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Track your brand’s online engagement and find out who’s talking about you with Mention social media monitoring tool.

Are you looking for a powerful social media monitoring tool to boost your online presence? Perhaps you’d like to track your social media mentions more effectively. Mention is a comprehensive social media monitoring tool that is becoming a popular choice for businesses.

I explore Mention’s key features, the app, and frequently asked questions. I also examine Mention’s pricing structure and the pros and cons to help you decide if it is the best tool for you within your budget. Eager to find out more? Let’s take a closer look.

Mention Review
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Product Name: Mention

Product Description: Mention is a social media monitoring tool.


Mention is a social media monitoring tool that allows individuals and businesses to monitor the web. It allows users to listen to their audience, track mentions, and manage their social media accounts all in one place.

  • User-Friendliness
  • Customer Service
  • Advanced Features
  • Pricing


  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Offers analysis and sentiment scoring.
  • Scheduled publishing.
  • Centralized engagement inbox.
  • Identify influencers.
  • Collaborative working tool.
  • Free trial available.


  • Advanced features only available in higher plans.
  • Only higher plans crawl all social platforms.
  • No pricing for Company Plan.
  • Some users suggest alerts don’t catch everything.

Consumer Reviews

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What Is Mention?

Mention is a social media monitoring tool that allows users to monitor their brand’s online presence. It also allows users to track mentions of their brands across various platforms and industry keywords in real-time. With Mention, not only can you improve your performance with data-driven decisions, but you can also respond quickly to positive and negative feedback.

Mention was established in 2012, and its headquarters are in Paris. Since then, it has served over 750 thousand customers across 125 countries and counting.

8 Key Features

  1. Track Topics In Real-Time. Real-time tracking capabilities allow users to stay up-to-date on conversations as they happen. The numerous filter settings allow you to focus on what matters most and avoid irrelevant noise. You can track this in the live feed or set up an alert to inform you of specific keywords, hashtags, brand mentions, or topics. Mention’s social media monitoring is its primary function.
  2. Comprehensive Analytics. Use the analytics feature to monitor your social media performance and anticipate consumer attitudes. Measure the success of your campaigns, the conversation volume, and your business’s share of mentions. The dashboard provides quick visualizations of these and your performance. You can also build custom reports to share with your staff, clients, or stakeholders.
  3. Influencer Identification. This feature can tell you who is talking about your brand and rank their influence over specific communities. Identifying influencers means you can collaborate with the right people and increase your community and success.
  4. Sentiment Scoring. Mention’s social listening capabilities alert you whenever your brand is mentioned. Each has a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment score. Whether your brand goes viral for good or bad reasons, you can share and spread the fire or put out the flames as quickly as possible.
  5. Social Publishing. Mention allows users to manage and schedule content across social media channels with a few simple clicks. Share relevant content based on insights and build your media presence. Mention’s caption generator is a big hit with users.
  6. Centralized Engagement. Receive all social media conversations across multiple channels in one place. This feature saves time switching between accounts, allows you to respond quickly, and avoids missing important engagements.
  7. Collaborative Working. Mention has many features that allow teams to work together. These include smart folders, tagged assignments, content calendars, and a shared inbox. You can also set up a content library, a great digital asset for content creation in a team setting.
  8. Simple To Navigate. One of Mention’s best praises is how simple it is to use, even for beginners. The interface is super simple to use, and the dashboard offers quick performance indicators and alerts. Check out this quick video about how to navigate Mention.

Mention Pricing

Mention has four pricing plans: Solo, Pro, ProPlus, and the Company Plan. Mention’s pricing starts at $41 monthly. Mention does not state how much their Company Plan is, which makes it difficult for big businesses to compare with other social monitoring tools. Prospective users must contact them for a quote based on their business needs. Let’s look at Mention’s plans and some of the key features.

Mention SoloMention ProMention ProPlusMention Company Plan
Price Per Month$41$83$149Contact For Price
Alert TypesBasicBasicBasic & StandardBasic, Standard & Advanced
Historical DataBlue checkmark
Customer SupportBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Dedicated Account ManagerBlue checkmark
All prices are per month but billed yearly.

What Social Platforms Does Mention Monitor?

Mention can monitor all social platforms, but you must have a Company Plan to listen to them all. As a standard, Mention crawls all forums, news, and blogs. However, if your business is heavily influenced by a certain social platform, this may determine which plan to subscribe to. Take a look at this table to find out what social platforms are included with which plans.

