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Are you looking for the best online legal services? Most entrepreneurs need professional legal help at some point, and with the rise of online services, many business owners are choosing the online route for their needs. After all, online assistance is much less expensive for basic legal needs than hiring a traditional lawyer at a law firm.

While the promise of low prices is enticing, choosing the best service for your needs can be confusing, and the consequences of improperly filed contracts and other errors can be severe for business owners.

Can you avoid paying hundreds of dollars per hour and dealing with lawyers’ busy schedules by simply using one of these online legal services? We explore these services’ legitimacy and pick our favorites based on their offerings.

What Can I Expect From An Online Legal Service?

Most online legal services take you step by step through resolving your legal matters virtually (though some can also get you in touch with lawyers in your area). All you need to do is provide the necessary information to complete your documents; the rest is taken care of for you.

Looking through the major players in the online legal services field, you’ll find a variety of business-centric legal services, such as:

Most online legal enterprises operate on either a subscription basis, where you pay a monthly fee for a set list of services, or a pay-per-service basis, where you pay a one-time fee as needed. With some legal services, you may also have direct access to an attorney, though this is typically an additional fee. 

Ultimately, choosing an online legal service instead of going directly through a lawyer could save you hundreds—even thousands—of dollars.

What’s The Difference Between An Online Legal Service And A Local Attorney?

Legal advice online can save you time and money if your legal needs are basic and straightforward. What makes an online legal less expensive? It isn’t a law firm. 

While online legal services are legitimate operations, you aren’t getting a client-attorney relationship when you hire them. You won’t receive personal advice for your business, and these enterprises can’t act as legal counsel. Instead, online legal services are a tool for people who want to prepare their legal documents.

Think of it like this: Instead of visiting your nearest big-box office supply store and perusing the aisle that stocks generic prepared contracts, these online legal destinations provide specialized filing templates and a user-friendly interface.

Online legal services are only a fit for some companies. You should try an online service if you have a small business (and an even smaller budget) with basic legal needs. If you’re running a large company with complicated legal needs, a law firm that provides hands-on legal work is likely the better option.

That being said, some online legal services offer attorney access for a limited time or through a full-service subscription package. For those offering a subscription, the service typically includes a consultation with an attorney in your area and personalized legal support.

Online Legal Service Winners By Category

Below are our picks for best value, ongoing services, and attorney access. Find out why we chose them as the top winners.

Best Value | Best For Ongoing Service | Best Attorney Access | Best Free Advice | Best For New Business

Best Value: LegalZoom Review

LegalZoom logo

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LegalZoom offers online help with business and personal legal documents, making the process painless. Prices start as low as $0, plus state filing fees. For those looking for a quick and inexpensive self-service experience, you can’t beat LegalZoom.

LegalZoom’s interface is simple and easy to follow, which makes finding the information you need effortless. Most documents take only a few minutes to fill out and are available for download or to be mailed. Choose between 150+ legal forms, including non-disclosure agreements (DNA), independent contractor agreements, and promissory notes. Other standout services include annual reports, a registered agent, intellectual property services, and tax support.

LegalZoom also offers full-service subscriptions, including access to a licensed attorney for a set period. For example, the Premium LLC package includes guidance from an experienced business attorney and unlimited 30-minute attorney consultations for the first 30 days of the subscription.

Offers membership and à la carte servicesVarious pricing options can be confusing
Access to attorneys with subscription plansNot all documents are viewable online
Good customer support optionsLots of upsells
BBB rating: A+
60-day satisfaction guarantee

Our Personal Experience With LegalZoom

We used Legal Zoom to prepare our estate legal documents including Last Will And Testament, Pet Care Instructions & Power of Attorney. The process was simple and affordable. You select your state, and they walk you through every question that is required for each document. You can save your work and return to complete at anytime. It’s also easy to collaborate with others to fill and sign like your spouse or outside attorney. When ready to submit everything, LegalZoom checks for errors and sends to all parties to e-sign. You then have the option to get electronic or physical copies of your documents mailed to you. We opted for the additional legal advice to review them with an attorney and scheduled the consultation in a few clicks. The e-portal has all your legal documents in once place to access and view upcoming appointments, outstanding tasks, and ordering more products.

