Best Cloud Backup (2024): Box vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive vs iDrive vs Backblaze vs Carbonite & More

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Are you working on a big project and afraid you could lose all your hard work? We’ve all been there. You’ve spent hours upon hours on a crucial presentation, report, or proposal; your computer crashes, and you lose everything—all because you only saved your files on your computer’s hard drive. Even worse, ALL other files on your hard drive were also wiped out.

If you’re not backing up your files elsewhere, you’re putting yourself at considerable risk. So, what’s the best way to back up computers?

Our experts review a whopping 24 online backup providers to help you decide.

WinnerRunner-UpThird Place
SugarSync logo 250Spideroak logo 250dropbox logo 225
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What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage on a laptop on a desk.
Cloud storage is like having a bank security box without the need to go anywhere to access your safe physically.

Cloud storage is an excellent option if you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive place to store your files. But what exactly is cloud storage? Think of cloud storage as, well, a virtual space (like a cloud) that’s grounded by remote servers that keep your files and data safe and secure.

Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drive

What’s the difference between storing your files in “the cloud” versus using an external hard drive? An external hard drive is a separate device you hook up to your computer to store all your files. The main difference? You have the external hard drive physically in your hands, whereas the cloud is virtual.

An external hard drive is more of an old-school approach to backing up your files, but some people prefer to have their files in their possession. With an external hard drive, however, you still run the risk of it getting lost, damaged, or dying entirely. You must have a hard drive with you to access your files, unlike the cloud, where you can get your files from any device or location.

The cloud has proven itself safe and secure. Still, with the quirkiness of technology, it’s probably a good idea to use both the cloud and an external hard drive, especially if you have irreplaceable data like family photos and other records. Using both methods gives you two completely separate backup plans if your computer crashes.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Online Backup

Whether it’s your company’s logos and photos, or more critical corporate data such as accounting records and file archives, cloud storage services are often seen as a disaster-proof way to store your data.

Rarely do we stop to think about what would happen to our data if something happened to our hardware, like one of the following:

  1. Technological disasters occur all the time. Floods, fires, and tornadoes rip apart offices and leave no discernible trace of technology behind.
  2. Thieves can break into your office and steal laptops, personal computers, hard drives, and servers (or employees can misplace laptops while traveling).
  3. Disgruntled ex-employees can open, alter, or destroy files.
  4. Viruses can completely wipe out every trace of data.

3 Types Of Businesses That Need Backup The Most

From small businesses to large corporations with hundreds of employees, online backup benefits a wide range of people and their precious data. Here are a few examples of who might benefit from it.

  1. Non-Profit Organization – to have the ability to host and share files
  2. Photographers– to safely have a place to organize high-res images
  3. Lawyers – to store contracts and access documents on the go

Even if your company isn’t technology-based, there are ways you can utilize this service daily. Why should it be a high priority for you?

Cloud storage services are designed as a way for you to store your data without having to worry about what happens if your hardware is lost or destroyed.

How Cloud Storage Services Disaster-Proof Your Data

Cloud storage services allow you to take all your important data and store it in a secondary location, away from your hardware. Your data is stored at off-site server locations, so even if your computer hardware is stolen or completely destroyed, you can still access your data on the off-site server.

9 Factors To Consider In Choosing Your Cloud Storage Provider

Since the introduction of “cloud computing,” an overwhelming number of cloud storage services have surfaced, and it can be challenging to decide which service offers the best features for you.

Depending upon your needs, you may find one service to suit your needs perfectly for personal data and a different corporate data service. There are several things to look for:

  1. Your budget
  2. Your space allowance versus how much space you need
  3. Whether the system is compatible with a Windows, Linux, or Mac
  4. Whether it offers file synchronization
  5. Whether it allows for person-to-person sharing
  6. How many devices it covers
  7. The maximum per file size of data
  8. Whether the service provides a free trial
  9. Whether the service offers external hard drive support

Best Cloud Storage/Online Backup Winners (Overall)

Below are our picks for the best cloud backup solutions for small business. We list the pros and cons for each and the pricing for individual and business plans.

