WeWork Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Personal Experience

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The new normal is open office environments with collaborative working spaces.

If you’re searching for a dynamic and flexible workspace solution, WeWork is one of the leading competitors offering coworking spaces for workers and entrepreneurs. Since their inception, they’ve been revolutionizing the concept of coworking spaces and offering hybrid workers an alternative to their cramped spare rooms and noisy cafes. However, a recent WeWork scandal has sent shockwaves through the business world.

Is WeWork still viable and all it’s cracked up to be? Are they one of the best coworking space options for you and your business? I cover all this and more in my comprehensive WeWork review. I explore their locations, pricing plans, competitors, customer service, and more. Plus, I delve into the WeWork scandal and discover what the future has in store for them. Let’s take a closer look.

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WeWork Review
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Product Name: WeWork

Product Description: WeWork is a provider that offers a variety of coworking spaces for individuals and teams.


WeWork is a offers flexible workspace solutions worldwide for individuals and companies. The coworking spaces offer hotdesks, dedicated desks, and whole-floor offices available to rent for however long you need. Plans and pricing differs according to your needs.

  • Customer Service
  • Pricing
  • Workplace
  • User Friendliness


  • Locations available worldwide
  • Different plans available
  • Modern spaces
  • Great amenities
  • Simple to use
  • 24/7 customer service
  • App available


  • Pricing not readily available
  • Difficult to budget
  • Typically more expensive than other competitors
  • Some users suggest some sites have an unfriendly atmosphere
  • Claims of poor customer service
  • WeWork future is uncertain

Consumer Reviews

This is the aggregate score of reader reviews we’ve received. Have a good or bad experience with WeWork? Feel free to leave your review in the comments. Please note that only reviews with valid review content are published and counted.

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More About WeWork

This company is more than just an office space provider – it is a global community that brings together individuals and businesses from all walks of life under one roof. WeWork was founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, renting their first location in SoHo, Manhattan.

WeWork offers modern coworking spaces with all the amenities workers could need, including high-speed internet, desks, conference rooms, printing services, and more. They also provide extra facilities that might not be available at traditional offices, such as espresso bars, games rooms, wellness rooms, outdoor space, and dog-friendly office environments. Check out what some of their spaces look like in this brief video.

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WeWork Locations

If you’re looking for an inspiring environment to boost your productivity levels or simply bored of being cramped in your spare bedroom turned office, WeWork could be a great option. From the metropolis of New York to the sunny sidewalks of San Francisco, you can choose to rent a space almost anywhere in the country. WeWork headquarters are at Tower 49 in New York City. Since its inception, and at the time of writing, WeWork has 630 locations in 119 cities, and more are in the pipeline. Some locations across the globe include:

DestinationsCity Locations
Middle East7
North America40
South America10
Many city locations have more than one office space available to rent to suit a variety of members and needs.

In North America, there are 40 cities with WeWork office locations, and many cities have more than one site. In total, there are currently 217 locations and counting in North America.

WeWork Pricing & Space Solutions

WeWork offers a range of space solutions, from on-demand hot desks to full-floor office spaces. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Coworking Access

Coworking access plans allow users to work in a shared workspace that you can access daily or monthly. This is great for individuals who travel often or don’t require frequent access to the office. Let’s explore the two coworking access options.


An on-demand membership allows individuals to book a coworking space or a private office by the day and meeting rooms by the hour with no monthly commitment. A day pass with access to a seat in a shared space starts from $29 a day, not including taxes, although some locations cost more. This is an excellent choice for workers looking for a pay-as-you-go option without any commitments.

All Access

The all-access membership allows users unlimited access to shared spaces. It is a top choice for those planning to use a WeWork space daily, saving you money in the long run. There are two membership types to choose from in the all-access membership.

  1. Basic All-Access. The basic package costs around $199 per month, giving users access to 180 locations. This allows two meeting room/private office credits and up to 70 prints per month.
  2. Plus All-Access. The plus package costs around $299 per month, giving users access to 500 locations. This allows five meeting room/private office credits and up to 140 prints per month.

Private Workspace

Private workspaces offer furnished offices for individuals and teams. There are three options for private workspaces catering to different group sizes and needs. Let’s explore them.

WeWork Dedicated Desk

If you don’t like the idea of hot desking, you can hire a dedicated desk for a month at a time. The desk sits in a shared lockable office with access to the building’s amenities. This is great for individuals looking to rent a permanent desk for a short time, such as those on work secondments or traveling for business. Pricing for a dedicated desk is available on request, depending on your location and needs.

