Emma Braby

Emma has been a freelance writer for over seven years and has written for many media outlets on various topics. Emma spent several years traveling Europe while working for a wealth management company managing her client’s portfolios. Before becoming a freelance writer, she graduated with a BA in Criminology and became a Police Officer in the U.K. for almost a decade. She enjoys researching and writing about business, online safety, and other hard-to-understand topics. She likes to help her readers navigate the latest technology and other online tools to help them and their businesses flourish. When she is not writing, she enjoys exploring nature with her toddler and two rescue dogs, crafting, and traveling.

Emma Braby
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Mention Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Personal Experience, & More

Are you looking for a powerful social media monitoring tool to boost your online presence? Perhaps you’d like to track your social media mentions more effectively. Mention could be the answer you’re looking for. Mention is a comprehensive social media monitoring tool that is becoming a popular choice for businesses. I explore Mention’s key features, the app, and frequently asked questions. I also examine Mention’s pricing structure and the pros and cons to help you decide if it is the best tool for you within your budget. Eager to find out more? Let’s take a closer look.

Mention Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Personal Experience, & More Read More »

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Ahrefs vs Semrush: Which SEO Tool Will Get You Better Results?

Picking the right SEO tool for your needs can be tricky. I compare Ahrefs and Semrush, two hugely popular options. They are some of the best, but which is the best? Both can boost your site’s SEO capability, but a few differences might make one option better for you. I delve into their core differences and most important features and give them a quick spin to help you decide who wins the battle of Ahrefs vs Semrush.

Ahrefs vs Semrush: Which SEO Tool Will Get You Better Results? Read More »

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Prowly Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Personal Experience, & More

Prowly is a software tool that helps individuals manage all aspects of their PR campaigns in one centralized platform. From creating impressive pitches and targeted email campaigns to having access to over 1 million contacts, Prowly is a great tool. Several companies offer this service, but Prowly is one of the better-known in the PR arena. But does that mean they are the best at what they do? I review Prowly to find out. So, if you’re ready to improve your PR game but are unsure how or which service to use, this guide is for you. I review Prowly’s key features, pricing structure, and more. Plus, I show you how I got on step by step after giving it a spin. Let’s look at what Prowly offers its customers and help you decide if it’s the best choice for you and your business.

Prowly Review: Pros, Cons, Features, Personal Experience, & More Read More »

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My Davinci Virtual Office Review: Does Coworking Virtually Work?

Are you tired of spending big bucks on coworking spaces that you or your staff don’t really use? Or perhaps you’re looking to elevate your firm with a professional business address? If so, Davinci virtual offices could be the solution you’re looking for. They offer many of the benefits a traditional office provides without needing a physical office space. I look in-depth at how their virtual offices work, their services, and why they are gaining popularity worldwide. There are many reasons to take up the services of a virtual office. I explore all the benefits and drawbacks and take you through setting it up. And with personal experience, I can help you make an informed decision about whether it can benefit you and your business. Let’s take a closer look.

My Davinci Virtual Office Review: Does Coworking Virtually Work? Read More »

Overhead shot of young people working in a coworking open office space.

WeWork Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Personal Experience

If you’re searching for a dynamic and flexible workspace solution, WeWork is one of the leading competitors offering coworking spaces for workers and entrepreneurs. Since their inception, they’ve been revolutionizing the concept of coworking spaces and offering hybrid workers an alternative to their cramped spare rooms and noisy cafes. However, a recent WeWork scandal has sent shockwaves through the business world. Is WeWork still viable and all it’s cracked up to be? Are they one of the best coworking space options for you and your business? I cover all this and more in my comprehensive WeWork review. I explore their locations, pricing plans, competitors, customer service, and more. Plus, I delve into the WeWork scandal and discover what the future has in store for them. Let’s take a closer look.

WeWork Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Personal Experience Read More »

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