With the legal advice upgrade, you get unlimited calls with a local lawyer who will review your documents and walk through them with you via phone. They’ll point out any potential issues and answer any questions. During this period, you also get unlimited revisions to your existing documents. We found a few things that needed correcting, so I was able to update them and re-submit a few times. We scheduled another call to review the final changes with the same lawyer and feel more confident now with our last and living will and testament documents.

Sadie Cornelius, Writer at We Rock Your Web and new LegalZoom customer
LegalZoom user interface showing saved documents.
LegalZoom’s user interface makes finding new forms quick and easy.

LegalZoom was my go to online legal service for years (for simple needs such as filing a trademark registration). That changed this past year when they redid their user interface. While the new interface looks slick, it’s become impossible for me to locate my past registrations and documents, and finding new forms that used to be easy is now a pain in the butt.

Alex Schenker, Editor at We Rock Your Web and long-term LegalZoom customer


Below is the pricing information for LegalZoom business subscription plans. The prices in the table may vary depending on your state.

6-Month Business Advisory Plan12-Month Business Advisory Plan
Price$43.17/mo. $39.09mo.
30 Minute ConsulationBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
150+ Business/Personal Legal FormsBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
1-Hour Annual Business EvaluationBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
1 Copyright Registration/Mo.Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Legal Document Review (up to 10 pages)Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Discounts On Professional Services & ProductsBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
View All Plans

In-Depth Review Of LegalZoom

Read Our LegalZoom Review for more features, user experience, and pricing information.

Best For Ongoing Services: Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer logo

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While most online legal services offer fairly standardized resources, Rocket Lawyer’s thorough membership program is the best choice for complex matters and ongoing needs. With Rocket Lawyer, you can access legal documents and attorney services, plus discounts on other professional services like tax help, trademark filing, and registered agent services. Set up your LLC, corporation, or nonprofit; create unlimited business contracts and documents; and quickly get answers to your legal questions.

With a Rocket Lawyer membership, you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited legal documents, with the ability to edit, share, and print.
  • Instant online signing with e-signatures.
  • Free answers to endless legal questions.
  • 30-minute consultation with an in-network attorney, plus 40% off their hourly rate, if you require further legal assistance.

Nonmembers can also purchase documents and services à la carte, though these fees tend to be high. An annual subscription is a better value if you require anything beyond a couple of documents.

All customers receive step-by-step instructions from Rocket Lawyer to ensure that the paperwork is complete. Users can also create personal documents like an online will and divorce papers in addition to business services. 

Offers membership and à la carte servicesPricey à la carte options
Up to 40% discount for hiring a Rocket Lawyer network attorneyUsers get charged automatically after the free trial
Free LLC for membersLimited services for non-members
Available in 6 countriesNo weekend support
Free 7-day trial
30-day money-back guarantee
A+ BBB rating


Rocket Lawyer has two options: pay for a monthly membership and get access to most legal products and services, or pay as you go. Rocket Lawyer also offers a 1-week free trial.

Premium MemberNon-Member
Price$39.99/mo.à la carte
30-Minute ConsultationBlue checkmark$59.99/consultation
Legal QuestionsBlue checkmark$49.99/question
Free LLC for new membersBlue checkmark$99.99 (plus state fees)
Document CreationBlue checkmark$39.99/document
Discounts On Professional ServicesBlue checkmark
These prices are from the time of publishing and may change over time.

In Depth-Review Of Rocket Lawyer

Learn more about Rocket Lawyer’s services via our Rocket Lawyer review. We cover key features, pricing, and user reviews.

Best For Attorney Access: LegalShield Review

LegalShield logo

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LegalShield is ideal for people or small businesses who need to speak to a lawyer physically or may need ongoing representation. LegalShield has a network of provider law firms nationwide for your legal needs. 

To begin with LegalShield, you must purchase a subscription plan. The Personal & Family plan starts at $25.99 monthly and includes a consultation, document reviews, and 25% off additional services. You can customize your plan as well, with each additional service costing $14.95 each.