Winner: SugarSync Review

SugarSync logo 250

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SugarSync stands out because it syncs across all mobile devices and has automatic backup around the clock. It offers full, continuous, and incremental backups to choose the best backup style for your workflow. SugarSync keeps all your devices synced (mobile phones, laptops, and tablets) and offers real-time, 24/7 backup with no interruptions or scheduling.

SugarSync offers a 30-day file restoration for deleted files and even keeps the five most recent versions of all files just in case you accidentally save the wrong version. Chances are good that you can sign up and start running with this program with zero issues. There are very few complaints about this service, so there is a good chance you would never even need customer support, which is available via email, phone, knowledge base articles, or live chat.

30-day free trialNo Linux support
Strong privacy featuresNo simultaneous co-editing capability
PIN code for additional security on mobile devicesNo password protection or timeout for shared items
Automatic photo/video backup on mobile devices
Offline mode to edit files

SugarSync Pricing

SugarSync offers individual and business plans. Custom plans are also available.

Individual Plans
Storage SpacePrice
100 GB$7.49 per month
250 GB$9.99 per month
500 GB$18.95 per month
Business Plans
Storage SpacePrice
1000 GB$55 per month (3 users)

In-Depth SugarSync Review

Read our full review of SugarSync for additional features, plans, and customer feedback.

Runner-Up: SpiderOak One Backup Review

Spideroak logo 250

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If your biggest priority is data protection, you can’t beat SpiderOak’s SpiderOakONE. This service is one of the few that offers zero-knowledge storage, meaning that data is only accessible to the data’s owner and not to the service provider. Also called end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge storage is achieved by encrypting raw data on the client’s side without disclosing the password to the provider. Neither the service provider nor any third party can intercept or decrypt the data without permission. SpiderOak pioneered this no-knowledge technique and continues to be a leader in data encryption.

The downside to no-knowledge encryption is that if users lose their password, their data cannot be decrypted. These systems are designed to make client data inaccessible, so there is no easy resolution for a lost password.

Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryptionPersonal backup solutions are not easily located on website
21-day free trialNo longer getting new features
No file size limitNo longer offers mobile backups for individuals
Permanent record of deleted files – all file versions are keptFree storage not available
30% discount for non-profit organizations

SpiderOak One Pricing

Storage SpacePrice
150 GB$6 per month or $69 per year
400 GB$11 per month or $115 per year
2 TB$14 per month or $149 per year
5 TB$29 per month or $320 per year

In-Depth SpiderOak Review

View our full SpiderOak review for features, pricing, and more information on SpiderOak’s zero-knowledge policy for online security.

Third Place: Dropbox Review

DropBox logo

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You’ve likely heard of Dropbox. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and clean design, it is one of the most widely used services out there. Dropbox offers a free account with limited storage (2 GB), but you can upgrade to a pro account if you need more space. Dropbox strongly emphasizes its digital workspace, offering file sharing, comments, e-signatures, and other collaboration tools.

Why isn’t Dropbox in one of our top two positions? Dropbox’s privacy features are lacking. While the backup service does offer encrypted storage—both in transit and at rest—Dropbox also shares user information with a long list of third-party services. For the client with privacy in mind, consider a different cloud backup.

Free for individual users up to 2 GBHigh costs for large teams
30-day free trial for paid plansShares personal information with third-party services
Multi-factor authentication
Video tools

Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox offer individual, business, and enterprise plans. You must contact Dropbox for enterprise pricing.

Individual Plans
Storage SpacePrice
2 TB$11.99 per month or $9.99 per month billed annually
3 TB$22 per month or $18 per month billed annually
Business Plans
Storage SpacePrice
9 TB $24/user/month or $20/user/month billed yearly
15 TB$32/user/month or $26/user/month billed yearly

Comparison Table

Our comprehensive comparison table compares pricing, storage, and device options for each cloud storage provider.