WeWork Private Office

Private offices are furnished and ready to move in. They also have access to shared professional amenities. Private offices are great for individuals who want a short-stay office without sharing their space or for small teams ranging from 1 to 20 people. Although some locations offer larger private offices catering to a larger group of up to 100. Pricing is available on request, depending on your needs.

WeWork Full Floor Office

This could be a great option if you’ve got a team of more than 50. Some locations cater to teams of 400 and more. This plan offers a fully furnished office on a private floor. Renting an entire floor means you can enjoy private amenities and invite as many guests as you want. Plus, you can add private conference rooms and a receptionist and have the option for personal branding and other tech services. Pricing is available on request and depends on your needs.

Additional Solutions

There are additional solutions for individuals or companies looking for more than just a place to work. Let’s explore what else WeWork offers.

Business Address

WeWork offers a virtual office service providing business addresses across over 200 locations worldwide. These locations can be used for business registration purposes and post and parcel handling. There is also an option for a post-forwarding service. This is currently only available at some U.S., Australia, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, and Belgium sites. WeWork is currently in the process of expanding this to the U.K., France, and other countries. This service starts at $89, not including taxes and fees.

Meeting Rooms

WeWork has hundreds of locations worldwide where you can host meetings in private spaces. This is great for individuals and small to large groups, and users can access the internet, conference tools, and shared amenities. Access to meeting rooms starts at $8 per seat per hour.

WeWork Space Rental For Events

In major cities, WeWork offers well-equipped spaces for corporate events for groups of any size. There are indoor and outdoor venues to choose from. WeWork employs event specialists to help you find the perfect space for your needs and on-site support teams to ensure your event runs smoothly on the day. There are no prices available on their website for event spaces.

Remember that plans and prices can change, so be sure to check their website for up-to-date pricing to assess your needs. If you have any questions, speak with a WeWork advisor who can help you choose the best plan for you.

How Much Is WeWork?

Several membership options are available, and each can be tailored to different needs and budgets. Plus, the membership costs depend on various factors, including location, office size, amenities, and more. Although some prices are available on their website, this is a baseline cost, often with additional fees.

It’s tricky to answer the question “How much does WeWork cost?” because each plan is unique to the user. Plus, WeWork isn’t entirely transparent with its costs regarding private offices, all-floor offices, and event spaces. These options state that “pricing is available on request.” This makes budgeting in advance challenging for users looking for larger solutions.

Our Experience With WeWork

I used the WeWork offices in Frankfurt weekly when I met with clients to discuss their investment portfolios. The modern offices and top-of-the-range equipment gave a professional feel – much better than meeting at a local café! The front office staff were friendly, and I was welcomed by an incredible community. The events and workshops they held for expats were a fantastic way to network and bounce ideas around with like-minded people. I also met many new clients there and found trustworthy people to do business with. Booking meeting rooms was smooth and reasonably priced, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use the WeWork facilities again.

– Matthew Rayner, International Wealth Manager advising clients on their investment portfolios.

WeWork Competitors

Whether you’re an individual or a business looking for flexible workplace solutions, it’s essential to look at WeWork’s competitors. Let’s examine other co-working space options and what they offer.


Regus logo 250 png.

Visit Website

Regus has been around much longer than WeWork and was founded in 1989. It also has a much wider network of over 4,000 coworking space locations. This makes Regus the largest provider of flexible workspaces in the world. Regus operates under the name “Spaces” in some regions. They also offer a wide range of membership plans and have a reputation for being professional and trusted by major corporations.

The Regus website is much more transparent regarding pricing and appears to be cheaper, too. However, many WeWork memberships include additional perks such as room hire and printing credits, whereas Regus offers this at an additional cost. Bear this in mind when comparing. As Regus is their top competitor, let’s take a quick look at their prices in comparison.

Membership TypeWeWorkRegus
On-Demand/Coworking Share$29/day$15/day
All-Access/Coworking Membership$199 or $299/month$119/month
Dedicated DeskPricing unavailable$85/month
Meeting Room$8 per person per hour$9 per person per hour
Business Address$89/month$45/month
Private OfficePricing unavailable$89/per person per month
WeWork includes some additional working perks in their prices, whereas Regus offers these services at an extra cost.


Knotel logo 250 png.

