Gmail or Google Will Not Load

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This article began addressing the issue with being unable to login to Gmail. However, since then it has come to our attention that users running Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 9 time of this writing) are having trouble logging into their Google account period. Specifically, users are unable to access their Google account page, or for example, Google Analytics.

Basically what happens is that the browser goes into a never-ending login loop (the secondary, or passive, Google sign-in page asking for your password a second time appears over and over again). The troubleshooting solution on this page will hopefully, the Google/Gmail login problems you are experiencing.

Because this page has gotten so long over the years, we are adding a navigation menu to help you jump straight to the section that might speak to the specific issue you are experiencing.

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Gmail Will Not Load

Having problems loading Gmail? In other words, you try to sign in to your Gmail account but the page keeps loading and reloading without going anywhere? We have your solution.

Verify the security and validity of your email address

One of the first things you’ll want to do is verify the current reputation of your email address. You can do this by simply doing a Google search on your email address and checking out the results pages it appears on. You can track spammers and fraudulent use of your email address this way.

Firefox – browse faster and more securely

Once you’ve done a thorough check on your Gmail account, you’ll want to make sure your browser is not the problem causing Gmail to not load. First off, in case you’re using Internet Explorer or another non-Mozilla browser and this isn’t the first issue you’ve experienced, we recommend you check out the Firefox web browser.  It’s rapidly gaining market share and is being touted as one of the fastest and most secure browsers on the market.  Not only that, but it’s easy to use, should load your Gmail account without issues, and there’s a host of free plugins available to enhance your browsing experience.

Why Won’t Gmail Load?

Typically this is due to firewall privacy settings. Here are a couple of fixes, post below if these don’t work for you and we’ll provide alternate suggestions.

How do I get Gmail to Load Again?

ZoneAlarm Settings

  • Click ‘Privacy’
  • Under the ‘Site List,’ allow 3rd party cookie control for ‘’ and ‘’
  • Clear your browser’s cache, and log back into Gmail.

eTrust EZ Firewall Settings

  • Select ‘Privacy’
  • Add ‘’ and ‘’ to your site list.
  • Allow 3rd party cookie control for both sites.
  • Clear the browser’s cache, and log back into Gmail.

Diagnose the Problem

If you’re still not successfully connecting to Gmail try diagnosing the problem and adjusting firewall settings accordingly. As an example, in Zone Alarm you can enable the “Privacy Advisor”:

Enabling Zone Alarm’s Privacy Advisor

  • Open ZA
  • Click on “Privacy”
  • Click on the “Main” tab (next to “Site List” and “Cache Cleaner”)
  • Under “Cookie Control,” click on “Custom”
  • Check the box “Show Privacy Advisor” at bottom

Reload Gmail and see what kind of notices pop up in Privacy Advisor dialogue (bottom right of your screen). It may say “cookies blocked,” or “private headers blocked,” or something similar. Depending on what it says, go to the “Site List” in ZA, click “Add,” and enter “” Browse to find the new entry (, click on it (to select it), then click “Options” right below the Add button. Uncheck all boxes and try reloading Gmail.

Add Gmail to Your Browser’s List of Trusted Sites (HTTPS://

One of our users found another solution that appears to work: adding // to your browser’s list of trusted Internet sites. You can read it among the comments below.

Stuck in an infinite loading loop?

One of the most common symptoms of this problem, as we mentioned above, is that your browser gets stuck in an infinite loading loop. The most common cause for this issue is either an outdated/corrupted cookie, or settings that are preventing the appropriate cookies from saving to your PC.

Enable Cookies and Clear Cache

Make sure you have cookies enabled for, and try clearing your web browser’s cache.  See our article on how to clear the cache in various browsers and why. If that doesn’t work, browse to, and in the top right corner sign out the user (if they’re signed in). Then sign in yourself, and click on the “Gmail” link at top left. If that doesn’t work, we suggest you download and try a new browser (our recommended browser is Opera).