ProviderFree TrialFree StorageEncryption For File TransfersEncrypted Storage (At-Rest)Zero KnowledgeDeleted File RestorationSyncing Across DevicesDigital WorkspaceOperating SystemsBase Price
SugarSync30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Android, iOS$7.49/mo. (100 GB) *$0.075/GB
SpiderOak21 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywUnlimitedcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$6/mo. per user (150 GB) *$0.04/GB
Dropbox30 Days2 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw180 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$11.99/mo. per user (2 TB) *$0.006/GB
Acronis15 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywWith IntegrationWindows, Mac, Linux, Andriod, iOS$38.49/year (50 GB) *$0.77/GB
ADrive60 Dayscheckmark wrywUnlimited
checkmark wryw
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS$2.50/mo. (100 GB) *$0.025/GB
ASUS Web Storage30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$6/mo. (1 TB), billed annually *$0.006/GB
Backblaze15 Days10 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 DaysWith IntegrationWith IntegrationWindows, Mac, Linux (with integration)$9/mo. (unlimited storage)
Barracuda Backupcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywCustomcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, LinuxMust contact sales
Box10 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywCustom (30-day default)checkmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Android, iOS$14/mo. (100 GB) *$0.14/GB
Carbonite15-30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30-60 DaysWindows, Mac$4.75/mo. (unlimited), billed annually
CrashPlan30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWith IntegrationWindows, Mac, Linux$2.99/mo. (200 GB) *$0.015/GB
DollyDrive14 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywUnlimitedcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywMac, iOS$5/mo. (500 GB) $0.01/GB
ElephantDrive30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux$10/mo. (15,000 GB) *$0.0007/GB
Google Drive14 Days15 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Android, iOS$1.99/mo. (100 GB) *$0.02/GB
Hightail14 Days2 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Android, iOS$12/mo. (unlimited)
IBackup15 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$9.95/mo. (10 GB) *$0.995/GB
IDrive30 Days10 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywUnlimitedcheckmark wrywWith IntegrationWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$2.95/year (100 GB) *$0.0295
JustCloud1 GBcheckmark wryw24 HoursAdd-onWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$21.38/mo. (250 GB) *$0.086/GB
Livedrive14 Dayscheckmark wryw30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Android, iOS$8.99/mo. (unlimited)
MiMedia10 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw30 DaysWindows$7.99/mo. (500 GB) *$0.016/GB
OpenDrive7 Days5 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw90 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$9.95/mo. (unlimited)
pCloud30 Days10 GBcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywcheckmark wryw15-30 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS$49.99/year (500GB) *$0.0999/GB
PennyBackup14 Dayscheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywWindows, Mac, Linux$50/ TB *$0.05/GB
SOS Online Backupcheckmark wrywcheckmark wrywUnlimitedWindows, Mac, Andriod, iOSMust contact sales

More Cloud Storage/ Online Backup Provider Reviews (Alphabetical)

Based on reader demand, our researchers have also reviewed the following cloud storage providers. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

Acronis | ADrive | ASUS Web Storage | Backblaze | Barracuda Backup | Box | Carbonite | CrashPlan | DollyDrive | ElephantDrive | Google Drive | Hightail | IBackup | IDrive | JustCloud | Livedrive | MiMedia | OpenDrive | pCloud | PennyBackup | SOS Online Backup

Acronis Review


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Acronis is a backup and recovery software that offers complete cybersecurity protection against data loss, cyberattacks, and identity theft. The service provides a wide range of backup options—full, incremental, and differential—to ensure you can protect your data in a way that suits your needs and workflow.

Unfortunately, Acronis is relatively expensive, and users report slow or failed backups.

15-day free trial1-year commitment
Comprehensive backup featuresSlow backup speed
Advanced security featuresLimited support
Easy-to-use interfaceUsers report error messages from failed backups
Detailed versioning

Acronis Pricing

Acronis pricing increases by number of devices and security features.

Storage SpacePrice
50 GBStarting at $38.49 per year
1 TBStarting at $87.49 per year

ADrive Review

ADrive logo 250.

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ADrive is another backup service boasting superior security and storage space. There is also a digital editing feature called “Zoho” that allows you to upload a file and make necessary changes without having to go back and re-upload a newer version of the file. ADrive also now allows users to set expiration dates for shared files.

