Best Coworking Spaces (2024): Alliance Virtual Offices vs Regus vs Servcorp vs Davinci vs Impact Hub vs WeWork vs The Yard & More

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Man working on a laptop at a coworking space with people walking behind him.
Coworking spaces are a fun place to escape the home office and collaborate with others.
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Working from home can be lonely and unproductive for freelancers. Working from coffee shops can be noisy and overcrowded and more hassle than helpful. Having an office can be expensive and time-consuming for business owners, and you might need offices in multiple cities. If you live in a larger city, you might see these shared workspaces popping up on every corner. That’s because there’s an increasing need for shared office space as the number of people adopting hybrid schedules continues to rise.

Thanks to the growing number of coworking spaces, consultants, entrepreneurs, and full-time employees have a convenient, affordable place to go on a per-use or regular basis. These spaces come equipped with everything you’d expect at an office, like printing, coffee, a break room, WiFi, conference rooms (and even games.)

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What Is A Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a shared workspace that you can rent by the day or purchase a membership and have access to regularly. Spaces range from virtual offices (mailing address only) to common desks (first come, first serve) to having a permanent, desk. You can even rent a private office for a small group and an entire floor for a big team. They vary in amenities and price.

Most have a communal area, meeting conference rooms, phones, faxes, printers, and a break room, similar to a regular office. However, some come with additional perks, including coffee, beer, snacks, and events like happy hours, massages, workshops, game rooms, etc. Some offer access to other resources, including office personalization, fitness suites, and networking opportunities.

According to a Global Workplace Analytics (GWA) study, 58% of the US workforce works under a hybrid schedule, meaning they work in the office and elsewhere, either at home or in a shared workspace. GWA also states that 80% to 90% of the US workforce would like to telework at least part-time.

Top 10 Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer all of the advantages of an office, without the stuffy cubicles, annoying co-workers, or feeling of needing to clock in and out daily. Here are some additional reasons companies and consultants use them:

  1. Have a quiet, professional space with technology capabilities (conference line, AV equipment) for meetings.
  2. Get the support of office staff (receptionist, IT, security, package delivery) without salaried employees.
  3. Focus on your business instead of real estate, cleaning services, office supplies, utility bills, rent, and paperwork.
  4. Move into a turnkey-ready office space with furnishings provided.
  5. No ongoing overhead costs like purchasing and maintaining equipment.
  6. Easily add more desk space as you scale in size or locations and cut back when needed.
  7. Short-term commitments and month-to-month options allow you to try out different spaces.
  8. Physical and mailing address for your business for packages, meetings, and marketing purposes.
  9. Flexibility to have an office in different cities or neighborhoods (or work on the move.)
  10. Network with other freelancers and professionals and gain access to valuable resources for your business.

Check out this video about hybrid working in the US and how it can benefit you, your work-life balance, and the company you work for.

What Are The Best Coworking Spaces?

Many towns around the country have local coworking office spaces. But, for the sake of this review, I only explore those that might appeal to the largest audience. Since businesses have different needs, I have chosen the “best” based on the types of businesses each company serves well. 

Best For Startups And Entrepreneurs: Alliance Virtual Offices Review

Alliance Virtual Offices logo 250.

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Alliance Virtual Offices isn’t as well known in the coworking space market as Regus or WeWork. However, they offer similar startup services for a lower cost, which is why I have chosen them as the best for startups, entrepreneurs, or those with a smaller budget. Coworking spaces can start from as little as $99/month. As a smaller company with fewer locations, Alliance Virtual Offices regularly offers discounts to encourage new members to join.

I like how the website is simple to navigate, and all the costs are transparent. This isn’t the case with some other coworking websites, which require you to contact them for prices. However, prices are only available once you have selected a specific location, which can be time-consuming for individuals looking to compare offices and prices.

