My Davinci Virtual Office Review: Does Coworking Virtually Work?

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Are you tired of spending big bucks on coworking spaces that you or your staff don’t really use? Or perhaps you’re looking to elevate your firm with a professional business address? If so, Davinci virtual offices could be the solution you’re looking for. They offer many of the benefits a traditional office provides without needing a physical office space.

I look in-depth at how their virtual offices work, their services, and why they are gaining popularity worldwide. There are many reasons to take up the services of a virtual office. I explore all the benefits and drawbacks and take you through setting it up. And with personal experience, I can help you make an informed decision about whether it can benefit you and your business. Let’s take a closer look.

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Davinci Virtual Office Review
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Product Name: Davinci Virtual Office

Product Description: Davinci Virtual Office is one of the leading providers of global virtual office spaces.


Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides companies with virtual business addresses. They allow organizations to set up a business address without the need for a physical office, which can cut the costs of overhead for many companies. Davinci also offers additional services to elevate their customer’s company, such as mail forwarding, receptionists, incorporations, meeting room hires, and more.

  • Customer Service
  • Pricing
  • User Friendliness
  • Location Options


  • Leading provider of virtual offices
  • Thousands of locations worldwide
  • Different plans available
  • Modern offices and tech
  • U.S. offices are quick to set up
  • Receptionist add-ons are available
  • BBB Rating: A+


  • Pricing of locations is not easy to compare
  • It can become pricey quickly
  • Not transparent with all fees
  • App is not compatible with new phones
  • Claims of slow customer service

Consumer Reviews

This is the aggregate score of reader reviews we’ve received. Have you had a good or bad experience with Davinci? Feel free to leave your review in the comments. Please note that only reviews with valid review content are published and counted.

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10 Key Features

  1. Professional Business Address. Offers businesses a professional address that you can use on your website and business cards. Not only does this project business credibility, but it also provides a stable and long-term location.
  2. Mail Receipt & Forwarding. At the address, there is staff to receive your business mail and packages. It can be stored at the location for you to pick up at your convenience or forwarded to another chosen address, such as your home.
  3. Optional Lobby Directory Listings And Lobby Greeter. Add your company’s name in the official lobby directory of a prestigious company building, even without a physical office. This adds legitimacy to your business. A lobby greeter offers a personal touch.
  4. Options For Auto Or On-Site Receptionists. At an additional cost, you can choose an auto-receptionist or a live receptionist who can perform various services to suit your needs.
  5. Incorporate Your Business. Incorporating your business has many advantages, such as brand and asset protection, tax benefits, enhancing credibility, and more. Davinci has partnered with Legalinc to help with the process. Why not explore our best online legal services guide for alternatives?
  6. Access To Meeting Spaces On-Demand. In addition to virtual addresses, Davinci has over 20,000 meeting spaces worldwide available to hire by the hour or the whole day. Make a professional impression with coworkers or clients with face-to-face meetings in a modern space.
  7. Available Coworking Spaces. Davinci has thousands of national and international coworking spaces, allowing professionals to work under the same roof and boosting creativity, connection, and innovation.
  8. Access To Event Spaces. In addition to meeting coworking spaces, Davinci has many large spaces available for hire for events such as team-building days and project kickoffs. If you’re looking for an impressive space for a large amount of people, Davinci has hundreds of options.
  9. Catering Options. Davinci offers business catering services on-site if you’re looking to host a meeting or event with colleagues or prospective clients. Utilizing this service lets you concentrate on your business while their catering team takes this hassle off your plate.
  10. Rent An Office Space. Davinci also offers over 5,500 physical office spaces available to rent full-time. You can upgrade to a physical building if you need more than a business address.

Davinci has a separate website for coworking spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, and full-time offices. Head to Davinci Meeting Rooms for additional information and direct contact.

About Davinci Virtual Office

Davinci Virtual Office is a leading provider of virtual office solutions. They cater to businesses of all sizes, servicing small start-ups to large, established companies. Davinci was founded in 2006 by Martin Senn, and its headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, they have grown exponentially, serving over 40,000 virtual clients globally. Davinci services various industries, including finance, real estate, healthcare, legal, and more.


Davinci states you can buy a virtual business address for as little as $50. This is correct. However, there are lots of add-ons to consider. The price of the add-ons varies by location, making it difficult to compare prices. Below is one cheaper location’s additional service price list. But more expensive offices have higher fees all-round, so use this as a cost baseline.

