Best Business Internet Providers (2024): AT&T vs Comcast vs Cox vs Frontier vs Verizon & More

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Searching for the best internet service provider (ISP) for your small business can be a daunting task. What do you need to consider when choosing a provider (assuming you have options in your area)? How much data and speed do you need?

I’ll answer these and many other questions to hopefully make your search a bit less confusing for this essential service your small business needs. And, of course, I’ll give you my reviews of the best internet providers for businesses, with our focus on small business needs.

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What Factors Do I Need To Consider?

A close up of a wireless router on top of a box with internet cords.
There are a number of factors you should keep in mind before you commit to an internet provider.
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Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide on an internet service provider (ISP) for your small business.

What’s Available In My Area?

In this article, I’ve included ISPs with some of the most widespread coverage in the U.S. However, depending on where your business is located, you may not have many options. With all of the ISPs I review here, you can go to their websites and enter your zip code to determine availability.

What’s The Best Type Of Internet Connection For Reliability?

Again, you may not have many options depending on your location, but here’s a brief breakdown of the types of internet connections you may need to consider.

  • Fiber Optic: Delivers internet via fiber-optic cables. It’s by far the fastest and most reliable delivery method. However, coverage nationwide is more limited than other types.
  • Cable Broadband: Cable delivers internet via copper coaxial television cables and has widespread coverage nationwide. It’s faster and has lower latency than DSL, but speeds can slow during peak usage times because the bandwidth is shared with neighboring users.
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): DSL delivers internet via copper phone lines and has widespread coverage nationwide. It has higher latency and lower bandwidth than cable. DSL is typically the only wired internet option in rural areas.
  • Satellite: The only non-wired internet delivery system, satellite is often the only option for extremely remote, rural areas. It’s typically not as fast or reliable as DSL or cable.

What Internet Speed Is Good For A Business?

Some ISPs give you guidance on the number of employees and devices to consider for their plans, but many don’t. So, I’ll give you a general guide on what to look for with speed. If you only have a few employees and devices, you could operate sufficiently with 100 Mbps (megabits per second) speeds. Ten employees or more using the internet regularly will increase your speed needs to 250 Mbps or likely more.

But the number of users and devices you have is only one factor to consider when choosing the speeds you’ll need. You also have to consider the types of internet activities your business uses. A lower speed is fine if all you need is email and web browsing. But you’ll need to bump up your speed if you have large file downloads or use web conferencing or cloud-based applications.

How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?

Often speed and bandwidth are used interchangeably with internet plans, but there’s a difference between these two terms. Technically, the term bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you can use with a plan, while speed refers to how fast you can download or upload data. These days, most ISPs give you unlimited data, but some don’t, so pay attention to data cap requirements.

Do I Want To Bundle Internet & Phone?

All of the ISPs in this article offer bundled packages for business phone and internet service. In many cases, this can save you some big bucks. A bundle lets you streamline all network and calling needs without the hassle of multiple installations. It also allows you to manage your services from one account and have only one company to contact for support.

Most ISPs give you the option of landline phones or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Essentially, VoIP is a phone service delivered through your internet connection, but it also includes mobile features, instant messaging, web and video conferencing, and more. Learn more in our reviews of the best VoIP services.

Side-By-Side Comparison Table

ProviderPrice/MonthSpeedConnection TypeMin. ContractJ.D. Power Rating*
Verizon$69-$249200 Mbps to 2 GigFiber1-2years828
AT&T$70-$285300 Mbps to 5 GigFiberNone813
Spectrum$64.99-$164.99300 Mbps to 1 GigCable/Fiber HybridNone781
Frontier$69.99-$129.99500 Mbps to 2 GigFiberNone768
Viasat$159.99150 MbpsSatellite2 yearsN/A
CenturyLink$55-$75100 to 940 MbpsDSL, FiberNone792
Comcast$49.99-$349.9950 Mbps to 1.25 GigCable, Fiber1-3 years784
Cox$50-$190100 Mbps to 1 GigCable, Fiber1-2 years788
*Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Rating for Small Business (based on a 1,000-point scale)

Best Business Internet Providers

I chose my top picks based on several factors, including coverage/availability, speeds, variety of plans, reliable uptime, pricing, customer support, and more.