Small businesses can choose between three subscription plans, ranging from $49 per month to $169 per month. All business plans include consultations and a 25% discount on your provider lawyer’s hourly rate. LegalShield also has a plan for launching your business. The Launch subscription costs $149 monthly, including LLC formation, a business name check, Federal Tax ID (EIN), and three months of legal support.

Best for people who need direct professional legal advice (similar to having a lawyer on retainer) Some consumer reports of poor, aggressive sales tactics
Affordable monthly pricing plansRecent BBB complaints report attorneys coming unprepared to court and incorrect paperwork filings
25% off hourly attorney fees
Call back from attorney within 1 business day
In business for 40+ years
BBB rating: A+


Below are the average prices for LegalShield’s services; however, they may vary by state.

Small Business Legal EssentialsSmall Business Legal PlusSmall Business Pro
Advice, Consultation, & Research By Law FirmBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
30-Minute Designated ConsultationsBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
MemberPerks (discounts on other brands)Blue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
25% Preferred Member Discount (discount for additional legal services not covered in membership)Blue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Designated Users235
Letters or Phone Calls10 per year/up to 3 per month20 per year/up to 5 per month40 per year/up to 10 per month
Document Review10 per year/up to 15 pages/up to 3 per month20 per year/up to 20 pages/up to 5 per month40 per year/up to 25 pages/up to 10 per month
Collection Letters5/mo.10/mo.15/mo.
Flat Fee ServicesTrademark and Copyright (1 yearly): $500
Employee Handbook: $750
Custom Contract Drafting (up to 25 pages): $250
Trademark and Copyright (1 yearly): $250
Employee Handbook: $500
Custom Contract Drafting (up to 25 pages): $250
IRS Audit Legal Services25 hours help, 2.5 hours representation or negotiation, 21.5 hours trial time50 hours help, 5 hours representation or negotiation, 44 hours trial time
Interstate ServiceHalf of all letters and phone calls, advice and consultation, document review, designated consultations, and collection lettersAll letters and phone calls, advice and consultation, document review, designated consultations, and collection lettes
View All Plans

Best For Free Advice: Avvo

Avvo logo

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While nothing can replace the support of a dedicated lawyer, it’s also frustrating to pay for an attorney’s time only to find out that they can’t help you. Enter Avvo—a fantastic resource for general legal information from licensed attorneys. What’s better? It’s completely free. According to Avvo, someone received free legal advice from Avvo every five seconds. 

You only need to fill out Avvo’s online form to submit a question through Avvo. Provide the necessary details, select your location, and submit. Questions are free, anonymous, and typically answered within 12 hours. Remember that any answers given via Avvo’s Q&A board do not constitute a legal attorney-client relationship, so answers are limited to general legal advice.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, Avvo’s directory allows you to find attorneys in your area. You can also directly contact the lawyer who answered your original question.

Submit a question and get advice from one or more attorneysAny question submitted can be seen by the public
Ask follow-up questions for freeLots of ads for lawyers in your area
Browse all Q&A
Articles written by lawyers covering various legal topics
Lawyer directory by practice, city, and state


Avvo is a free service.

Best For New Business: ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness logo

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If you’re ready to start your business and are on a budget, ZenBusiness helps you set up your business entirely free (excluding state fees). ZenBusiness’s worry-free compliance ensures that you’re notified of any filing or compliance events, plus it covers your annual report and two business amendment filings per year.

ZenBusiness also offers a wide variety of other business services, including:

  • Business Planning: startup cost calculation, market research, licenses, permits, and government grants
  •  Branding: logo design, domain registration, website building, and business emails
  •  Taxes & Accounting: invoices/payments, accounting/bookkeeping, and small business tax tips
Free LLC filingCost spike in second year of service
100% accuracy guaranteeAdd-on services can be costly compared to others
Annual compliance includedNo personal legal documents
Wide variety of add-on services for businesses
BBB rating: A


ZenBusiness offers three LLC packages. Plans are billed annually and do not include state filing fees. ZenBusiness’s starter is free for the first year; the plan renews at $199 annually. View all plans.