Visit Website

Knotel is another competitor in the coworking space industry, and they focus on bringing underutilized traditional real estate and transforming it into meaningful and desirable workplaces. One of their key advantages is their emphasis on personalization. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, they work with companies to design and customize their workspaces to fit their needs. Knotel is relatively new compared to the other key players in the industry, and they have over 200 locations across four continents. Their website doesn’t offer any pricing structure for potential service users.


Industrious logo 250 png.

Visit Website

Industrious is another coworking company that offers vibrant and productive work environments. One of their stand-out features is their attention to detail regarding their design. Their spaces are beautifully curated and contain modern furnishings, stylish decor, and ample lighting. Their aesthetically pleasing environment encourages creativity. Industrious could be a top choice to impress your clients with the wow factor. They have over 160 locations across the world. There is minimal information about pricing on their website.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub logo 250 png.

Visit Website

Impact Hub provides service users with more than just a workspace. They offer a community of like-minded individuals driven to make a difference. Their unique selling point is their focus on sustainability, only using locations that incorporate eco-friendly practices. Not only do they inspire creativity and community cohesion, they contribute positively to the world. They offer over 110 locations worldwide and are growing from strength to strength. Each location has its own website and pricing plans, so it isn’t easy to compare prices. For example, the monthly price of shared working space in New York starts from $150, compared to a similar membership that costs $50 in Baltimore.

These are only a few of WeWork’s competitors, with more to consider. Each company brings its unique approach to shared working spaces, catering to different needs. Do your research to make an informed decision about which provider best suits your needs and preferences.

WeWork Customer Service

WeWork’s customer service is one of the aspects that it claims sets it apart from its competitors. There is a 24/7 global member support team that you can reach by phone or email. This round-the-clock availability means help is never far away, no matter your location or time zone. There is also an online help center with many frequently asked questions for members to check out.

In addition to the support team, there is always someone on-site to help. WeWork has a team of community managers who assist members with any questions or concerns. Whether it is troubleshooting issues with office equipment, a problem with the booking system, or finding the right conference room for your needs, there is always one community manager on-site during core office hours.

However, a fair number of user reviews complain about customer service — whether it’s not having simple questions answered, messing up their bill, or being unfriendly or borderline rude. This is something to consider. If you want to check out the environment and customer service first, use the on-demand membership initially before committing to a longer plan.

WeWork App

To make things easier for users, WeWork now has an app, WeWork Workplace, to streamline the service. The app has a user-friendly interface and smooth functionality. It’s free to create an account, so you can see what’s available before making any commitment.

WewWork booking options screenshot.
Create a free WeWork account to book a desk, room, office, or video conference on demand.

Booking A Space On The App

You can book space by the day or meeting rooms by the hour with just a few clicks. This minimizes the need for waiting in a long phone queue and avoids other outdated, complicated processes. Choose a date, city, and the amenities you need, and the app finds the appropriate locations for you to choose from.

WeWork office locations search on a map.
Search for nearby spaces and availability.

Once you’ve found a location to suit your needs, confirm your booking to lock it in. All you need to do is add your payment details, and you’ve got a space. After giving the WeWork app a quick spin, I think it’s super easy to use. The app is a must-have for anyone looking to use WeWork services.

Booking a desk at WeWork screenshot.
Confirm your space online with just a few clicks.

Other App Features

Using your changing schedule and space management data, you can select a time to suit you and reduce costs. Plus, the app allows you to search for team members and other employees to work collaboratively and offer networking opportunities. You can easily find and join events happening within your community and expand your professional network. Check out some of the useful tools you can use to make the most of your and your team’s days in this quick video.

The app also keeps you updated with important announcements from WeWork or information for your selected location. Lastly, WeWork app users can access exclusive member benefits and discounts from partnering businesses. From food delivery services and fitness classes, many discounts are available.

Is WeWork Still In Business?

So far so good, right? Absolutely. But 2019 saw the company’s downfall, and the WeWork scandal tarnished the once-promising image of this coworking space giant. The controversy began when WeWork filed for an initial public offering (IPO). This revealed a laundry list of serious issues, such as conflicts of interest and unprofitability, and it was only the beginning.

Shortly before the failed IPO, WeWork’s then-largest shareholder, SoftBank, appraised the company at $47 billion. However, the WeWork IPO filing revealed a record of nearly $2 billion in losses in 2018 and that it was almost out of cash. Overnight, WeWork went from self-proclaimed galactical dominance and unimaginable profit to a catastrophic business debut. WeWork was forced to shelve the IPO, and their future became bleak.