Beyond that, however, there is little to impress in ADrive’s functionality and feature list. ADrive does not offer encryption for files at rest, which has become an industry standard. It also doesn’t offer free storage or syncing across devices.

Low costs for basic plansNo encryption at rest
Online file editingVery basic feature list
60-day free trialNo syncing
No free storage plan
Higher storage plans get very expensive

ADrive Pricing

SizeMonthly CostYearly Cost2 Year3 Year
100 GB$2.50$25.00$45.00$60.00
250 GB$6.25$62.50$112.50$150.00
500 GB$12.50$125.00$225.00$300.00
1 TB$25.00$250.00$450.00$600.00
2 TB$50.00$500.00$900.00$1,200.00
3 TB$75.00$750.00$1,350.00Contact ADrive
4 TB $100.00$1,000.00$1,800.00Contact ADrive
5 TB$125.00 $1,250.00$2,250.00Contact ADrive
6 TB$150.00$1,500.00$2,700.00Contact ADrive
7 TB$175.00$1,750.00$3,150.00Contact ADrive
8 TB$200.00$2000.00$3,600.00Contact ADrive
9 TB$225.00$2,250.00$4,050.00Contact ADrive
10 TB$250.00$2,500.00$4,500.00Contact ADrive
Business pricing and additional storage plans also available.

ASUS WebStorage Review

ASUS WebStorage logo 250.

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ASUS WebStorage excels as a cloud storage space option to keep your files, photos, and videos safe. It offers quality encryption for files in transit and at rest to protect your data. ASUS also has a digital workplace for collaboration and allows syncing across devices.

Unfortunately, nothing in particular sets ASUS apart from the competition. If anything, ASUS needs to be improved in a few places. It does not offer free storage, requires a one-year commitment, and only provides auto backups with specific plans.

Access your cloud storage on all devices for no extra fee1-year commitment
Version history to keep track of all past versions of a fileNo free storage
Enable ASUS WebStorage mobile upload to send a copy of your photo to the cloud when you press the shutterLimited customer service
30-day free trial

ASUS WebStorage Pricing

Below is the pricing for the ASUS Secure Auto-Backup plan.

Storage SpacePrice
1 TB$71.99 per year
2 TB$125.99 per year
3+ TBContact ASUS for pricing

Backblaze Review

Backblaze logo 250.

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Backblaze is a streamlined online backup service that simplifies data protection, even for novices. The service offers free storage (10 GB) and a 15-day free trial for paid plans. It supports multi-factor authentication and private encryption keys, though it’s not entirely zero-knowledge encryption because users must provide their passphrase (to the private key) to Backblaze.

Overall, Backblaze is a reliable cloud backup service with fast upload speeds. It has an A+ BBB rating. Still, Backblaze only offers basic features compared to other services on this list. Backblaze does not provide syncing across devices or a digital workspace without using a third-party integration, which requires extra steps to set up.

Unlimited backupNot compatible with Linux without third-party integration
Good encryption that can be adjusted on a per-user basis.No person-to-person file sharing
fast upload speedsNo synchronization feature
10 GB free storage
15-day free trial

Backblaze Pricing

Backblaze keeps its pricing simple. Single users get unlimited backups for $9 monthly or $99 yearly. Multiple users pay by the workstation. Backblaze charges $9 monthly per computer. You can also pay monthly or for two years.

Barracuda Backup Review

Barracuda logo 250.

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Barracuda is an integrated local and offsite data backup best suited for businesses due to the robust feature set and the accompanying high startup cost. Users praise Barracuda’s user interface and easy navigation. The service allows you to tailor each source backup to include/exclude whatever you want. You can also choose between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups. Data recovery is quick and reliable.

Barracuda supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems but not Android or iOS. Its storage is encrypted, though not with zero-knowledge encryption. Barracuda’s biggest con is its sizeable initial cost.

