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JustAnswerJustAnswer is a user driven site that allows users to ask questions about any topic they choose. Users can set their own price for getting the question answered. Verified experts will respond to the question. It is a really unique and user-friendly service that could benefit many people.

JustAnswer was created by Andy Kurtzigborn and born as an idea from expecting parents who had many questions, yet there was not a resource where they could go to ask their questions. Instead, they had to search for answers from a variety of resources and hope that those resources would provide the answers they were looking for. These soon to be parents decided to create a site that offered just what they were looking for. Now JustAnswer features lawyers, vets, doctors, mechanics and many other experts online at all times.

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How Does JustAnswer Work?

Unlike platforms like the Yahoo! programs that allowed users to earn points by asking and answering questions, JustAnswer has some pretty serious requirements that their experts have to meet. Any user can apply to be an Expert, but first they must take a test in their chosen field. Then, their credentials and experience must be verified.

Steps to be an Expert

To be an Expert, you must prove that you really are an expert in the field. Before you can apply, you must sign up with the site. Take a few minutes to review some of the questions that are presented in the area that you are interested in. If you can answer those questions, you might be a good fit for that category. Apply to the category you are interested in. You will then list your credentials and take a test with questions that relate to your chosen field. If you successfully pass the test and your credentials are verified through the 3rd party that they use to verify your licenses and education, you may become an Expert.

What Topics are Addressed?

JustAnswer continues to grow and adds new topics and experts on a regular basis. Some of the general categories and their credentials are listed below, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of subcategories on the site. For instance, within the Health category, you can find experts on everything from Autism to diets.

  • Appraisals – You must have an active accreditation or membership in good standing with a national or international appraisal association or 2 or more years of related employment, such as an auctioneer to qualify for the Appraisal category.
  • Boat – ABYC certification or 2 or more years of employment in a boat related field will be what it takes to get listed as an Expert in this category.
  • Cars – Experts on JustAnswer in the category of Cars must have an ASE certification, a manufacturer, or hold a degree in the automotive industry. You can also qualify by demonstrating 2 or more years of employment in the automotive field.
  • Computer – A computer degree, computer certification or a minimum of 2 years of experience working in this field will meet the requirements for the Computer category.
  • Consumer Electronics – To meet the qualifications for the Consumer Electronic category, you will need an Associate Degree or higher in electronics, electrical engineering or a related consumer electronics field. You can also qualify by being employed for a minimum of 3 years in a related field or certification.
  • General – The general category includes topics that are not yet listed in a diversified enough manner to have their own category. You must demonstrate your experience through the holding of a Bachelor degree, license, certification, or 2 years of research related employment in the area that you choose in this category.
  • Health – Those who wish to apply to be experts in the Health category must have a health related professional license that is active and in good standing. For instance, an MD or DO license would qualify. Another option is a Bachelor degree in the field of health or 2 or more years of experience in a research related field.
  • Home Improvement – An Expert in the Home Improvement category will have a Journeyman’s license or certificate. An alternative to this would be an individual with 2 or more years in a related field such as home interior design.
  • Homework – A Bachelor degree or higher level of education will prove your expertise in this field. Those who are writing experts with 2 or more years in a related field such as editing or professional writing will meet the qualifications for this position. Professional translators may also qualify to assist with homework in specific languages.
  • Legal – To be an expert in the Legal category, you must be an attorney, lawyer, Barrister or some profession with a certification or license in the legal profession that is active and in good standing.
  • Pet – To be qualified to answer questions in the Pet category, you will need to prove that you have had a minimum of 2 years of experience through employment or volunteer work in a pet related field. Note: This is different from the veterinary category, which is better equipped to handle medical questions concerning animals.
  • Tax – A CPA, enrolled agent, accredited tax advisor, accredited tax preparer, tax lawyer, tax attorney, Barrister or someone who has worked in a tax related field for 2 or more years can qualify to be an Expert in this category on
  • Veterinary – The only way to be listed as an Expert in the Veterinary category is to hold a Veterinary license that is active and in good standing.

What to Expect from JustAnswer

JustAnswerAs you can see, takes the standards of their experts seriously. Anyone can sign up with JustAnswer. You can even view the questions that other people ask. If you have a question, simply submit it and pick your price, knowing that the live person who answers your question will be someone whose credentials have proven has a wealth of knowledge in the area you selected. JustAnswer has people online and available at all hours of the day and night. Their expertise has already been demonstrated and only someone who is listed as an Expert in the category that you selected will be able to answer your questions. Another great feature is that before you pick your Expert, you will be able to see actual user reviews to determine if the Expert was able to please consumers in the past.

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