Mention SoloMention ProMention ProPlusMention Company Plan
RedditBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
X (Twitter)Blue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
InstagramBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
FacebookBlue checkmarkBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
TikTokBlue checkmark
YouTubeBlue checkmark
PinterestBlue checkmark
Radio & TVAdd-On
Review SitesUp To 5Up To 10Up To 20Custom
The Company Plan is the only option if you need to crawl TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or Radio and TV.

Mention Customer Service

Mention offers support to all users through their live chat or email. The live chat function uses a bot to answer questions in the first instance. I had the choice to speak to an actual human, too, and they replied to me within 10 minutes. In addition, users with the Company plan have access to a dedicated account manager. Online reviews consistently mention that customer service is responsive.

My Experience With Mention

Mention offers a free 14-day trial, and you don’t have to enter your credit card details. So, if you forget to cancel, you won’t be charged, which is a bonus if you’re slightly forgetful like me. I appreciate companies offering a free trial, as it is the only way to see if it fits your needs well. Although it is a great way to get to know the tool, there are limitations, so don’t expect to see the complete service.

Mention dashboard screenshot.
The dashboard is simply laid out and easy to navigate.

I love that the dashboard is clearly laid out and simple to use. As soon as I entered the site, I am greeted with performance charts and recent mentions. Plus, you can see unread messages from all your accounts in one box rather than spending time trawling through your individual inboxes. This is precisely what users want to see as soon as they log in.

Mention social scheduler screenshot.
Even though I don’t have any scheduled posts for that week, you can see how easy it is to keep up-to-speed with your scheduled posts or for teams to collaborate.

The Mention calendar is a fantastic tool for individuals and teams alike. Social media is about staying ahead of the game, so scheduling posts to go out is crucial to many businesses’ success. I also like how the content library and drafts are next to the calendar, so you can get right into your next post or continue with one you’ve already started.

Here’s what one of We Rock Your Web’s writers has to say about her experience with Mention.

What I love about mention is its simplicity. As the name suggests, its primary function is to monitor mentions of brands, so that’s its bread and butter, but they’ve added other social media publishing capabilities and other tools over the years. Like Prowly, I appreciate having the domain authority score, and like Brand24, I can see a preview of what was said. Its pricing is reasonable, too, so if you want something basic, I’d recommend Mention.

Sadie Cornelius, writer and researcher for We Rock Your Web, and Mention user.

What Do Mention Customers Think?

I scoured the web to find out how other users rate Mention’s social media monitoring tool. Based on recent Mention reviews, here’s a summary of what customers say. 

Customers are happy with Mention and their service. Users like that it’s a reliable and affordable social media monitoring tool that helps them observe their social media platforms. Many reviews focus on the user-friendly dashboard and how simple it is to use. Although there are a handful of comments stating that customer service is reliable and friendly, a few reviews focus on customer support being slow. Some users on the basic price plan felt they missed noteworthy mentions that should have been caught. Overall, there are more happy customers and positive reviews than negative ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our readers still have many questions about Mention and how it can improve their social media channels. If you don’t see yours below, ask about it in the comments, and we’ll find the answer.

Is Mention Worth It?

Mention is a one-stop shop for social media management, and some business owners feel it is definitely worth it. You can listen, analyze, and schedule, all within one app. The pricing is very competitive, and few brand monitoring tools offer plans for less than $50 per month. But remember that the Solo plan has limited features. Still, the ProPlus plan is relatively cheap compared to some other tools. Mention can improve your social media and online presence depending on your needs.

Is Mention The Best Tool For Social Media Monitoring?

This depends on what you need from a social media monitoring tool. Mention is a great tool for crawling all social media platforms, receiving alerts about specific keywords, analyzing data, and sharing it via reports. However, some users comment that the reports on keywords and other data aren’t always as accurate as their competitors. But some seasoned professionals state that it is just as good. The price point for the Solo, Plus, and PlusPro plans are great compared to some of its other competitors, such as Hoot Suite. The only negative I can see is that there is no price for the highest plan, which makes comparing it with other tools difficult.

What Sources Does Mention Monitor?

Mention crawls almost all popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok. It also crawls extensive sources across the web, including news, forums, blogs, and review websites. If it’s worth looking at, Mention does. However, only the higher plans allow you to listen to all social media platforms.

Does Mention Have An App?

After speaking to an actual human on the live chat function, I was advised they no longer have a Mention app. However, you can use the software on any device to view your inbox.

Other Options To Manage Your Social Media

If you’re not convinced that Mention is your best option, check out our comprehensive guide on the best brand monitoring tools. Compare different features and prices, and discover which brands are the best for categories such as small businesses, enterprises, advanced analytics, and more.

Do you think you might give Mention a go, or are you considering using another social media tool? Maybe you have used their services and want to share your experience. Let us know in the comments below.

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