Automatic backupsLarge initial cost
Microsoft Exchange supportNo monthly plan
Multiple layers of encryption for super secure data storage
Covers a wide range of industry-specific regulations
One local backup and two offsite backups

Barracuda Pricing

Barracuda offers a build-your-own backup system, so prices vary greatly. Use its customized configuration tool to receive an estimate based on your requirements.

Box Review

Box cloud storage logo

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Cloud storage service Box gives you an impressive 10 GB of space for free. Couple that with their extensive file-sharing and syncing capabilities, and you’ve got a lot to work with for a free service. Geared more toward professionals than personal use, Box offers excellent features in its paid versions.

These pricing plans, however, get expensive quickly for less storage space than other high-end plans offer. Given its good reputation and storage space, Box’s free version is a solid option.

Generous free 10 GB of spaceLimited offline capability
Excellent sync and sharing capabilitiesSyncing can be buggy
1,500+ integrations
Document watermarking
Two-factor authentication

Box Pricing

Box offers individual, business, and custom plans.

Individual Plans
Personal Pro (100 GB storage, 5 GB uploads)$14 per month or $10 per month paid annually
Business Starter (100 GB storage, 2 GB uploads)$7 per month or $5 per month paid annually
Business Plans
Business (unlimited storage, 5 GB uploads)$20/user/month or $15/user/month paid annually
Business Plus (unlimited storage, 15 GB uploads)$33/user/month or $25/user/month paid annually
Enterprise (unlimited storage, 50 GB uploads)$47/user/month or $35/user/month paid annually

Carbonite Review

Carbonite by opentext logo 250.

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Acquired by Canadian software company OpenText in 2019, Carbonite continues to offer a quality backup service for Windows and Mac users. While Carbonite offers quality data protection, it lacks additional features.

Carbonite does not offer a free plan, but you can try a 15-day personal plan or 30-business plan to test the service.

Strong encryptionNot compatible with Linux
Free trialNo free storage
Unlimited backup plan availableNo syncing across devices
Servers are located within the United StatesNo digital workspace
Data can be restored on physical mediaPoor download speeds
Optional zero-knowledge encryptionMinimal user control

Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite offers various individual plans, with pricier plans providing additional features. Pricing for individual plans starts at $4.75 per month, billed annually. Carbonite also offers professional, business, and partner plans. Visit Carbonite’s website to view all pricing.

In-Depth Carbonite Review

View our in-depth Carbonite Review for features, pricing, and additional information.

CrashPlan Review

CrashPlan logo 250.

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CrashPlan is an online backup service that backs up your data automatically and encrypts all data. CrashPlan is one of the few services that offers zero-knowledge encryption for superior data protection. It encrypts your data during transfer and at rest.

Another bonus of choosing CrashPlan is that it has no individual file size limits for uploads. It includes syncing across devices and integrates with Amazon Workspace for file sharing, commenting, and collaboration.

While CrashPlan does not offer free storage, you can get a feel for the service using a free trial, ranging from seven days to one month.

Zero-knowledge encryptionTricky user interface
Two-factor authenticationNo free plan
Good Android and iOS apps for remote access to files
Unlimited filer versioning and deleted file retention
Up to 30-day free trial

CrashPlan Pricing

CrashPlan Essential (200 GB, 2 devices)$2.99 per month
CrashPlan Professional (unlimited storage, 2 devices)$88 per year
CrashPlan Enterprise (unlimited storage, 4 devices)$120 per year

DollyDrive Review

DollyDrive logo 250.

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DollyDrive is a Mac-only program designed to work with Apple’s Time Machine. The service offers auto backups, syncing across devices, and a digital workspace.

DollyDrive’s base price is $5 per month for 500 GB. This plan includes unlimited devices. To get started with DollyDrive, sign up for its 14-day free trial.

Works seamlessly with Time MachineInitial backups are slow
Data encryption for high securityShares personal information with third parties
Many different size/price plans –allows for customization to meet your unique needs
Free Trial

DollyDrive Pricing

Storage SpacePrice
500 GB$5 per month
1 TB$10 per month
5 TB$25 per month
Unlimited storage$6 per month

DollyDrive also offers small business plans, starting at $300, and HIPAA backup solutions, starting at $125.

ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive logo 250.

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ElephantDrive offers a user-friendly experience with easy drop and drag file capabilities. However, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the interface; it’s also a solid and secure online backup service.

This system will integrate seamlessly with all your existing computer operations, and it’s an excellent choice for backing up sensitive data. ElephantDrive has optional zero-knowledge encryption for ultimate data protection.

On the flip side, Elephant Drive does use your personal data, which is provided to its partners, who include Google, Paypal, Amazon Web Services, and Zendesk.

Pros Cons
Large data optionsNo free storage
Simple Interface – just drag and drop filesNo digital workspace
Online ‘Trunk’ stores all deleted files for 30 daysDoes not support mobile devices
Free 30-day trialShares personal data with 8 other companies

ElephantDrive Pricing

Solo Plan (15,000 GB)$10 per month
Family Plan (50,000 GB)$20 per month
Business Plan (unlimited storage)$40 per month

Google Drive Review

Google Drive logo 250

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Google Drive is one of the fullest-featured cloud backup services, offering a full suite of storage, syncing, sharing, and collaboration features. It also provides one of the most generous free storage plans at 15 GB. It has a sleek user interface, many third-party integrations, and offline access to edit documents.

Does Google Drive have any drawbacks? Well, the service is not designed for full hard drive backups. It also has some privacy concerns. There is no password protection when sharing files, and while it has encrypted storage, it isn’t zero-knowledge encryption.

Generous free storageLimit on how much you can upload per day (750 GB bandwidth)
Quality user interfaceFile size limits for documents
Easy sharingPrivacy concerns
14-day free trial for Google Workplace

Google Drive Pricing

Google Drive offers individual plans (Google One) and business plans (Google Workplace). Enterprise options are also available.

Google One
Storage SpacePrice
100 GB$1.99/month or $19.99/year
200 GB$2.99/month or $29.99/year
2 TB$9.99/month or $99.99/year
Google Workplace
Storage SpacePrice
30 GB$7.20/user/month or $6/user/month 1-year contract
2 TB$14.40/user/month or $12/user/month 1-year contract
5 TB$21.60/user/month or $18/user/month 1-year contract
Enterprise plans also available

Hightail Review

Hightail by opentext logo 250.

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Acquired by OpenText in 2018, Hightail is an excellent choice for small, medium, and even enterprise-level businesses. Its strengths lie in its file-sharing and digital workspace capabilities, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and ability to quickly store and share large files.

You can transmit sensitive files thanks to their advanced encryption levels, and we love their e-signature feature that makes signing and sending important documents a breeze.

Free storage (2 GB)Security is based on the plan you purchase
14-day free trialCustomer support via ticket only with free plan
Unlimited storageNo weekend customer support
Digital workspace lets you have shared folders, automatic syncing, and comments stored
Two-factor authentication

Hightail Pricing

Pro Plan (25 GB file size send limit)$12 per month
Teams (50 GB file size send limit)$24/user/month
Business (500 GB file size send limit)$36/user/month

IBackup Review

IBackup logo 250.

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IBackup is easy to use for novice customers. Support is generally addressed through email, and the rate at which IBackup responds to customer inquiries is reported as slow.

However, the interface is easy to understand, and the security is top-notch. We were not impressed with the pricing, which can quickly get pricey for higher storage space.

Easy to use and strong security featuresLow overall storage space
Optional zero-knowledge encryptionHigh-priced packages
Hybrid backup for speedy backups and restoresSlow support and customer service
Unlimited devices per plan
15 day trial (up to 50 GB space)

IBackup Pricing

Storage SpaceMonthly PriceYearly Price2-Year Price
10 GB$9.95$99.50$149.25
20 GB$19.95$199.50$299.25
50 GB$49.95$499.50$749.25
100 GB$99.95$999.50$1,499.25
200 GB$199.95$1,999.50$2,999.25
300 GB$299.95$2,999.50$4499.25
400 GB$399.95$3,999.50$5,999.25
500 GB$499.95$4,999.50$7,499.25

IDrive Review

iDrive logo

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IDrive is an excellent choice for an online backup service. We were very impressed with its range of tools, and users can schedule backups however often they want.