Alliance Virtual Offices was originally called ABCN Virtual. Today, it offers virtual offices, virtual phone numbers, live receptionist options, meeting rooms worldwide, and coworking spaces nationwide. Although its website states “month-to-month” plans are available, some options go on to state that there is a six-month charge agreement, during the sign-up process. So, the initial description of a “month-to-month” option can be slightly misleading.

After scrolling through some options, I noticed Alliance reuses office photos for different locations. This means the office you get might differ from the one you think you’re getting. The staff on the live chat confirmed that some owners reuse photos, although the layout of the offices and booths are similar. If office space specifics and layout are essential features, take a tour of the office before signing a contract.

Alliance Virtual Offices do not currently have coworking spaces in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, or Arkansas.

Lower starting costsMinimum 6-month term for some services
Prices are readily availableNot all photos are of the actual office
Offers a full range of servicesThere are not as many coworking spaces as other companies
Some services are available on monthly plans
Website is simple to navigate
Offer regular discounts


  • Coworking Spaces. From $99/month.
  • Virtual Offices. From $49/month.
  • View all options.

Best For Business Travelers: Regus Review

Regus logo 250.

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With over 4,000 locations worldwide, Regus is the largest provider of flexible workspaces in the world. Regus was founded in 1989 by an English businessman on a company trip who noticed the lack of space available to work while traveling. With the highest number of coworking space locations, I have chosen Regus for business travelers who are on the go and looking for a polished, professional work setting. Or those without the need for a built-in community.

Regus offers a variety of coworking membership plans that give you access to all locations. You can also rent meeting rooms of all sizes by the hour for training and interviews without a monthly contract. With so many options in so many places, you’ll never be short a seat, no matter where you work from.

I like that Regus offers a business lounge membership that is ideal for travelers. This gives you a spot to work in multiple spaces in airports, train stations, and city centers around the globe. The lounge option is cheaper than the more formal coworking spaces and starts from $109/month. This is excellent for workers looking for a space away from their homes without the extras. However, this is an informal lounge-like room without desks, etc. So this is not suitable for everyone.

Regus appeals to many for the high number of locations, professional feel, transparent website prices, and more. However, they also have a relatively poor reputation for customer service beyond the local level. If you’re looking for quality customer service every time, Regus might not be the option for you based on many online reviews.

Largest coworking space companyCustomers complain about poor customer service
Over 4,000 locations worldwideHigher cost than some providers
Start-from prices are readily available online
Largest coworking space company
The website is simple to navigate
User-friendly app available


  • Coworking Spaces. From $269/month.
  • Private Desk. From $89/month.
  • Virtual Office. From $45/month.
  • View all options.

Best For Executives: Servcorp Review

Servcorp logo

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Servcorp has been around for nearly half a decade, providing flexible workspace for executives who’ve come to expect the finer things in life. From stunning views of skylines in high-rise suites to soundproof rooms, unlimited premium coffee, tea, and fruit water from the self-service cafe, marble countertops, and world-class art, Servcorp is the first-class option for flexible working environments. This is why I have picked it as the best option for executives.

Servcorp has over 150 locations worldwide, including prestigious real estate spots in most major US cities. These premium offices include the 85th floor of the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan and Canary Wharf in London.

They’ve invested heavily in sophisticated technology that allows you to book meeting rooms from their app and integrate your smartphone with their plug-and-play presentation and conference phone systems. These are provided with fast, reliable connections and full-service IT support. You’re sure to impress your clients and make a good first impression with Servcorp.

Servcorp’s prices are transparent and easy to find, which is always a massive tick in my books. Their unlimited coworking spaces start from $134. Although IT support is available, it is chargeable on a pay-as-you-go basis. They employ a minimum of two bilingual secretaries at any time, which is a great option for some global companies. One of the main criticisms from customers is that it takes a while for staff to respond to their emails.

Premium coworking spacesUsers suggest customer service is slow
Access to IT support
Unlimited coffee, tea, and fruit water
Prices are clear on the website
Employs bilingual secretaries
Available app


  • Coworking Spaces. From $134/month.
  • Dedicated Desk. From $400/month.
  • Virtual Office. From $168/month.
  • View all options.