Reset Internet Explorer To Default State

Beginning with Internet Explorer 9, you can completely reset the browser to its default state as follows: browse to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Click on the “Reset” button. it’s probably a good idea to check the box that gives you the option to also clear out your personal data (making sure beforehand that you’ve backed up any important bookmarks, cookies, website settings, etc.).

Gmail Still Won’t Load?

If all these suggestions still aren’t helping, there’s some official Google suggested steps you can take to help get your Gmail up and running. Here are the official Gmail Known Issues from Google:

Firefox Constantly Refreshes “Loading…” Page

This is an issue unique to Firefox that causes the Gmail page to redirect in an infinite loop. The key to solving this problem is signing in to the secure version of Gmail at //

Stuck on “Loading…”

There’s various scenarios that might occur in this situation:

  • You might get stuck on the “loading…” screen
  • You might see a blank screen
  • You might get redirected to the basic Gmail version

In most cases, upgrading your browser will solve the issue. If it doesn’t, try switching browsers (ie. from Internet Explorer to Firefox or vice versa). If that still doesn’t work, try shutting down your Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, etc., temporarily, and see if that solves it. If it does, you might need to investigate one piece of software at a time to track down what’s causing the problem. Then either get in touch with the vendor to see if there’s a compatibility issue or switch to another provider. Finally, if none of that works, feel free to rant below in the comments section.

If you’re using the Chrome (Google) browser and you get stuck on loading, try disabling the McAfee Site Advisor plugin (you can access your plugins by typing “chrome://plugins” in your browser address bar.

Tiny Inbox!

Tiny inbox in top left corner? If you’re seeing your Gmail screen shrink down to almost nothing, try switching to the Firefox browser. If you’ve already done that, try disabling the “Megaupload” extension. If you’ve done that as well, or aren’t running that extension, and are still seeing the small inbox in the upper left corner, please post below.

Offline Gmail

If you’re using your Gmail offline, and you’re having problems with mail syncing correctly, or shortcuts and bookmarks behaving strangely, try disabling the “always use HTTPS” option. To do so, sign into Gmail and click on Settings. Set the “browser connection” to either don’t or always use HTTPS (you want Gmail to use it either all or none of the time, you don’t want it waffling back and forth between the two – that’s what causes the synchronization issues).

Disable Firefox and Google Plugins (including Java)

Reports we’ve received suggest that it may be worth trying to disable Firefox plugins, in particular the Google Gears plugin, the Slipstream Accelerator extension, and Java. If removing or uninstalling Java works, you might simply need to update your Java installation.

Clear Cache, then Reset PC

Some reports indicate that clearing your browser’s cache and restarting your browser may not be enough. Try a full PC reboot and see if that works.

Windows Hosts File/ Spyware

Check your hosts file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

If you can’t access it (i.e. you get ‘Access denied – C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts’), make sure a program such as Spybot Search & Destroy isn’t blocking access. If you still can’t access it, try restoring permissions with the following command:

attrib -r -h C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

If that doesn’t work, try using the MS CACLS tool to regain control of the file.

The connection has timed out

If you’re getting the message “The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.“, and other web pages are loading fine, try accessing Google from another PC on your local network. If that works, the issue is local to your PC, and one of the above suggestions should resolve the problem. You may also need to check your firewall settings and ensure that there’s not a custom setting blocking access to Gmail.

Compatibility Mode in IE 8

If you’re having troubles accessing Gmail in Internet Explorer 8, try turning on the Compatibility Mode (F12 key or browse to Tools > Developer Tools > Browser Mode) and try several different settings, restarting your browser each time.

Update Calendar Year

This is a bit of a strange one, but we’ve heard at least one user benefiting from this. Check your system’s date and calendar and make sure it’s correct. If not, set it to the current day and time, then reboot your PC and try accessing Gmail again.

Firefox – User Preferences

Another thing you can try is resetting Firefox’s User Preferences when in Safe Mode. To do so, browse to Tools > Exit to close Firefox. Next, browse to Windows’ Start Menu > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox. Select Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) to load Firefox in safe mode (for the savvy PC users, browse to Start > Run > “firefox -safe-mode”).