Neumann, the then-CEO, was finally ousted after a series of accusations were made public. In 2021, they became a public company via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) with a $9 billion valuation. Fast forward to 2023, and the company was valued at $360 million, a vast difference from its initial valuation in 2019. At the end of 2023, WeWork filed for bankruptcy. Although they are still currently operational, the future of WeWork is unclear.

WeWork Customer Reviews

We scoured the web to find out how real users rate WeWork. We’ve found some reviews to give you an overall picture of WeWork from customers’ perspectives.

WeWork Praise

Nice locations and easy app. The design of the locations, IT facilities, flexibility and availability of the locations around the world. In some cases and some locations are great on the events and promotions they bring to their users. That’s a key if they want to differentiate from other coworking businesses.

– Juan S., G2 10/02/2023

Wework is amazing. Wework has helped our organization expand, and grow. With great locations everywhere, Wework has been an asset to us in so many ways. We’ve received excellent customer support both online, and on site. Thank you Wework.

– MMV Universal, Trustpilot 9/31/2023

WeWork Complaints

I have been a WW member on and off for 3 years. The experience has not been good: poor customer service, confusing and contradicting messages from staff, poor hygiene and dated facilities. The worse part is they don’t know how to handle genuine complaints.

– Abdullah, Trustpilot 12/23/2023

HORRIBLE service! Continue charging us thousands of dollars after having been released from our contract with them. Was impossible to get our deposit back, we had to file disputes with our credit card company and now they continue charging our credit card monthly for the deposit (?!) even though we have no business with them. Nightmare – find another place if at all possible!

– Leigh B., BBB 6/17/2023

What Does The Future Hold For WeWork?

Young workers playing games in a coworking space.
Work hard, play hard thanks to unconventional work spaces that allow for both.

Despite all of this, some real estate investors and analysts expect a bright future for WeWork if they can overcome their issues. With the end of the pandemic and the desire for hybrid working, the demand for flexible working spaces is beginning to pick up again. Ronald Max, a strategic real estate investment advisor, recently stated, “I see substantial growth in their future.” Time will tell.

At the time of writing, not long after the bankruptcy filing, the future of WeWork is unclear. Recent reports suggest that Neumann is interested in buying the company. However, this might not sit well with current shareholders and investors. Watch this space.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our readers still have many questions about WeWork and their workspace solutions. If you don’t see yours below, ask about it in the comments, and we’ll find the answer.

Is WeWork Worth It?

WeWork is an excellent option for individuals or groups looking for space solutions, but it’s not without concerns. They offer modern and well-equipped spaces to meet business needs and a collaborative space to meet coworkers and network with other professionals. WeWork offers excellent customer service and an intuitive app that makes the process smooth and easily accessible. However, their pricing is higher than their competitors, and comparing pricing for their larger spaces is challenging.

Why Did WeWork Fail?

WeWork is still in business, and it hasn’t completely failed yet. In a nutshell, WeWork filed for an IPO, which revealed numerous failures. From there, it has suffered various blows, and its future is hanging in the balance. Questions like “Is WeWork profitable anymore?” or “Is WeWork going out of business?” are at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s not clear, but it is trying to turn things around.

Should I Use WeWork?

If you’re thinking about using WeWork, you need to remember that their future is presently uncertain. Although they are currently in operation, this could change at very short notice. At this time, especially if you need a long-term solution, I recommend using another company until their future is more certain.

What Is The Desk Size At WeWork?

There is no mention on WeWork’s website regarding their desk sizes. But after some research, I found a WeWork furnishing catalog that suggests they have two desk sizes: 24″ x 48″ and 30″ x 60.” If the size of the desk is important to you, please specify this before signing up for a membership.

Can I Cancel My Membership With WeWork?

Yes, but although you can cancel your membership at any time, there may be additional fees to consider. It’s essential to review their cancellation policy and terms of service as there may be potential fees and restrictions that apply to cancellation.

Are There Any Hidden Costs Associated With WeWork?

There are additional costs for extra benefits and amenities beyond the essential services in your chosen plan. But as far as our research shows, there are no hidden costs. However, the WeWork website isn’t always clear about its pricing structure, so it’s essential to obtain quotes before you sign any contracts.

How Does WeWork Compare To Other Coworking Spaces?

If there’s not a WeWork within convenient distance from you or you’re looking for better options, don’t miss our coverage of the best coworking spaces this year.

Think you might give WeWork a go? Or perhaps you have used their services and want to share your experience. Let us know in the comments below.

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