Best For Virtual Office: Davinci Virtual Offices Review

Davinci virtual office solutions logo 250.

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Davinci provides virtual corporate services and prime addresses for businesses. What makes Davinci stand out is its ability to offer a wide variety of solutions for businesses without having a physical office. These include a call answering service to secure package handling, mail delivery, live web chat, and more. Virtual office services are Davinci’s primary focus, which is why I have selected them in this category. They have over 1,500 virtual office locations worldwide.

Davinci also offers coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and other in-person services. They offer thousands of coworking spaces worldwide, making them another contender for traveling business people. All locations are in corporate-style buildings and include a receptionist to greet clients and guests (and manage solicitations) for an extra cost. Additional features like business directory listings on the exterior (and/or in the lobby), mail forwarding, printing, faxing, notary and catering services, and more are available for an extra fee.

Although the initial fee of creating a virtual office is low, the add-on services can become pricey quickly. Some of these services are necessary, such as mail handling and forwarding. The primary complaint about Davinci from service users is that they are not transparent with their costs. Although Davinci could be clearer regarding the additional fees, all the prices are on the website.

Variety of virtual servicesAdd-on services can be pricey
Thousands of coworking spaces worldwideNot clear on all fees
US offices are quick to set upComparison of locations not simple
Modern offices and tech
Low start-up costs


Davinci Virtual Office Review

If you are curious about what a virtual office address could do for you and your business, head over to our comprehensive Davinci Virtual Office review for more in-depth information.

Best For Non-Profit Organizations: Impact Hub Review

Impact Hub logo

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Founded in London in 2005, Impact Hub is a global group of members focused on making a positive impact in over 80 cities around the world. The company aims to unite a community of do-gooders and peers in action-oriented and “social good” fields. Impact Hub gives them access to capital, funding opportunities, and a platform for promoting services and products so they can scale.

They believe in the power of numbers and that together, they can do more to create change than alone. Join and get listed in an online directory of local members and a digital community board. Becoming a member gives you access to their 110+ global hubs worldwide. Plus, you’ll receive complimentary tea and coffee and storage and mailbox options. They also offer annual memberships at a discount.

You can rent full offices at some locations if sharing a coworking space doesn’t meet your needs. The main criticism of Impact Hub as a coworking space is that there aren’t as many locations as other providers. The spaces are often busy, and some find it difficult to concentrate. I found it tricky to compare prices as each hub has an individual website offering different services with various amenities. However, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a coworking space with like-minded individuals.

Coworking service aims to contribute to communitiesNot as many locations as other providers
Meet like-minded and charity-focused individualsDifficult to compare prices
Over 110+ worldwide locationsOnly 7 hubs in USA
Access to every location
A variety of services are available


Other Coworking Options

There are many coworking options to consider that didn’t fall into my “best category winners.” So, if the above options don’t work for you, here is another option.

WeWork Review

WeWork logo

Visit Website

WeWork is one of the most well-known players in the coworking space. This company has an extensive network of startups and tech companies geared toward the younger generations with some unique perks. In addition to all the benefits of a traditional coworking membership (like printing, WiFi, conference rooms, workshops, coffee, etc.), some locations offer access to training, workshops, pet-friendly places, and games rooms. They provide a creative environment that encourages collaborative thinking.

WeWork offers various options, such as open coworking spaces with common desks, private offices, dedicated desks, and full-floor company takeovers. It has over 630 locations worldwide, and over 215 of these locations are in North America. The prices for full-floor offices and event spaces aren’t available on their website.

I haven’t included WeWork in any of the best categories because, currently, their future is uncertain. Although they are still in business, WeWork filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2023. There are suggestions that the once-exiled CEO is looking to buy WeWork. WeWork offers great office locations, but if you’re seeking long-term coworking solutions, I recommend considering a WeWork alternative until their future is clearer

Many locations worldwideFuture is uncertain
Modern offices and techPricing not readily available
24/7 customer serviceClaims of an unfriendly atmosphere
App available
A wide variety of plans


  • Coworking Spaces. From $199/month.
  • Virtual Office. From $89/month.
  • View all options.