Best For Customer Satisfaction: Verizon Business Review

Verizon logo.

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J.D. Power has ranked Verizon as #1 for small business customer satisfaction for the past five years in a row. Verizon offers three different internet connection types with multiple speed options for each. If you’re in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions (metro areas of 8 states), be sure to check out their fiber-powered Fios Business Internet.

FioS is optimal for companies requiring a lot of file downloads, video conferencing, transactions, and online data backup. Plans start at $69 per month for 200 Mbps and max out at a generous 2 Gig for $249 per month. All plans have symmetrical speeds, and the two higher-tier plans include WiFi router rental fees. With all plans, you can bundle Fios business internet with a Digital Voice Line for an extra $20 per month.

You have other options if fiber isn’t available in your area. The company also offers secure wireless internet plans with Verizon 5G Business Internet and Verizon LTE Business Internet. The 5G plans include 100 Mbps ($69/mo), 200 Mbps ($99/mo), or 400 Mbps ($199/mo). The LTE plans give you 10 Mbps ($69/mo), 25 Mbps ($99/mo), or 50 Mbps ($199/mo). All of these plans include data caps but don’t require a contract.

Our Personal Experience with Verizon Fios

We switched to Fios for our home office internet service after having Comcast, and we’re so glad we did! Comcast had constant outages and spotty connections in our area (not to mention terrible customer service), but we’ve never had any issues with Fios’ speed or service in more than two years. The technicians who helped set everything up were very friendly and the process overall was very pleasant. 

Sadie Cornelius, Home Office Internet User, In Charge Of Creative & Marketing at
Competitive pricing for the big industry playersMost plans require minimum 2-year contract to get the best pricing
Reliable uptime and good customer serviceEarly termination fee of 35% of your remaining balance (much better than Comcast and AT&T, though)
Fios speeds up to 2 GigLimited fiber coverage
Highest J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings (for small business) in the industrySecurity and static IP addresses are additional fees
Price-lock guarantees
Will cover up to $1,500 in early termination fees when switching to Fios from another ISP
30-day money-back guarantee (on a 2-year term)
5G and LTE wireless plans available
BBB rating: A+

Verizon Fios Business Internet Pricing

Fios 200$69200 Mbps
Fios 500$99500 Mbps
Fios 1 Gig$1991 Gig
Fios 2 Gig$2492 Gig
*Max speeds are for wired not wireless internet service

Best For High Speeds: AT&T Business Fiber Review

AT&T logo.

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In 2023, J.D. Power’s Business Wireline Customer Satisfaction Study placed AT&T in first place with large enterprises and medium-sized companies and second place for small businesses. AT&T promises a 99.9% uptime and offers contract-free plans, extremely competitive pricing for high speeds, and some perks. Its five fiber internet plans start at $70 per month for 300 Mbps and max out at a whopping 5 Gig for $285 per month. The higher tier plans are a fantastic deal compared to most other ISPs.

All AT&T business fiber internet plans include strong security with anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a firewall, as well as a WiFi router with no equipment fees. They also offer internet and phone bundles for businesses. AT&T fiber is constantly expanding and is now available in 42 states in select cities and metro locations.

If fiber isn’t in your area, AT&T also offers Wireless Broadband plans starting at 25 Mbps for $75 per month per line. Another option for small businesses is AT&T Internet Air for Business, a 5G wireless internet connection that starts at $60 per month (speeds unlisted). However, keep in mind that these options have data caps.

