the best solutions offer quote generation tools, automatic invoicing, and easy payment options.

5. Reporting And Analytics

Most FSM tools include reporting capabilities, although some are more limited than others. Some common reporting tools include expense and invoice tracking, worker performance, sales, leads, and more.

6. Inventory Management

Some businesses may not need this feature; however, it can be a game-changer for some. Inventory management helps you keep track of the parts, tools, and equipment your workers need to do their job.

However, if your business heavily relies on inventory, you likely want to invest in separate software to track your needs. Most FSM software for small businesses is limited in this feature.

Best Field Service Management Software For Small Business

I’ve researched dozens of the top-rated field service software for small businesses and have narrowed down your options based on several factors. These include features and functionality, ease of use, software integrations, pricing, customer feedback, and more.

I also took advantage of some free trials to get a feel for the user interface (UI) and how data is presented. I’ll give you my feedback in my reviews when I tested these products.

Winner: Jobber Review

Jobber logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home & Commercial Service Businesses

Jobber is a big player in the FSM software space (serving over 200,000 businesses) — and for good reasons. It’s easy to use for both managers and field workers and comes with an excellent set of features for over 50 home service industries, such as home and appliance repairs, landscaping, cleaning, etc.

Jobber allows you to manage client requests and quotes, work orders, efficient employee scheduling and routing, time tracking, invoicing, payments, reporting, and much more in its easy-to-use software. You also get free one-on-one product coaching to get you up and running in no time.

I took Jobber’s free trial for a spin. When I first set up my account for a landscaping business, the software automatically added special features for this trade — Jobber does this for over 50 different types of industries. And it has a handy tour to get started. I found the UI incredibly easy to navigate. I also loved the way Jobber presents all of your business metrics in clear charts and graphs.

Jobber screenshot of home dahsboard.
The home dashboard gives you an excellent overview of many aspects of your business in an uncluttered display.
User-friendly interface in desktop and appEntry-level plan is on the pricey side for the features you get
Streamlined phone, email, and online bookingsLacks equipment tracking and inventory management capabilities
Excellent scheduling and dispatching Reporting not quite as robust as Workiz or Housecall Pro
Integrated CRM for easy client management
Automatic invoicing and follow-ups
Ability to get paid on-site and online
Solid set of integrations: QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Zapier, Stripe, DocuSign, Google Local Service Ads & more
Overall very positive customer reviews

Jobber Pricing

Jobber offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Below are just some of the features included with plans.

Price (Month-to-Month)$69/mo$169/mo$349/mo
Price (Annually)$49/mo$129/mo$249/mo
User Limit*1515
Schedule & Manage JobsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Client Manager (CRM)CheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Routing & GPS TrackingCheckmarkCheckmark
Time & Expense TrackingCheckmarkCheckmark
Automatic Time TrackingCheckmark
*With all plans, you can add additional users at $29/user/mo.

Runner-Up: Workiz Review

Workiz logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home & Commercial Service Businesses

Workiz is another popular cloud-based field service management software that’s a fantastic solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to manage your clients, employees, and everything in between all in one place. Two noteworthy capabilities with Workiz that Jobber doesn’t provide are inventory management and equipment tracking.

If you’re looking for free field service management software for your small business, Workiz could be the perfect solution. While the free-forever plan is somewhat limited, it’s still pretty feature-rich with scheduling, dispatching, online bookings and payments, and built-in reports.

I tried out Workiz’s free trial. The software has a fantastic Getting Started section with super helpful tutorial videos for all of its robust features. I love the simple drag-and-drop calendar that lets you keep track of job progress, filter by tech expertise, text your customers about any changes, and much more. On the main dashboard, you can see any recent messages from your employees and clients that may require your immediate attention.

Also important to note, I found several reviews from former Jobber and Housecall Pro users who are happy they made the switch to Workiz.

Workiz screenshot of map of jobs.
The map feature allows you to easily visualize where your jobs and technicians are located each day, week, or month.
Free-forever planCost to add additional users is fairly high
User-friendly interface for managers and field employees via appSome complaints about occasional software glitches
Multi-functional drag-and-drop calendarLacks automatic time tracking
Easy online bookingsMust contact sales for a demo and pricing for its highest plan
Excellent customer communication tools
Solid set of integrations: QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Zapier, Thumbtack, Google Local Service Ads & more
Open API in Ultimate Plan

Workiz Pricing

In addition to the free plan, Workiz has a 7-day free trial (no credit card required), which gives you the ability to test out all of its features. Below are just some of the features included with plans.