WeWork Review

If you want to learn more about WeWork and the services they offer, check out our comprehensive WeWork guide. It includes information about their potential downfall, WeWork alternatives, and more.

Regional Coworking Spaces

These coworking spaces are popular in their respective geographic locations. For that reason, they didn’t make the top list but are worth sharing if you happen to be in one of these areas. Here are a few recommendations and quick reviews for the best geographic-specific coworking spaces.

NextSpace (California) | Workbar (Boston) | The Yard (East Coast)

Pacific Workplaces’ NextSpace Review (Mostly California)

NextSpace logo

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With 15 locations in California, NextSpace (acquired by Pacific Workplaces) has provided coworking spaces to the Golden State since 2008. The company also has locations in Las Vegas and Phoenix, and more locations are coming soon. Based in Santa Cruz, NextSpace caters to the growing tech and startup community around Silicon Valley. In addition to unlimited printing, a physical mailbox, endless coffee, and fast WiFi, they offer entrepreneurial programming, a member-only login area, member meet-ups, and weekly happy hours. Their pricing is reasonable and gives access to all locations for those who work throughout the Cali coast.


  • Coworking Spaces. From $139/month.
  • Dedicated Desk. From $249/month.
  • View all options.

Workbar Review (Boston Area)

Workbar logo 250.

Visit Website

There are 12 Workbar locations in and around Boston, with more locations in the pipeline. They host regular events for members and non-members alike and offer free office supplies, mail and storage services, and snacks from their in-house cafes. These additions contribute towards the higher monthly fees. But this is a great choice for those looking for modern spaces with amenities. In addition, their Framingham office has a podcast studio available to hire for $75/hour.


  • Coworking Spaces. From $399/month.
  • Dedicated Desk. From $699/month.
  • View all options.

The Yard Review (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC)

The Yard logo

Visit Website

With locations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC, The Yard is perfect for those doing business on the East Coast. The company is based in Brooklyn and has ten locations, most of which are in the New York City area. Additional features of The Yard are a rotating art exhibition and access to a fitness suite in some locations. The Yard offers modern, bright, upscale spaces and studios, and includes printing and beverages in their plans.


  • Coworking Spaces. From $300/month.
  • Virtual Office. From $75/month.
  • View all options.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that some of our readers still have questions about the best coworking spaces and which one is the most suitable for them. If you don’t see your question below, let us know in the comments, and we’ll find out.

What Makes A Good Coworking Space?

A good coworking space is one that meets your business needs, so only you can answer this. Look for a space with a good reputation, in a commutable location, and offers the right services for you. It also has to be within your budget. Do you need access to an events space? Or perhaps a private booth? Whatever your needs, make sure they are available before signing a contract. A good coworking space can heighten your business’s success, for sure.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Coworking?

Some individuals find that coworking has a few disadvantages, but what is a disadvantage to some might be an advantage to others. Like me, many people find coworking spaces busy and too distracting. But for some, the buzz and interaction with like-minded individuals gives them focus. There are security concerns and a lack of privacy to consider, too. Others find the fees are not worth it.

What Is The Largest Coworking Network?

The largest coworking network is Regus. It is the longest-running coworking space company and has the most locations worldwide, so it is the first choice for business travelers and global companies. If you’re thinking about Regus vs WeWork, or Regus vs Alliance Virtual Offices, remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Some of the lesser known options or your local coworking spaces might be more suitable for you.

The Best Collaboration Tools For Your Coworking Space

Thanks to portable technology and modern communication, teams can work from virtually anywhere. And thanks to coworking spaces, your team now has a flexible and fun workplace. Want to make sure your business is prepared to make the transition? Read our reviews of online collaboration tools, online time clocks, and video conference software. And, of course, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

Have you experienced a coworking space? How was it? Let us know in the comments!

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