You’ll notice a safe mode dialog window. Caution: the next step will reset your preferences. If you don’t want this, you may need to try an alternate solution. To proceed, check “Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults” and select “Make Changes and Restart”. Hopefully you’ll now be able to load and access your Gmail account without issues.

Clear SSL State

If you’re using Internet Explorer 8+, try browsing to Tools > Internet Options > Content > and choose Clear SSL State. Restart your browser and hopefully Gmail will load correctly.

Logs In but never loads on firefox

Turn off AdblockPlus in Firefox for Gmail before you attempt logging in. This will cause ads to pop up. Thanks for reading and helping our other readers out!

Alternative Solution: Use an External Email Client

An alternative solution to accessing your Gmail emails is to use an email client such as Mozilla’s Thunderbird (a free, open source email client that also comes with a calendar option called Lightning). You’ll be able to send and receive emails and do most of what you can do (including searching your emails using various parameters) on The drawback to this approach, of course, is that it limits access to your Gmail account to PC’s that have the email client installed. But – if you’re only having troubles with one PC, it might be worth using Thunderbird or another email client (Outlook, for example, or Windows or Mac Mail) to access Gmail on the PC that is experiencing issues.

Nothing’s Working!!

If you’re still having issues please post a comment below. We’re doing our best to keep this article current and updated with the latest solutions to help you get access to your Google and Gmail accounts.

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Shelly H
I cannot open Google mail on my Mac. It never finishes loading. Safari is my browser. No trouble with iPhone or iPad. Problem is sending a mass newsletter attachment that is only accessible through the Mac. Thanks for any advice.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
You aren’t able to go to the Gmail website through Safari? Have you tried a different browser, like Chrome?
I have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to open a gmail email account. Is there any LIVE help (not computer) that can help me? I’ve gone the computer route many times.
gmail wont load.
maybe the first time i seen this, certainly the longest it’s been like this.
cleared everything, went incognito.
am using latest safari on a mac.
very odd.
did went into slow-connection version, but it happened again jumping from there.
opening several tabs all w/gmail wont work, which sometimes does
Sumeer Woodcock
Hello, I am in desperate need of help! First I must say that I had an accident and severe head trauma 3 years ago and even though im a miracle, I was left with horrible memory, so I have to write passwords and codes down. well that being said, I change my pattern lock on my LG Stylo 3 that’s only 3 weeks old & forgot it as I didn’t e it down. im locked out of my phone and Ive tried so many times that it takes 10 min time out between tries. I used a friends phone to get into my google account to access the pattern lock that way & it would not accept any of my passwords. Im not sure if I changed them and forgot to write them down or what exactly is going on. Please help I can not get into my phone, my googles accounts or anything at all!! I did include my email but I am not able to check it. lol
I got a new pc a few months ago and I cant sign into google when i try sign in on any browser after writing in my email and clicking the next button nothing happens.And when i try to sign in through settings/account/add account/google i get a message say that it was unable to connect to service. Im using win10 and its all up to date i tried to look for tutorials on how to fix that but didnt find anything.
Lorraine Calvert
Win 10 crashed, I fixed it, but now google won’t recognize my computer and won’t let me get into my gmail except as a guest. If anyone can help me asap, I’d appreciate it! I’m trying to work and my gmail account hold the link to the shared drive I need. Thank you!
tony mourelatos
my wife installed update from norton now cant access google chrome
Yahoo Support
Great post, Thanks a lot for the kind of perfect topic I have not a lot of information about it but I have got an extra unique info in your unique post.
I have a Chromebook, message came up for me to shut down and sign in again. I had just changed my password, got verification through my phone, it accepted my old password, so I thought it was safe. I signed back in, it accepted my new password, then asked for my old password and didn’t recognize it. The option is to sign in and lose all of my personal data, which I’ve done on two prior occasions. How can I get it to accept my old password? You can’t reach Google on the phone, I’ve had to create new accounts just to get in, then eventually it happens again…
Hi there
I have another peculiar problem with GMAIL, and gmail only and that too just on my laptop. It open on the phone perfectly but the gmail page does not load on the laptop.
I have 2 gmail accounts. One synced on my phone, both open on phone, but on the laptop no gmail.
Is this some issue with IP addresses??? I was in the US for about a month and used gmail on my phone all month using local WiFi connections available. Does that have something to do with it?
Perplexing!!!! and annoying !!!!
Amanda Katz
I am using mac Mini 2014 and Mac OS 10.12.2 and Chrome browser. Inbox page is clear, no menu items for inbox showing. Works fine on Safari browser. Have restarted computer, cleared browsing data, but to no avail. Sometimes it just starts working again, but it is most irritating. Any ideas on this please.
After signing in with the email and password, the page gets stuck on ” Loading…”.
Tried signing from different browsers, but the same problem occurs.
Thomas Bülow
Last resort…maybe somebody out there can help me.