Price (Month-to-Month)Free$225/moMust contact
Price (Annually)Free$198/moMust contact
User Limit25*Unavailable
Schedule & Manage JobsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Online Bookings & PaymentsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
QuickBooks SyncCheckmarkCheckmark
Subcontractor ManagementCheckmarkCheckmark
Inventory ManagementCheckmark
Equipment TrackingCheckmark
*You can add additional users in the Standard plan for $45/user/mo (monthly) or $40/user/mo (annual).

Third Place: Housecall Pro Review

Housecall Pro logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home Service Businesses

Serving over 35,000 small businesses, Housecall Pro is another popular solution that’s most similar to Jobber and Workiz. It features job scheduling, technician dispatch, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, and much more. It’s also fully integrated with access to the Housecall consumer booking app.

Most users say that Housecall Pro gets the job done efficiently with scheduling and invoicing. However, a recurring theme I see with customer reviews is that the company keeps adding new features without perfecting the functionality of the existing ones.

I took advantage of Housecall Pro’s free trial. This software also gives you video tutorials to get you up and running. I found these particularly handy because Housecall Pro isn’t quite as intuitive as my top two picks. Features I like the most are a real-time dispatch board to visualize where your workers are, easy estimating with online client approval, and robust reporting.

Housecall Pro screenshot of tech performance metrics.
The Tech Performance reporting feature helps you analyze each employee’s hours spent on a job and more.
Competitive pricingSome users complain about buggy software
Easy learning curve to get started, especially with included product trainingSeveral customer complaints that the features lack functionality
Fantastic scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing Some reports of poor customer service
Equipment trackingLacks automatic time tracking
Vehicle GPS tracking (added $20/vehicle/mo)Must contact sales for a demo and pricing for its highest plan
Solid set of integrations: QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Zapier, Thumbtack, Google Local Service Ads & more
Open API with MAX plan

Housecall Pro Pricing

Housecall Pro offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. Below are just some of the features included with plans.

Price (Month-to-Month)$65$169Must contact
Price (Annually)$49$129Must contact
User Limit15*100+
Schedule & Manage JobsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Dispatching & InvoicingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Employee Time & GPS Tracking CheckmarkCheckmark
QuickBooks IntegrationCheckmarkCheckmark
Advanced ReportingCheckmark
*You can add additional users to the Essentials Plan for $35/user/mo.

What About ServiceTitan, Dynamics 365 & More?

Although the following field service management solutions didn’t make it into our top three winners, you may find one a better fit for your business’s needs.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Review

Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home, Commercial, & IT Service Businesses

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a separate product within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software suite. While it’s fairly expensive for small businesses, it has a robust set of features. It also uses generative AI to save you even more time on such tasks as order creation, technician scheduling, and reporting.

Dynamics 365 is also excellent field service management software for transportation and trucking services. It comes in a scaled-down version (Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor) that lets you assign and manage external frontline technicians, but it doesn’t include many of the features of the more comprehensive product.

User-friendly interface and appsCost-prohibitive for many small businesses
Excellent scheduling and dispatchingSteep learning curve to set up
Uses generative AI to save timeIntegrating with third-party apps requires some tech expertise
Great communication tools for instant contact with clients
Auto-creation of preventative maintenance appointments
Fantastic integrations with Microsoft’s other products

Dynamics 365 Field Service Pricing

You can try out Dynamics 365 Field Service with its 30-day free trial.

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service: $95/user/mo
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor: $50/user/mo

Intuit Field Service Management Review

Intuit Quickbooks logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home & Commercial Services Businesses

Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM), powered by Corrigo, is cloud-based software geared toward small to medium-sized service, installation, and repair companies. It integrates with your existing QuickBooks Online or Desktop software and has mobile apps for field technicians to use.

While IFSM has a decent set of features, it does require a fairly costly add-on if you want the ability to schedule recurring work orders and automated invoicing that integrates with QuickBooks. Also, it doesn’t have as many built-in features as other software solutions we review here.