Our Personal Experience With AT&T Internet

AT&T was a disaster of a company when we were on mobile service with them (the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced), but they are even worse with their Internet. After not showing up at all for our installation appointment, they came out a second time and messed up the installation. I thought, if they can’t even get the installation right, what will the service be like? And then they failed to protect consumer data and suffered a massive data breach. I avoid AT&T at all costs now.

Alex Schenker, Small Business Owner, CEO/Co-Founder of
Very competitive pricingSeveral complaints that speeds aren’t consistent throughout the day
Wide variety of fiber plans, all with symmetrical speedsSome customers report problems with technicians
Reliable uptime
No annual contracts
Up to 5 Gig fiber speeds
AT&T ActiveArmor and WiFi Gateway included in all plans
Free installation
Static IP address and internet backup available (added fee)
BBB rating: A-

AT&T Business Fiber Internet Pricing

Business Fiber 300$70300 Mbps
Business Fiber 500$100500 Mbps
Business Fiber 1 Gig$1701 Gig
Business Fiber 2 Gig$1852 Gig
Business Fiber 5 Gig$2855 Gig
*Max speeds are for wired not wireless internet service

Best For No Contracts: Spectrum Business Review

Spectrum Business logo.

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If you don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, Spectrum Business, a division of Charter Communications, is a fantastic option for its month-to-month plans with no early cancellation fees.

Although Spectrum’s internet-only business plans are a bit pricey, they include some perks like a domain name, custom email addresses, a modem, and a security suite for up to 25 devices. Spectrum also has several discounted bundles for internet coupled with RingCentral VoIP, Business Voice, Mobile for Business, and more.

A unique offering, Spectrum will buy you out of another ISP’s contract (up to $1,000) to cover early termination fees. However, to qualify, you must purchase two or more of its business services. Spectrum serves select areas in 41 states with the most widespread coverage in Ohio, New York, and North Carolina. It’s available to an estimated 30% of the U.S.

Our Personal Experience With Spectrum

My experience with Spectrum Internet (at various speeds, from 200 Mbps up to 1 Gig) is that although they are pricey and don’t have amazing customer service, the connection is solid, and when we did have problems, they came out and fixed things. 

Alex Schenker, Small Business Owner, CEO/Co-Founder of
No contract required and no cancellation feesOnly has cable/fiber hybrid, not 100% fiber
Competitive pricing for discounted bundlesSpectrum raises monthly rates after 12 months
Speeds up to 1 GigLess than stellar customer service user feedback
Will buy you out of existing contracts with other ISPs (must install 2 different services)Many customer complaints about poor reliability and billing, cancellation problems
All plans include free email, modem, a domain name, and security suite
Static IP address and wireless backup available (added fee)
30-day money-back guarantee
BBB rating: A+

Spectrum Business Internet Pricing

Business Internet$64.99300 Mbps
Business Internet Ultra$114.99600 Mbps
Business Internet Gig$164.991 Gig
*Max speeds are for wired not wireless internet service

Best Budget-Friendly: Frontier Business Review

Frontier Business logo.

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Frontier is a great low-cost option for small businesses that don’t want to sacrifice speed, with fiber plan pricing starting at $69.99 for 500 Mbps. Every plan includes free installation and a WiFi 6E router. Frontier is available in 25 states with the most widespread coverage in the Great Lakes states, the Southeast, and the Southwest. Unfortunately, the company is notorious for poor customer service and falls below all the other fiber/cable business ISPs in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction ratings.

Still, it offers fast speeds at very competitive pricing, particularly for its fastest plan that gives you 2 Gig for $129.99 per month. Also, Frontier has several affordable add-ons which small business may need. These include SmartVoice VoIP, RingCentral (app for messages, phone calls, text, and more), Secure Pro (security software for 35 devices), Internet Backup, and more.