Start-Up Fee$199/mo
Mail Notification$20/mo
Mail Notification w/Sender Details$27/mo
Mail Forwarding$20/mo (x1 a month)
$30/mo (x2 a month)
$40/mo (daily)
File Storage$20/mo
Lobby Directory$50 (one-off setup fee) +
Registered Agent$169/year
Entity Formation & Operating Agreement/Bylaws
(additional state fees apply)
$50 (one-off setup fee) +
Auto Receptionist$59 – $99/mo
Live Receptionist$129 – $319/mo
Meeting Room Hire$10/hour
These are a few of the primary add-on services Davinci offers their clients.

As you can see, there are plenty of add-ons to consider. And although there are plenty of offices available at $50 a month, this doesn’t include mail notification, mail forwarding, lobby directory, receptionist, storage, etc. Unless you live close to a $50 office and pick up your mail regularly, you will likely need additional services. Negative and even positive reviews comment on the unfair price of mail notifications.

Davinci Virtual Office Locations

Finding the best virtual office space can be challenging, especially when so many options are available. Davinci offers a wide range of prime locations all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a prestigious address on Wall Street for your finance company or a chic site on the Champs-Elysees in Paris for your fashion start-up, there are plenty of options. At the same time, if you’re looking for a virtual address and location doesn’t matter, there is a vast array of low-cost locations to choose from.

There are over 1,500 virtual office locations across the globe. They have virtual office locations in 50+ countries and every state in America.

Davinci Virtual Office Receptionist Options

Davinci offers a variety of receptionist options, and each option has several plans to consider.


The auto-receptionist offers an automated telephone system that handles incoming calls and routes them to voicemail or a number you choose. Customize your greeting to add a professional edge and handle your calls at a convenient time. This is an essential add-on for businesses with a high volume of calls. Some of the plans include corporate email options and extension lines. Discover more about the importance of e-marketing with our guide about email essentials for small businesses.

Auto ReceptionistAuto Receptionist + EmailAuto Receptionist PlusAuto Receptionist Plus 10
Auto receptionists give you and your customers the benefit of live assistance at a fraction of the cost.

Live Receptionist

If your business requires the services of a virtual live receptionist, there are four plans to consider. You can choose a business or premium plan, and each option gives you a choice of 50 or 100 minutes of live call answering per month. Yes, these are more expensive, but you receive a personalized service that offers appointment scheduling, order processing, customer care, and basic admin tasks.

Business 50Business 100Premium 50Premium 100
50 live answer minutes
100 live answer minutes
50 live answer minutes
100 live answer minutes
Live receptionists provide a personal touch and can help with administrative tasks so you can concentrate on your business.

To check out the benefits of the business and premium plans, check out Davinci’s live receptionist details page.

How To Set Up A Virtual Office With Davinci

According to Davinci’s website, there are only four steps before starting with your virtual office address. Once approved, you can use your virtual US address within two business days.

  1. Contact a Davinci representative and supply information.
  2. Submit two forms of ID.
  3. Complete a US Postal 1583 Form.
  4. Get the postal form notarized (the cost of notarization is included in purchasing a virtual address.)

Check out this quick video explaining the 4 steps to set up your Davinci virtual office.

Although this sounds simple, a few negative reviews focus on the setup process being slightly complicated and unnecessarily drawn out. Some individual complaints state that the setup team was difficult to get hold of, ID forms were rejected without good reason, and receiving conflicting information from the sales team. However, there were more positive reviews about the setup process than negative.

My Personal Experience With Davinci Virtual Office

My first experience with the Davinci Virtual Office was with the live chat function. I immediately connected with a live agent, who sent me an email with the requested documents within minutes. Chatting with an actual human rather than a bot is always a great start and much more helpful. Great start! They also have a phone, email, and fax option on their contact page.

Finding An Office

It’s relatively simple to find an office, and you can set it up very quickly. Search the location you want your office to be, and the website lists locations with a quick price outline. This, alongside a map, allows you to find the best virtual office for your needs and budget.

Find a Davinci office i NYC screenshot.
Find a Davinci office easily with their office location search. Enter a location of your choice, and Davinci lists all of the available offices in that area with a useful price snapshot and map.

Need Add-On Services?

Once you’ve selected a location, it takes you to the service add-on page. Scroll through the available options for that location and choose what suits your needs. On the right side of the screen is your cart, with the setup fee, monthly payment total after the first month, and the total you pay on setup (first-month fee.)

Davinci office options screenshot with pricing.
Once you’ve selected an office, you can browse through all of the available add-on services and their individual prices.

Once you’re happy with the location and service add-ons, select “next step,” where you create your account. Once you’ve made your account, you set up your payment details. Afterward, an advisor will call you to discuss the following steps to get your virtual business address up and running. Many positive reviews online state that the setup process was simple and the sales team is very helpful.