We also like that IDrive pays special attention to data protection. It offers full storage encryption and optional zero-knowledge encryption.

Optional zero-knowledge encryptionLimited file sharing from account to account
Free plan (10 GB)Storage isn’t unlimited
Easy setup
Quick upload speeds
Fantastic value

IDrive Pricing

IDrive’s plans vary based on number of users, computers, and servers/Exchange/SQL/NAS devices.

Storage SpacePrice
100 GB$2.95 per year
500 GB$9.95 per year
5 TB$69.65 first year, $149.25 for two years
10 TB$104.65 first year, $224.25 for two years
20 TB$174.65 first year, $374.25 for two years
50 TB$349.65 first year, $749.25 for two years
100 TB$699..65 first year, $1,499.25 for two years
View IDrive’s team and business pricing on its website.

JustCloud Review

JustCloud dot com logo 250.

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There are many excellent cloud backup solutions for your business, but JustCloud isn’t one of them. Users complain of unreliable backups and hidden charges. The owners of JustCloud by JDI Backup own many cloud services, including MyPCBackup, Zip Cloud, and Backup Genie. We’ll keep an eye out for JustCloud—and JDI Backup’s other brands—in the future, but as it stands, we recommend staying away.

Free planExpensive
Supports most operating systems, including older operating systemsUnreliable backup
Data isn’t stored encrypted
Relies on third party for security
Additional features cost extra
No versioning
Limited support

JustCloud Pricing

Below is JustCloud’s pricing per month. The service offers discounted rates for six-, 12-, and 24-month subscriptions.

Plan Price
Home/Pro Plan (250 GB)$21.38 per month
Premium Plan (1 TB)$23.88 per month
Ultimate Plan (4 TB)$28.88 per month

Livedrive Review

Livedrive logo 250.

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Livedrive is a cloud backup option that has a plan for everyone. It keeps your files safe and available on every device. With unlimited file storage, this is a good option if you have a lot of photos, videos, or other large data.

14-day free trialNo Linux support
Unlimited backupRestrictions between the pricing options can be confusing
Unlimited file upload sizeNo encryption for data at rest
30-day file versioningSyncing across devices only available with certain plans

Livedrive Pricing

Choose between Livedrive’s individual and business pricing.

Individual Plans

Backup (1 Computer)$8.99/month or $89.90/year
Pro Suite, including Backup & Briefcase (for files syncing all devices, everywhere you go)$25/month or $240/year
Business Plans
Business Express (3 users, 2,000 GB storage, and collaboration features)$50/month
Business Standard (10 users, 10,000 GB storage, and collaboration features)$160/month
Extra users and storage can be added for a fee.

MiMedia Review

MiMedia logo 250.

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MiMedia is an online backup service known for being able to watch and stream your media on demand. It provides automatic online backup and effortless file sharing. Mi Media also offers 10 GB of storage for free.

Free storage option (10 GB)Doesn’t support Mac or Linux
Media playing and viewing onlineNo file version saving
Unlimited devicesUnfriendly user interface
No media editing abilities

MiMedia Pricing

Storage SpacePrice
500 GB$7.99/month or $85/year
1 TB$9.99/month or $100/year
2 TB$15.99/month or $160/year

OpenDrive Review

OpenDrive logo 250.

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OpenDrive is an option for users looking for low monthly costs, and there is even a free version you can download, but the storage space for the free plan is limited. Where OpenDrive stands out is its zero-knowledge encryption for ultimate data security.

OpenDrive offers solid online storage and backup on its own custom servers, which they monitor in-house. There are hidden costs associated with this product; however, if you want to sync between multiple users or use advanced features offered by OpenDrive, such as hotlinking.