Easy to useGets pricey if you need add-ons
Seamlessly syncs with QuickBooksNot as customizable as many other solutions
Excellent scheduling and dispatching featuresSeveral reports of poor customer service
Can track your workers in real timeSome features aren’t as robust as our top winners
Over 750 integrations through QuickBooks

Intuit Field Service Management Pricing

Requires QuickBooks Online or Enterprise software.

  • 1-10 users: $35/user/mo
  • 11-40 users: $31/user/mo
  • 41-101 users: $28/user/mo

Kickserv Review

Kickserv logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home, Commercial, and IT Service Businesses

This field service software for small business is lesser-known but is an up-and-coming product. Kickserv stands out for its affordable pricing and a free-forever plan for two users. Its features aren’t quite as sophisticated as competitors like Jobber and Workiz, but if your business just needs the essentials, Kickserv could be a great solution.

Great value and free-forever plan (but it requires you to set up online payments) Several complaints about mobile app glitches
User-friendly desktop appSome features lack functionality compared to our top 3 winners
Built-in CRM for easy client managementLacks Zapier and some other important 3rd party integrations
Users report excellent customer support
Solid integrations with QuickBooks, Stripe, Mailchimp, Customer Lobby
Open API (premium plan)

Kickserv Pricing

Kickserv offers a free plan for 2 users. It includes basic features like CRM, estimates, jobs, and invoicing.

Paid PlansLiteStandardBusinessPremium
Price (Month-to-Month)$59/mo$119/mo$199/mo$299/mo
Price (Annually)$47/mo$95/mo$159/mo$239/mo
User Limit*51020Unlimited

ServiceTitan Review

ServiceTitan logo 500.

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Software Tailored For: Home & Commercial Service Businesses

ServiceTitan is a huge player in the FSM software industry. It’s easy to use, has a ton of features, and is highly customizable. However, due to its higher cost, ServiceTitan is better suited to well-established, thriving small businesses and larger organizations. Still, this software is the complete end-to-end package with highly functional features. Also, the company takes care to tweak and add new features based on its users’ requests.

Easy to useExpensive for small businesses
Extremely powerful feature setTakes a while to get it set up and configured to your needs
Streamlined scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payments in mobile appSome reports that customer service could use improvement
Built-in CRM for easy customer managementA few complaints that the Quickbooks integration is clunky
Fantastic sales and marketing components No free trial
Solid reporting with technician performance metrics

ServiceTitan Pricing

Unfortunately, you must contact ServiceTitan to get pricing information. However, to give you a basic idea, we did some digging around the web (e.g., Reddit) and found some users reporting that they pay anywhere from $259-$398/user/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get from our readers about field service software. If you don’t see yours here, please hit us up in our comments.

How Do I Find The Best FSM Service Software For My Business?

One of the most important factors you need to consider is whether it has the features you need for your trade. Some FSM software solutions have customizable features for multiple needs, while others are limited to certain industries.

What’s The Best Field Service Scheduling Software?

Field service scheduling is one of the core features of all FSM software. Jobber, Workiz, ServiceTitan, and others we review here deliver excellent scheduling features for you to manage and switch up your scheduling for priority needs.

What’s The Best Field Service Dispatch Software?

According to users and our research, software solutions that come out on top for the best dispatching features include Jobber, ServiceTitan, and Housecall Pro.

What’s The Best Field Service Management Software For Transportation?

We haven’t included FSM software for distribution and transportation services in this article because these trades typically involve larger businesses. However, if that’s your niche, we encourage you to check out UpKeep. UpKeep is a top computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software contender in this niche.

Looking For More Affordable Software To Make Other Management Needs Easier?

As a small business owner, you often don’t have time to manage everything on your own to make a profit. We have other software solutions to help you focus on the big picture rather than get bogged down with time-consuming details. See our reviews of the best payroll software, accounting software, and help desk software to find other opportunities to save you time and headaches.

Why Trust We Rock Your Web?

Over the last 10 years, Sally has conducted extensive testing and research of online software solutions for a variety of business needs, particularly those for small businesses. She’s part of a team of multiple experts at We Rock Your Web, whose goal is to recommend only the best you can find at reasonable pricing for your situation. To save you precious time, we weed through all the online services and software that aren’t worth your money — and, as you likely know, there are many out there.

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