Best SEO Audit Tool: Which Is The Best Tool To Optimize Your Website’s Performance?

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Your website needs a lot of work to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s digital world. From technical infrastructure to on-page analysis, there’s a lot to consider. Running regular SEO audits of your site can give you a proven edge over your competitors. Which is the best SEO audit tool for you? This depends on many factors, such as what type of business you’re running, your budget and capabilities, and more. I review some of the leading SEO audit names and software, delving into their features, pricing, pros, cons, and my experience with them. This article also covers the difference between SEO audits and SEO analysis. Let’s take a closer look. 

Please note that most of these platforms are comprehensive SEO suites, but this article focuses only on their auditing functionality.

Best OverallBest For TechnicalBest For Value
Semrush logoahrefs logoseranking logo 250
SemrushAhrefsSE Ranking
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What Is SEO Audit Software?

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Are you searching for the best SEO audit tool to improve your search rankings? These services are our top picks!
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An SEO audit is the analysis of your website and how well it performs for search engines. An audit can quickly identify errors that can prevent your website from ranking well. Some of these errors you might not notice unless you meticulously trawl through your website regularly. There might be other errors you might not have any knowledge about, which is why many people are turning to SEO audit software tools. SEO audit software can also recommend ways to increase visibility and opportunities to improve. Think of an SEO audit tool as a website manager who runs a regular MOT for your website. Successful SEO audit tools dive into three main areas. 

  1. Technical Infrastructure. This comprises how your webpage is set up, including the title, headings, paragraphs, links, images, video, and the type of code (HTML version) used to generate the page.
  2. On-Page Analysis. This analysis focuses on elements that can be optimized on the webpage, typically relating to the technical infrastructure above. These include the use of headings, image alt tags (an “alternative” accessibility feature to describe the image for those who are unable to see it visually), etc.
  3. Off-Page Elements. These are anything outside the webpage’s control but influence the page externally. These influences include social media, backlinks from other sites, mentions of your brand name, etc.

What Is The Difference Between SEO Audit and SEO Analysis?

SEO audits and analysis are crucial to website optimization and success but offer different purposes and focus. SEO audits concentrate on technical aspects, such as site structure and speed, metadata, indexing, mobile-friendliness, and more. Whereas SEO analysis explores specific elements such as content evaluation, backlink and keyword analysis, competitor research, etc. To learn more about the different types of SEO, head over to our guide on technical SEO and content SEO.

If you’re interested in SEO analysis, too, please check out our review of the best SEO tools and their offerings. Some tools specialize in specific SEO areas, while others provide a more comprehensive suite of SEO analysis tools. 

Best SEO Audit Software Tools

Industry leaders give all of my top picks high ratings for their comprehensive SEO audit tools. In other words, you can’t necessarily go wrong with any of these tools. But the real question is, which tool matches your needs the closest? Let’s take a look at each option. 

Best SEO Audit Tool Overall: Semrush Review

Semrush site audit screenshot png.
Semrush’s audit dashboard shows overall results, thematic reports, scores, and more.

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I have chosen Semrush as the best SEO audit software because of its all-in-one suite of auditing tools. I like how user-friendly, highly responsive, and clean the interface is for such a comprehensive option. The dashboard offers a straightforward snapshot of your website’s problems and how to fix them granularly. Once you’ve fixed the issues, you can recrawl specific pages to check that the issue is resolved. I think this is really helpful, especially for significant problems that you want to fix immediately.

Semrush is one of the biggest names in the SEO game, and for good reason. They offer 130+ audit tools, which is the biggest selection on the market. You can also track your site performance and improvement by comparing past audits, and you can dig down and compare specific issues. The audit dashboard compares your score to your competitors’, which is a useful metric if you want to get ahead.

Here at We Rock Your Web, we are Semrush users, and this is what our SEO expert has to say about his personal experience with Semrush:

“We are active users of the site audit feature in Semrush. It does an excellent job of finding on and off-page issues, including broken link checking, duplicate content warnings, content length suggestions, and slow-loading pages. In the audit portal, Semrush highlights major errors that need to be addressed immediately and allows smaller concerns to hide in the background. Fortunately, these are easy to navigate.”

Jeff Butler, SEO and Analytics expert, We Rock Your Web
User-friendly interfaceFree version caps at 100 URLs
Can compare audits to track your progressIt can be too costly for smaller businesses
Free trial for Pro and Guru users
130+ SEO audit checks
Can schedule recurring crawls
Semrush offers the full SEO package


  • Pro – $129.95/month
  • Guru – $249.95/month
  • Business – $499.95/month

To learn more about this SEO tool, check out our comprehensive Semrush review.

Best SEO Audit Tool For Technical Auditing: Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs screenshot.
Ahrefs audit overview page gives you all the audit results on one page for a quick snapshot, and you can dive into specific metrics from here.