Free plan (5 GM)Limited storage and daily bandwidth limitations on some plans
Unlimited storage optionsLimited access for users per month
Zero-knowledge encryptionRequires upgrade or ad space on your website if you wish to enable hotlinking
Digital workspace with projects, notes, comments, task lists, and sharingSupport is difficult to navigate on website

OpenDrive Pricing

Below is unlimited storage pricing for individuals and businesses. OpenDrive also offers custom plans for individuals and businesses and pricing for enterprise plans.

Personal Unlimited $9.95 per month
Business Unlimited $29.95 per month
Reseller Unlimited$59.95 per month

pCloud Review

pCloud logo 250 png.

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pCloud is a quality cloud storage option that offers all the features you’re looking for, including a free storage option, client-side encryption, and file versioning. Its free account provides 10 GB of storage, which is more generous than many competitors.

pCloud supports all major platforms and offers annual or lifetime pricing plans.

Free plan (10 GB)Not all features are available with free version
Zero-knowledge encryption
Plays media files online
Shared link branding and tracking

pCloud Pricing

Premium (500 GB)$49.99/year or $199 for lifetime use
Premium Plus (2 TB)$99.99/year or $399 for lifetime use
Custom Plan (10 TB)$1,190 one-time payment for lifetime use

PennyBackup Review

PennyBackup logo 250.

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PennyBackup compresses all of your files to tiny sizes that allow you to maximize your storage space. Unlike many other programs, there is no installation fee, and you can set up PennyBackup on as many computers as you like at no charge and access your files anywhere.

Pricing at PennyBackup depends on how much storage you use. This pricing model can become costly if you have an account with multiple users. You can negotiate pricing if you plan on uploading lots of data, but we recommend looking elsewhere if you plan on doing so. There is also no availability on mobile devices.

No licensing fees for usersNot available on smartphones or tablets
Data is compressed to save your storage space and moneyNo mobile support
4 levels of security (your files are secured via Asigra)Must download software to be able to view files
Viewable status window that lets you pause and restart downloadsLimited storage space
14-day free trialNo file sharing between multiple accounts
The website is not secure, which is odd for a company touting security

PennyBackup Pricing

PennyBackup charges $50 per TB.

SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup logo 250.

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SOS is an online backup service that claims to be ‘The All-In-One Solution To Secure Your Data.’ It is a speedy service and offers true archiving of your files. SOS was once one of the popular online backup choices; however, its services and pricing have become a bit outdated.

Quality security optionsLive protection is only available on individual files
Client-side encryptionExpensive
Unlimited file versionsOutdated user interfaces
Great online supportNo free storage option or free trial

SOS Online Backup Pricing

SOS Online Backup offers customizable pricing solutions. New users must contact the sales team for pricing.

What Are The Odds Of The Cloud Crashing?

It has already been established that just like any other method of data storage, the digital cloud can be compromised, but is there a possibility that the entire digital cloud will ever crash? The general consensus is that the entirety of the digital cloud will never be brought to its knees completely. That said, there is a likelihood for specific sectors of the cloud to be brought down.

Think of the digital cloud as made up of millions of storage companies; each is allotted a particular set of storage units. The allotted storage units are located throughout the virtual globe. There is a potential that the company that you rent your storage unit from is going to be broken into or experience a disaster (flood, fire, etc.) that results in damage to or loss of your property being stored. This is precisely why renters have insurance or a backup of their personal data.

The potential that the same disastrous situation will happen to every company that owns storage units throughout the entirety of the digital cloud is slim. That is not to say that one significant worldwide event could not wipe out the cloud for good, but in the minor scheme of things, the chance for complete eradication of the cloud is minute. Considering how much of the world runs on the cloud now, we’ve got more significant problems if that ever happens.

Back Up Your Website

Could you imagine what would happen if one day you woke up and the data from your website was completely gone? We’ve chosen the best WordPress backup plugins to ensure you never lose crucial site content.

Which backup provider (if any) are you leaning towards? Let us know in the comments!

Why Trust We Rock Your Web?

This article was a labor of love. Tara spent months vetting different cloud backup services to bring our readers the best picks. The hours that went into this article ensure that you’re getting the most informed information you need to make the right choice for you or your small business.

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