AWeber vs MailChimp: Email Marketing Service Battle

AWeber vs MailChimp logosHaving trouble nailing down which email marketing service provider to use for your business? Two of the most popular, AWeber and MailChimp, each have their devotees (and detractors).

On the first inspection, they seem to offer a lot of the same features, with the exception that MailChimp has a free forever plan. We dug deeper into these rivals to see how their differences could affect your ultimate choice.

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Customer Support

AWeber has the clear edge on customer support, although both services have good online tutorials, FAQs and other resources. Neither service offers 24/7 customer support hours. AWeber provides phone, live chat and email support seven days a week. MailChimp has more limited hours for email and live chat support, and they don’t offer phone support.

AWeber logoWinner: AWeber

Design Tools

Both AWeber and MailChimp offer responsive templates, meaning they’ll automatically look good on any device — a must in email marketing these days. AWeber has 700+ ready-made templates (many more than MailChimp), but if you’re looking for more customization and design capability, MailChimp is the better option. MailChimp even provides you with raw code to help you build your own email templates.MailChimp logo

Winner: MailChimp


You want to make sure your emails are getting where they’re supposed to go in the first place. Who’s better at this? AWeber has a long history of having one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. MailChimp’s deliverability rate is well in the 90th percentile — an encouraging percentage rate compared to a lot of other email marketing services.

AWeber logoWinner: AWeber


If you’re running an email campaign and want to send follow-up emails to certain customers based on their response to your previous emails (i.e. thanking them for signing up on your website, or making a purchase), AWeber and MailChimp come out about even with their autoresponder functionality.

So, where do they differ? MailChimp makes it easier to target a subset of your email list with its autoresponder interface — choosing subsets with AWeber is possible; it’s just much more cumbersome. On the other hand, with AWeber, it’s much easier to manage and track your follow-up emails to see who has opened them and when. MailChimp falls short on its autoresponder tracking capability.AWeber vs MailChimp logos

Winner: AWeber & MailChimp (Tie)

Tracking & Analytics

Both AWeber and MailChimp provide extensive email tracking and analytical tools to help you gauge who’s opening and clicking through your emails. You can monitor subscriber activity, bounces, unsubscribes, click-throughs and generate revenue reports.

Where MailChimp comes out ahead? MailChimp provides Google Analytics integration; AWeber does not. If you’re running social media campaigns along with your emails, MailChimp tracks your social sharing efforts; again, AWeber does not.MailChimp logo

Winner: MailChimp


AWeber MailChimp
Free Plan None Up to 2,000 contacts/month
12,000 emails/month
Free Trial 30 Days
Lowest Price Plan/Month (500 Contacts) $19 $9.99
Up To 2,500 Contacts $29 Starts at $30.99
Up To 5,000 Contacts $49 Starts at $52.99
Up to 10,000 Contacts $69 Starts at $78.99
Up To 25,000 Contacts $149 Starts at $200

As you can see, MailChimp has the clear edge over AWeber with its free and lowest tiered plan, but AWeber does offer a 30-day free trial. Once you go over 500 contacts per month, however, they offer nearly identical pricing tiers. We give MailChimp the nod here because it does offer some identical plans for less money.MailChimp logo

Winner: MailChimp


AWeber MailChimp
AWeber MailChimp
Template Selection 700+ Hundreds
Responsive Design Checkmark Checkmark
Image Hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Contact Manager/Import Checkmark Checkmark
Newsletter Archiving Checkmark Checkmark
Social Media Marketing Checkmark Checkmark
RSS Feed Integration Checkmark Checkmark
Autoresponder Checkmark Checkmark
SMS (Texting) Integration Only
Surveys Integration Only Checkmark
List Segmentation Checkmark Checkmark
Allows Attachments Up to 1MB
Google Analytics Checkmark
Spam Score (Checking) Checkmark Checkmark
Reporting/Stats Checkmark Checkmark
Private (Dedicated) IP Address Checkmark
Split A/B Testing Checkmark Checkmark
Trigger Based Messaging Checkmark Checkmark
Developer API Checkmark Checkmark
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, Phone Live Chat, Email

MailChimp edges out AWeber for the overall set of features you get with your email marketing service. Not only does MailChimp have more advanced features, but they also have far more integrations available to give you the ability to do almost anything imaginable with your email campaigns.MailChimp logo

Winner: MailChimp

How Does An Email Marketing Service Build Relationships?

Email marketing is an excellent way to build and maintain relationships with your customers. Check out the following video by Michelle Schneider for tips on using email marketing to engage your customers.

Overall Winner

Based on our in-depth reviews, MailChimp comes out pretty far ahead of AWeber. MailChimp gives you more tools, and it’s easier to use than AWeber. MailChimp also has a clear edge with its free plan. If reliable customer support is important, then AWeber is the way to go. Of course, your decision depends on the specific features you’re looking for with your email marketing strategy.MailChimp logo

Winner: MailChimp

What About Other Email Marketing Providers?

How do AWeber and MailChimp stack up against their competitors? Check out our coverage of the top email marketing companies for an in-depth analysis of more than 20 of the top players. There you’ll find key features, pros and cons, pricing and even our “best for” picks for different business types and needs. You can also compare all companies side-by-side with our large comparison table.

Are you leaning towards AWeber or Mailchimp (or someone else)? Let us know in the comments!

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