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Ahrefs has a strong reputation for its off-page SEO auditing, but it also has one of the most potent site crawlers on the market to identify and resolve technical and on-page issues. Major problems like missing headers or meta descriptions are flagged clearly, and then the user can drill down to less critical issues like image errors. Take a look at Ahrefs audit overview, which I find super simple to navigate and similar to Semrush.

There are many analysis categories to explore, allowing you to dig deep into your audits. The internal link opportunities are a helpful feature that recommends URLs and anchor text to boost your performance. However, some users report this isn’t always 100% accurate as it is based on slugs. Ahrefs audit also allows you to examine the audit by structure and dig into metrics, which is vital for fixing complex issues that are often hard to diagnose. Plus, you can link Ahrefs directly with Google tools such as Looker Studio. 

Ahrefs has lots of audit categoriesIt can be too costly for smaller businesses
Multiple recommendations for site improvementsAhrefs can take time to learn
Breaks down audit by site structure
Can link directly with Google analytic tools
Prioritizes website issues
Ahrefs site audit’s basic features are free for verified website owners


  • Lite – $119/month
  • Standard – $229/month
  • Advanced – $419/month
  • Enterprise – Custom Price

If you’re keen to explore this SEO tool in more detail, please visit our comprehensive Ahrefs review.

Best Value SEO Audit Tool: SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking  screenshot.
SE Ranking’s audit dashboard is well laid out, with the option to view your website’s performance on desktop and mobile.

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SE Ranking is an excellent option for smaller businesses because it is much more affordable than the other SEO options. Pricing starts at $55 a month, and this plan packs a lot of features. Although it’s not the cheapest option, the cheapest plans of other SEO options aren’t as feature-rich, which is why I’ve chosen SE Ranking as the best value for money. I like that their audit tool is user-friendly and clean. The audit page offers a health score for your website and allows you to examine the quality of your website’s user experience, both on computer and mobile. Take a look at the audit page below.

Users like the flexibility of the audit tool, which allows you to name individual audits and sort them into groups. You can also track your progress and compare audits, enabling you to see your performance over time easily. SE Ranking utilizes AI, which offers a breakdown of issues and a handy checklist for improvements. SE Ranking is keen to improve its services, and there’s a link on the dashboard for you to share your wants or ideas for improvement with them, which is great.

Although there is a limit on the number of pages you can audit, without an option for unlimited pages, it’s reasonable for average use. The basic plan allows you to audit 100,000 pages. If you plan on auditing many pages, there might be better options than SE Ranking’s lowest-price plan. However, you can opt for a higher plan, and I like that you can tailor the higher plans to suit your business and audit needs. SE Ranking is now out of the beta phase, which was previously a dealbreaker for some. 

14-day free trialMight hit crawl limits on the cheaper plan
The cheapest plan offers lots of features
Flexible audit tools
Can tailor your plan to suit your business needs
Low cost compared to bigger SEO names


  • Essential – $55/month
  • Pro – $109/month
  • Business – $239/month

Best SEO Audit Tool For Small Businesses: SEOptimer Review

SEOptimer screenshot.
An example of what to expect from SEOptimizer’s website audit tool including a grade for various criteria (and recommendations ranked by priority).

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SEOptimer is an excellent option for smaller businesses looking for an in-depth and feature-rich audit tool without spending big bucks. Prices start at $19 a month, a fraction of the price compared to the bigger SEO names, and it is the cheapest option on my list. The cheapest plan does have limitations, but this is usually fine for individuals and small businesses. Despite being a budget SEO tool, it doesn’t lack the primary features that you expect from an SEO audit, although it doesn’t offer a fully in-depth audit like Semrush or Ahrefs. SEOptimer offers a 14-day free trial, but you are required to enter your credit card details, which isn’t necessary for other tools.

You need to upgrade to the White Label plan if you want downloadable reports, but this plan is still very reasonably priced. A standout element is their embeddable audit feature on their higher price plan, which many users and agencies state is an incredible lead generation tool. SEOptimer allows you to audit standalone areas, which is handy if you need to check a particular area quickly without running a full audit. Once you’ve run an audit, it offers you a summary score and a list of recommendations ranked by priority. I like how SEOptimer displays the information in a clear and easy-to-follow layout. 

Offers a 14-day free trialThe cheapest price plan lacks some features small businesses might need
Cheapest SEO tool on my listFree trial requires credit card details
Clean and user-friendly interface
Can audit standalone areas
Offers an embeddable audit tool


  • DIY SEO – $19/month
  • White Label – $29/month
  • White Label & Embedding – $59/month

If you’re wondering whether SEO is important for your website, check out our guide on whether SEO is worth it for small businesses.