Good budget-friendly fiber plansOnly available in about 50% of the U.S.
Competitively priced business internet and phone bundlesSecurity suite not included
Fiber optic speeds up to 2 GigPoor customer service reputation
No contract required
Static IP, VOIP, and other add-ons available
BBB rating: A-

Frontier Business Internet Pricing

Frontier Business Fiber 500$69.99500 Mbps
Frontier Business Fiber 1 Gig$94.991 Gig
Frontier Business Fiber 2 Gig$129.992 Gig
*For the first 12 months with Auto Pay
**Max speeds are for wired not wireless internet service

Best For Rural Areas: Viasat Small Business Internet Review

Viasat Exede logo.

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Viasat is the country’s second-largest satellite internet service provider and a good option for small rural companies that don’t have access to cable or fiber ISPs. It’s important to know that all satellite internet services have limited speeds, have latency issues, and are more expensive than cable or fiber. Viasat offers speeds up to 150 Mbps, but these can vary depending on your location. It also includes built-in WiFi, three static IP addresses, and free installation.

While the business plan has unlimited data, it still has a soft cap. According to Viasat, when “usage exceeds what we anticipate for a typical business user (1,000 GB), we may reduce your priority during times of congestion, which may result in slower speeds.” Viasat also offers an internet backup plan for other customers to have in place for outages or natural disasters.

96% national coverageExpensive for low download speeds
Reliable uptime with low latency (for satellite internet)Very slow upload speeds
Speeds up to 100 Mbps nationwide (150 Mbps in select areas)Requires a 2-year contract with early termination fees
3 free static IP addresses Many complaints about poor customer support
Free equipment installation
BBB rating: A

Viasat Business Internet Pricing

  • Business Choice 150 Mbps/Unlimited: $159.99 per month
  • Business Backup Choice 50 Mbps/50 GB: $49.99 per month
  • Phone & Internet Bundle: must contact for pricing

What About CenturyLink, Comcast & Cox?

Be sure to read our reviews of these other popular business ISPs that may provide service in your area.

CenturyLink logo.

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One of the country’s top five largest residential internet providers, CenturyLink offers widespread DSL coverage for small businesses but speeds max out at 100 Mbps. And pricing is higher than average, starting at $55/month. However, unlike many other ISPs, you can opt for a month-to-month plan.

A much more reliable option, CenturyLink’s Business Fiber plan gives you speeds up to 940 Mbps at an affordable $75 per month. You can also bundle the Fiber plan with Voice Services, which starts at $95 per month — you have the option of a traditional landline or Connected Voice VoIP. CenturyLink offers fiber internet in select cities across 17 Western and Midwestern states, as well as Florida.

Our Personal Experience With CenturyLink

I used CenturyLink for my home internet for a few years in two separate homes. I primarily used the internet for work, general web browsing, and streaming movies and shows. Upon signing up, CenturyLink gave me a discount on my monthly bill for a set period. After that timeline was up, they’d increase my bill. I’d call each time this happened, and they’d give me a lower price. It was frustrating that I had to call in, but I was glad this was even an option. 

At the time, CenturyLink was more reliable than the other most popular provider in my area, Mediacom, but it still had its headaches. I experienced a few outages with CenturyLink a year, typically lasting several hours. Now, my city has fiber, which I’m signed up with, and it’s much better. It offers higher speeds, lower prices, better customer service, and barely any outages. 

Kimberly Alt, Home Office Internet User And Writer at
Affordable fiber planDSL speeds only up to 100 Mbps
No contracts or early cancellation feesLimited fiber coverage
Installation fee and WiFi equipment included (fiber plan)Security suite not included
Discounted internet & voice bundleMany complaints about poor customer support
Static IP address available (added fee)

CenturyLink Business Internet Pricing

Simply Unlimited Business (DSL)$55100 Mbps
Business Fiber$75940 Mbps*
*Max speed is for wired not wireless internet service

Comcast Business Review

Comcast Business logo.