Price$0 $199$349
LLC FilingBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
100% Accuracy GuaranteeBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Worry-Free Compliance1 year free, then $199/yearBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Operating Agreement+$99Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Fastest Filing+$79Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Employer ID Number (EIN)+$99Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Business Document Templates+$99+$99Blue checkmark
Business Website Builder+$15/mo.+$15/mo.Blue checkmark
Domain Name With Privacy+$35/year+$35/yearBlue checkmark
Business Email Address+$25/year+$25/yearBlue checkmark

What About BizFilings, CorpNet, FindLegalForms, FormSwift, LawDepot, MyCorporation, & US Legal Forms?

Some of the services below are difficult to find information on and are not as clear on what services they offer. If you have experience with these services, please share your story with us so we can update this article and help future consumers make more educated decisions.

To learn more about a service, click one of the links below or scroll down the page to learn about them all.

BizFilings | CorpNet | FindLegalForms | FormSwift | LawDepotMyCorporation | US Legal Forms

Wolters Kluwer BizFilings Review

BizFilings logo

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BizFilings focuses on helping entrepreneurs find the proper legal structure for their business. They’ll help you choose the legal entity and keep your business running from a legal perspective. Getting started with BizFilings is easy. The website’s package selection has you input your state and business type: LLC, S Corp, C Corp, nonprofit, Limited Partnership (LP), or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). (BizFilings also offers a separate registration option for professional corporations, such as accountants, architects, dentists, and doctors.)

From there, you can choose between three package options and add on any additional services. BizFilings tallies up the cost of each add-on service, so you know exactly how much you’re spending before checkout.

Warranty against filing errors for the life of your companyExpensive
3-month free register agent service with every subscriptionAuto-enrollment in $220/year registered agent service with no option to opt out
Additional support with complianceNo personal legal documents (wills, divorces, bankruptcies, etc.)
Extensive online resources
Auto-enrollment in $220/year registered agent service with no option to opt-out


BizFilings offers three packages for setting up a business entity: Basic, Standard, and Complete. Pricing starts at $99 and includes business name verification, preparation/filing of documents, and registered agent service. From there, select a higher-tier plan for additional compliance services.

Package TypeForms Your Business With The StateIncludes the Tools To Keep Your Business CompliantFulfills Additional State & Federal Requirements
Price$99 + State Fees$229 + State Fees$359 + State Fees
View All Plans

CorpNet Review

CorpNet logo

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Like BizFilings, CorpNet focuses on businesses, so you won’t find any personal legal services here. Pay per legal service or, if you’re starting your business, choose between three package options for business formation.

Documents take very little time to fill out since you complete a “form fill” page first that then fills in the necessary details on the documents you choose. They also include an updated pricing summary as you add various features to precisely determine the total cost expected to pay.

Competitive pricingNo personal legal documents (wills, divorces, bankruptcies, etc.)
Free registered agent services for 1 year with Deluxe and Complete plansNo patents, copyrights, or real estate business options
Easy to use
100% satisfaction guarantee


Pricing can vary by state (and does not include state fees or rush processing charges). Here are the average prices we found for CorpNet; click here to view all plans.

Company Name Availability CheckBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Document PreparationBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Corporate Compliance Tool With Company AlertsBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Registered Agent Service60 days1 year1 year
Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)Blue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Custom Bylaws And Minutes (Corporations)Blue checkmark
Custom Operating Agreement (LLCs)Blue checkmark
Custome Corporate Incorporation ResolutionBlue checkmark
Electronic Delivery Of State DocumentsBlue checkmark
Custome Kit And Seal (Corporations and LLCs)Blue checkmark
Online Access To Incorporation DocumentsBlue checkmark
Lifetime Customer Support Blue checkmark

FindLegalForms Review

FindLegalForms logo

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FindLegalForms is probably best for someone who knows a little about legal speak. It’s cheaper than some of the others, but buyer beware! If you’re a novice, you may become overwhelmed with the complex terms and the do-it-yourself nature of the legal forms on this website.

The documents are state-specific, and you are responsible for downloading and filing them yourself. The customer service reputation is where FindLegalForms seems to fall the most.