Best SEO Audit Tool For Experts: Screaming Frog SEO Spider Review

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
You can see how data-rich Screaming Frog’s software is.

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Screaming Frog offers a premium SEO auditing product, and the free version has many features you usually have to pay for with other tools. However, the free version has limitations, such as the inability to integrate Google Analytics or customize crawls. It also has a 500 URL crawl limit, which is very generous compared to other tools, such as Semrush, which has a 100 limit. Screaming Frog’s free software provides users with the most essential SEO audit elements and is pretty impressive.

Unlike Semrush and Ahrefs, both web-based solutions, Screaming Frog is software that runs on your computer. You pay the fee, install the program on your device, and the license lasts a year. SEO Spider is a robust, flexible site crawler that allows you to analyze a massive variety of technical and on-page SEO data for sites of all sizes in real time.

Where Screaming Frog differs from most other SEO audit tools is instead of a visual portal, it simply provides all of your site data in one massive spreadsheet. With reels of data, including titles, headings, figures, and more, this spreadsheet is not for the faint of heart. This is why I’ve chosen this as the best tool for experienced SEO analyzers. Look at this Screaming Frog report, which should give you an idea of how data-intensive this software is.

Offers a feature-rich free versionThe free version is capped at 500 URL crawls
This SEO tool offers a comprehensive audit Very data-intensive
Economical option for SEO experts
Analyze data in real time
Exports to spreadsheets smoothly


  • $259 for one annual license.

Google’s SEO Audit Tools 

Google offers a variety of SEO tools, and although I didn’t include them in my best categories, they are very helpful. Considering that most SEO data is linked specifically to Google’s search results and many audit tools source their data from Google, it’s worth looking at them. And best of all, they are all free

  1. Google Analytics (GA). GA is an analytics platform that tracks your site’s performance and offers metrics on its ease of navigation.
  2. Google Search Console (GSC). GSC allows you to track your website’s overall health and performance, improving its visibility and ranking in the search engine results pages.
  3. Google Lighthouse. This tool audits your pages for SEO, performance, accessibility, and more and offers improvement suggestions.
  4. PageSpeed Insights. This tool analyzes the page speed of a website, which can dictate how efficient your site is. If your site is efficient, it’s more likely to impact your search rankings positively.
  5. Looker Studio. This is a great tool for compiling data into user-friendly reports. It was formerly Google Data Studio. You can integrate data from multiple platforms into one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that some of our readers still have questions about SEO audits and how to improve their online presence. If you can’t see your question below, ask us in the comments, and we’ll answer it. 

Why Is An SEO Audit Important?

SEO auditing software is essential to improving your site’s overall performance. Experts estimate that Google updates their algorithms between 500 and 600 times a year. With that in mind, it’s a lot of work to stay up-to-date, and it’s almost impossible for a human to consistently achieve the best results alone. For this reason, more people are turning to SEO audit tools to boost their performance and stay ahead.

Is An SEO Audit Worth It?

Yes, SEO audits are worth it for any website. Regular audits can keep your website healthy and energized and ensure it runs at its best. SEO audits help you identify problems preventing your website from ranking, identify opportunities to gain more visibility and optimize your organic traffic. You can do all this regularly by using any of the SEO tools above with the click of a button.

Which Is The Best SEO Audit Tool?

The best SEO audit tool is the one that best meets your needs, so only you can answer this question. If you’re looking for an audit tool offering a complete SEO package, I suggest Semrush or Ahrefs if that fits your budget. Screaming Frog is an excellent option if you are an SEO expert and don’t require visually pleasing information. 

Which Is The Best Value-For-Money SEO Audit Tool?

The SEO audit tool that offers the best value for money isn’t necessarily the cheapest one but the one that provides the most value for your business. I have selected SE Ranking as the best value SEO audit tool because it offers lots of features for much less than Semrush and Ahrefs. Screaming Frog is another excellent choice if you are looking for an economical site audit solution. However, considering how data-intensive the spreadsheets are, I only recommend this for SEO experts. Screaming Frog is excellent at $259 a year, whereas some other tools cost this much a month.

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost?

A professional SEO audit, completed by an SEO expert, can cost between $700 and $30,000+. The price depends on a range of factors, including the size of your website, audit depth, whether you want a simple audit, premium audit, or full SEO package audit, and more. By subscribing to one of these SEO audit tools, you could save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

What About Keyword Research And Trends?

Now that you’ve read through our SEO audit tool review, you want to learn how to improve other areas of your website and boost your online success. Check out our best keyword research tool review for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. If you need help increasing organic traffic or want to learn how some backlinks might hold your site back, head to our best backlink checker review. 

Have you used any of these SEO audit tools? Or maybe you use another tool we haven’t covered? We’d love to hear your experiences and other recommendations, so please let us know in the comments below. 

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