Tara Maurer

After graduating with a BA in Multimedia Journalism from Simpson College, Tara worked as the studio coordinator for an architecture firm, where she performed many of the tasks required of a small business owner: office management and human resources to marketing and design—all the while using web tools to help grow the business. Tara then used this experience to start her own business. She continues to work in social media marketing today. Since joining the We Rock Your Web team, Tara has covered topics ranging from email marketing to CDNs. She knows that small business owners today need to familiarize themselves with online tools—everything from logo creation and website design to payment processing and email marketing—and she’s passionate about helping them learn how to do just that.

Tara Maurer
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Backblaze vs CrashPlan Comparison (2023): Which Cloud Backup Provider Wins?

This online backup comparison of Backblaze and Crashplan will help you determine the right choice for you and your business. First, ask yourself who will be setting it up. If the answer is you, are you a tech savvy person who knows about online backups? The answer to this question could influence your decision about which company is best for you. Find out which company is easier to use and which is more customizable below.

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Best Online Legal Services (2023): ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom vs LegalShield vs Rocket Lawyer vs LawDepot vs BizFilings & More

As an entrepreneur, one of the first financial hurdles you hit is the cost of hiring a lawyer to set up your legal entity. This shouldn’t prevent you from being an entrepreneur! Can you avoid paying hundreds of dollars per hour and having to deal with lawyers’ busy schedules by simply using one of these online legal services? Our legal expert dives in to find out how legit these services are and closely examines the types of services they offer.

Network of servers drawn over a world map. Titled 'Who Has The Best CDN?'

Best CDN Providers 2023: Azure vs AWS vs Fastly vs Cloudflare vs Akamai vs Cloudfront vs Incapsula vs Rackspace & More

Two seconds or less. That’s how fast people expect a website to load. It’s common knowledge that a site’s speed impacts user experience, but how important is a quick website? While one to two seconds seems exceptionally fast, today’s website visitors are accustomed to short load times, and slower websites are penalized when users abandon a website in favor of a quicker, user-friendly option. In a world of instant gratification and content at your fingertips, a slow website could mean decreased site visits, reduced conversion rates, and low sales revenue.

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