Davinci Virtual App

Davinci states that it has an app to keep track of your account, mail and call notifications, hire a meeting room, and more. However, the app was last updated in December 2020, and it isn’t available to download. I spoke with an agent who confirmed the app is currently unavailable. This is disappointing for a company that prides itself on using up-to-date technology for modern businesses.

5 Benefits Of Virtual Offices

  1. Establish A Point Of Presence. It’s important that your clients have a stable address where they can contact you. Not only is an office much more professional than your home address, but it also separates your personal and business life balance. Plus, some states require a registered agent as an official point of contact, which Davinci can offer.
  2. Set A Great First Impression. First impressions are crucial to success, and what better way to start showcasing your business than with a professional address on your website and business cards? You can also locate your business in an iconic location such as The Chrysler Building in New York or Canary Wharf in London. If you are starting out, check out our guide on how to build a website from scratch.
  3. Cost-Effective. Traditional offices can be expensive to rent and maintain, especially for young or small businesses with limited funds. Virtual offices can be a more affordable alternative. Before you celebrate at the thought of a $50 office, remember the obligatory setup fees and additional service costs.
  4. Focus On Your Business. Having a virtual office means you can work without interruptions from the delivery person at your door or your phone ringing constantly. Instead, direct all this to a receptionist and concentrate on your business.
  5. Expand Into New Markets. Having a virtual business address makes the process much more straightforward than renting a physical office. Plus, if you want to move address or expand into international markets, it’s even more accessible.

Customer Feedback

I scoured the web to find out how real users rate Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. I’ve found some reviews to give you an overall picture of Davinci from customers’ perspectives.


Onboarding with Davinci was an absolute BREEZE! I especially appreciated the high level of service and personal touches to ensure that our business needs were fully met. Working with Weslie and Brittany has been truly enjoyable and I feel as if our business will continue to receive excellent service in the months and years ahead.

Donna Page, Trustpilot – 01/30/2024

I liked Davinci’s prices and the office location. I use the virtual office. I get mail there. I use it as a physical address. Then I got offices there that I can use, and conference rooms. They come at a separate price. You pay per hour for the office if you need it, or a conference room. It’s got a really cool lobby where you can go to. I can go there pretty much every day and do whatever I gotta do and not have the cost of paying for a big office. I get emails every now and then where Davinci offers me different things. They inform me about different options that I have. But I’m happy with what I got, so I don’t need anything else yet.

Arnaldo, Consumer Affairs – 07/29/2003


For more than 4 months * Services have not been rendered. My invoice history only contains several copies of my first invoice from 2019. I requested a refund due to services not rendered but continue to be charged. When I called and asked about the outage and its duration I was told there is no known timeline for repair. I have no evidence this company is still legitimate. To protect myself from continued loss. I have removed my payment method from this platform. I cannot in good conscience recommend any dealings with this entity.

Andre A, Better Business Bureau – 02/06/2024

Difficult onboarding process with onerous requirements. Requested insurance policies and home mortgages which I refused to supply. Then a virtual meeting to upload further forms of ID. If you are a busy business owner you will not want to waste time on this. Other virtual offices have no such requirements.

Leonard, Trustpilot – 06/14/2023

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our readers still have many questions about Davinci virtual offices and whether they are the right option. If you don’t see yours below, ask about it in the comments, and we’ll find the answer.

What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that allows businesses to have a professional company address where clients, prospective customers, and others can reach them without needing a physical space. It offers traditional office services such as mail handling and call answering services without having to be there. Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Davinci’s Virtual Office Services?

Using a virtual office is usually much cheaper than renting a physical office. Davinci’s virtual office solutions start from $50. However, many locations cost more than this, and there are additional services that many businesses need to purchase. All virtual offices require a minimum term of six months. Often, Davinci offers discounts to new customers, or coupons can be found online.

Are There Any Hidden Fees With Davinci Virtual Office Services?

Although you can find all the fees online, Davinci isn’t completely transparent with its costs. For example, customers aren’t made aware of the $199 setup fee or the costs of basic services such as mail notification until they select an office. There are a few complaints about this online. However, it is all there in the contract before you commit.

Is Davinci Virtual Office Linked To Instant Office?

Instant Offices is the parent company of Davinci Virtual, and all virtual office services are handled through Davinci. This makes the platform the leading aggregator in the virtual office industry.

Is Davinci Virtual Office The Right Service For You?

For some businesses, contracting the services of a virtual address supplier like Davinci is the best step they’ve ever taken for their business. For others, it doesn’t provide precisely what they need. If you think you might benefit from a physical working space, check out our guide to the best coworking spaces. Now is also an excellent time to look at our B2B email marketing best practices guide.

Do you think you might give Davinci Virtual Office a go? Or perhaps you have used their services and want to share your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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