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How to Send From Another Email Address Using PHP ASP Send Email Script

We give you PHP and ASP send email scripts (with SMTP authentication), which you can use to send email from another email address. This is useful for unsubscribing from those pesky email newsletters to which you are subscribed with an alias (forwarding address), and must reply to with an email from the address that is subscribed to the newsletter…

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What is the Best Dedicated Hosting for your Website?

Finding a reliable hosting solution can be a daunting task. We review the three main levels of hosting available – shared, VPS, and dedicated; and show you the important factors in selecting a reliable hosting provider. Then, we show you our editor’s pick for best dedicated host…

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Kall8 Reviews: Pricing, Customer Service, Competitors, Alternatives & More

Having your own toll free 800 number is less expensive and easier to setup than you may think. And it makes your business look more professional. In addition to a small monthly fee, you only pay when a call is made, and you can setup forwarding to further minimize your costs. But there’s a lot of providers vying for your business – how does Kall8 stack up to the competition?

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How To Cartoonize A Photo In PhotoShop (2023)

With the advent of graphic and photo design software such as Adobe’s Photoshop, it has become increasingly easier to create realistic looking (ie. more “hand-drawn”) cartoons and animations. We’re going to show you a couple techniques you can use to convert any photo into a cartoonized version. In other words, how to turn a photo into a cartoon.

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How to Permanently Set Your Default Browser?

Why do operating systems such as Microsoft Windows have to make it such a pain to successfully be able to set your default browser of choice? Well, it’s actually easier today than it used to be…

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Use Desktop Search Engines to Find Something On Your Desktop Fast

Did you know that search engines exist not only on the Internet, but offline as well? A search engine is simply a software application that sorts through massive amount of data and tries to locate what a user is searching for as quickly and accurately as possible….

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Best Email Spam Filters & Blockers 2023

Is your inbox getting flooded with junk mails that are obviously spam (and maybe some that are not so obvious)? There are hundreds of anti-spam solutions out there, some free, some paid, and some are themselves scams! We bring you two solutions depending on your budget and how much control you would like over your spam fighting efforts.

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Sign Up & Start Saving with this Rue La La Invitation

If you watch MTV’s The City, you probably saw the episode where they start selling Whitney Eve’s clothing line on Rue La La. It’s basically a site, similar to the “quickly growing in popularity” site Groupon, that lets users buy a product in the fashion/home industries for private sale prices…

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Weird File Extensions, Types, & Formats For Audio, Image, Video Files & More

If you’ve been working on your PC for a while, you’ve no doubt come across some strange file formats. The most frustrating thing has to be when you receive an important, time sensitive file from a colleague and you don’t have the software to open it! What exactly is the need for all these file formats, and what do they do? We take you through the file jungle, sort out the most common and important file formats, and show you what they do, what they’re used for, and which piece of software you need to open them.

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Best Stock Photo Sites (2023): Getty vs iStock vs Shutterstock vs Bigstock vs Adobe Stock & More

Make your brochure or website homepage stand out from your competitors with compelling photos. Royalty-free media on the internet brings up an overwhelming number of services to choose from. Depending upon the type of media you are looking to serve (photos, illustrations, vector art, audio, video) and the usage license you require, the sheer number of stock image companies can be daunting. So let’s break it down and help you find the best stock images for your needs.

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How to Stop a Firefox Memory Leak

Firefox is our browser of choice. It’s fast, stable, and developer friendly. It has tons of useful plugins and themes (skins) you can use to customize and make Firefox your own. The only problem is that amidst the excitement of adding all these cool plugins, you won’t realize the incredible amount of memory that Firefox will begin sucking from your system. The result? Slower loading web pages, a slower PC, slower everything. Fortunately, there’s a couple steps you can take to get Firefox back on the fast track…

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