Personal and business formsMay be difficult for some people to use/understand
Over 20,000 legal forms online No legal document preparation service (DIY)
Free e-signature with all formsCustomers report poor customer service
60-day money-back guaranteeWebsite lacks legal resources
BBB A+ rating


Pricing starts at $0 per form; click here to view all forms.

FormSwift Review

FormSwift logo

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FormSwift offers a variety of online legal forms; however, if you’re looking for a company that can help you set up your new business and file any forms throughout your venture, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if your company is already operating, this may be a good option for you.

FormSwift allows you to purchase a single document for $59. You can also sign up for a membership, which offers the following features:

  • Unlimited documents
  • PDF editor to alter any uploaded PDF document
  • E-signatures
  • Build-your-own reusable form for others to complete
  • Share documents via email and have recipients fill out their portion
Includes personal, small business, real estate and tax formsNo forms or assistance with starting a new business
1100+ form templatesNo legal document preparation service (DIY)
7-day trial for $1.95Pricing is not transparent until you’re ready to download your form


When it’s time to download your first document, FormSwift will ask you to choose a pricing plan. You can select the seven-day trial for $1.95, which renews at $39.95 monthly. FormSwift also offers an annual or single-document fee. Prices below do not include filing fees.

Plan Price
Monthly Membership$39.95
Annual Membership$99/year
Single Document$69
View All Plans

LawDepot Review

LawDepot logo

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LawDepot offers a range of estate, family, financial, real estate, and business legal services online. LawDepot allows you to purchase a single document à la carte (prices vary). You can also sign up for a membership, enabling you to create unlimited documents, download forms within two weeks, and print unlimited copies.

Includes real estate, estate, business, family and financial formsPricing is not transparent until you’re ready to download your form
100% satisfaction guaranteeNo legal document preparation service (DIY)
Free 7-day trialNot as many document options as other enterprises (100+)


When it’s time to download your first document, LawDept will ask you to choose a free or premium license. You can select the seven-day free trial, which renews at $35 per month. FormSwift also offers an annual or single-document fee. Prices below do not include filing fees.

Monthly Plan$35/mo.
Annual Plan$8.99/mo.
Per DocumentVaries
View All Plans

MyCorporation Review

MyCorporation logo

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MyCorporation focuses on businesses, whether you’re starting, need help with day-to-day operations, or want to trademark or copyright a company asset. Its business services include one-time filings, business maintenance (annual reports, eNotary service, payroll, etc.), and business products (print marketing, business checks, logo design, website design, etc.) The company’s learning center also contains helpful articles for starting and maintaining your business.

Free business startup consultationMust pay $120/year for registered agent services for Basic and Standard pricing levels
Entity quiz to help you choose your business structureNo personal legal documents
Handles trademarks and copyrightsReports caution of possible billing issues
Wide variety of add-on services for businesses
Helpful customer service, including live chat
BBB Rating: A+


Below are MyCorporation’s business formation packages (does not include state fees). MyCorporation also offers à la carte services.

Articles Of IncorporationBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Name Availability SearchBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Bylaws, Minutes, And WaiversBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Annual Report ServiceBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Registered Agent ServicesBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
MaintainMyBiz ServicesBlue checkmark
View All Plans

US Legal Forms Review

U.S. Legal logo

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U.S. Legal Forms offers legal help for both personal and business matters. If you know exactly what you are doing, this is a good solution since you can go directly to the forms and get started. also includes many obscure legal documents, like a formal letter to remove someone from your church, which could be helpful to some people.

85,000+ legal formsNo free trial
Affordable No à la carte option
Can cancel at any time
BBB rating: A+


U.S. Legal switched to a subscription model; however, a monthly subscription actually costs less than many single forms. If you only want a single document, cancel your plan after purchasing your subscription.

Monthly $39/mo.$59/mo.

Register Your Trademark Before It’s Too Late

We offer many other in-depth guides for starting and maintaining your business on topics such as how to create an LLC online, register a trademark, or register for a DBA.

If you’ve used online legal services, what went well and what went wrong? Let us know in the comments.

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