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Comcast, the well-known residential cable and internet provider, has a variety of business plans to suit almost any small businessTheir cable broadband coverage is widespread and uptime is reliable. However, Comcast’s pricing is high compared to many ISPs. They also require a minimum one-year contract, and you’ll need to commit to three years for the best pricing (which is still pretty high).

All business plans include standard WiFi and Comcast Business SecurityEdge to keep your devices secure and bug-free. They also have decent internet and phone bundles and add-on mobile, TV, and backup plans. Comcast is available in 41 states with the greatest coverage in the Mid-Atlantic, North Pacific, California, Florida, and Illinois.

While I don’t have a Comcast Business plan, I’ve worked from home for over 10 years with a family of high-internet users. I’ve had Comcast throughout this time, and I’ll say, I had major problems with this service years ago, but Comcast has definitely stepped up its game in terms of reliability within the last 2-3 years. I have high speeds and nearly no downtime or latency now. However, customer support is still seriously lacking.

Reliable uptime guaranteeHigh pricing
High speeds for cable up to 1.25 GigRequires a minimum one-year contract
All plans include standard business WiFi and SecurityEdge (scans for threats every 5 min.) Early termination fee of 75% of your remaining balance
Free installationLimited fiber coverage
Automatic 4G LTE internet backup and battery reserve for up to 16 hours (add-on fee)Poor customer service reputation
30-day money-back guarantee
BBB rating: A+

Comcast Business Internet Pricing

Comcast offers a wide variety of pricing based on where you live and contract length. Below are a few examples to give you a general idea. Note: I’ve seen pricing go as high as $349.99 per month for its Gig plan. You’ll need to run a quote for your address to get exact pricing.

Essential$49.9950 Mbps1 year
Standard$79.99 or $69.99100 Mbps2 or 3 years
Performance$109.99 or $99.99250 Mbps2 or 3 years
Advanced$139.00500 Mbps3 years
Premium$159.99750 Mbps3 years
Gigabit Extra$199.991.25 Gig3 years
*Max speed is for wired not wireless internet service

Cox Business Review

Cox Business logo.

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Cox offers cable broadband and limited fiber-optic plans for businesses. Pricing depends on where you live, with plans starting around $50 for 100 Mbps and getting increasingly expensive compared to many ISPS. Most plans include cellular internet backup and a 60-day free trial of Cox Business Complete Care (on-call IT support for all of your business tech needs).

Cox also offers several internet bundled plans that allow you to add cybersecurity, cloud backup, landline phones, VoIP, TV, and more. Cox only serves select areas in 19 states with the most widespread coverage in Arizona, California, Kansas, and Virginia.

Cable and fiber download speeds up to 1 GigLimited national coverage
Most plans include cellular internet backupHigher than average pricing
Variety of plans to choose from, including many bundled services Most plans require 2-year contract, which auto-renews
BBB rating: A+Business WiFi is an additional fee (unlike most ISPs)
Several complaints about poor customer service

Cox Business Internet Pricing

I ran quotes for Cox’s business internet plans in Virginia Beach, Va., an area with widespread Cox coverage.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Internet 100$50100 Mbps12 months
Essential Fiber Bundle 300$85300 Mbps24 months
Essential Fiber Bundle 500$130500 Mbps24 months
Essential Fiber Bundle 1 Gbps$1901 Gig24 months

Cable Broadband

Business Internet 100$50-$65100 Mbps12 months or 1 month
Essential Bundle 300$80300 Mbps24 months
Essential Bundle 500$130500 Mbps24 months
Essential Bundle 1 Gbps$1901 Gig24 months

Need VoIP Or Added Security?

If you’re not sure you want to bundle internet and phone, be sure to read our article about the best VOIP services, which includes optimal options for small businesses. And even though some of our top ISP picks in this article include security software, you always want to make sure you’re taking extra precautions. So check out our article on the best VPN services for small businesses to learn more.

Which internet provider are you leaning toward for your business? Let me know in the comments!

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