I am on a Mac, running Chrome and trying to access my Gmail, Google Apps (docs, sheets, setting, etc.) and I cannot get to it. The Gmail loads partially, I can see my mail and get to it, but the icons on the buttons are not there and eventually I get a message that Google is having trouble loading and sometimes it tells me it might be my proxy settings. But it doesn’t recommend what I need to do with these proxy settings. I have tried everything above and even talked to Google support, who said it was a device issue. Everything works fine on my laptop, but I need it to work on my big mac at the office as well…PLEASE HELP.

Gmail Support 1-800-585-2492 Helpline
Rena Tobey
Only on my iMac, I’m having trouble getting onto gmail in firefox. Works fine on my macbook air on firefox and iPhone on safari. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
Sofia Panova
I had the same issue! And the problem was wrong machine time.

I fixed the time and weary thing worked fine.

Angela Bennett Glock
I have two other Gmail accounts that are working successfully on my iPhone 6.
I tried to add a new work account and have been completely unable to do it!

I am doing the following:
– Go to Settings
– Select Add Account
– Select Google

It opens a sign in window at
– I enter my email and password

Note: I checked the gmail account on a computer and it is registering that my device is logging on.

The screen flashes to show where all my account options should be (i.e. the controls that let you enable functionality for that gmail account: mail, notes, calendars, etc.)

All choices are greyed out and then it flashes back to the Add Account screen as if I never started.

It’s been hours and I want to pull my hair out!! Help – please!

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Many times for work accounts your have to check with your IT department to make sure you are selecting the correct settings. I suggest contacting them for help setting it up on your iPhone.
Gmail not loading. Went to Gmail troubleshooter and page hangs up when I click button to get it started. Also takes forever/never to load Google (I’ve switched search engines but like Google, if only it would work!) This has been going on for days! I even got rid of Chrome in the process. Is there something wrong with the Gmail servers?
Hey there, read through a bunch of the problems but didn’t notice mine. I can sign in no problem, but no new emails are coming anymore (and it’s my main account) and my inbox is empty along with 90% of my folders. It’s like the mailbox retired. My hotmail still loads properly, accepting new emails. I’ve even forwarded an email from hotmail to my gmail, and I get a return message stating notification error when it’s bounced back. Any help or direction would be more then greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
When we try and open Gmail account it says the certificate is out of date and it is unsecure to open the website and no matter what I do it won’t work. I need to go through Gmail to get my wireless printer to work.
Talisa Young
So how did you fix it?
Dirk De Clerck
I have another problem. Gmail is showing properly with all possible browser on my computers (Win-XP, Win8) but my contacts don’t load any longer.

I can only load them on my mobile (Samsung) with Google Chrome.

What could be the problem?

I canot open any site. It shows web problem, please help me.
I decided use Opera Browser due to loading speed with Firefox and Chrome. Use Opera all problems disappeared with speed and loading.

But I’m having issues getting in my email. I cannot get in my account and I have more than one gmail as I run a photography/video/magazine/radio show and only can get in 2 of them. I have four. Can’t remember password could go back to Chrome and gain access but doesn’t load properly. Which is frustrating.
Using Mac OS X 10.6.8

Barbara Kraszewski
I just downloaded Windows 10, and I cannot access Google Chrome or my gmail. Can you help?
Mahdiyeh golshekan