Apr 12 2012

Homeless Hotspots Cause Controversy

Texas Company experiments with Jobs for the Homeless

Wifi hotspot experimentWith the economy in such poor shape, you would think that people would be praising any company that offered anyone a way to make money in a legal manner. A company that offered such an option with no skill requirement involved would be hearing their praises sung, right? And if such a company offered homeless people a way to make some money without panhandling, but by actually providing a service that required nothing more from them than to do what they normally do, wouldn’t they be satisfying bleeding hearts to no end? No. In fact, such a company would apparently be flooded with negative feedback...  read more »

Feb 22 2010

Drupal ECommerce : Ubercart and Paypal

Want the Full Drupal ECommerce Solution?

One thing that's made ECommerce setups difficult has been the disparity between the different elements that make it work. A successful ECommerce setup will have a merchant account, payment gateway, shopping cart, and website that all work in tandem....  read more »

Nov 24 2008

Paypal error: Sorry - your last action could not be completed

Unable to pay with Paypal all of a sudden?

Many, many users on the Internet are currently experiencing the frustrating

Sorry - your last action could not be completed

error when they try and submit payment with Paypal. This happens whether they're trying to buy a stuffed animal on the world famous auction site Ebay or a set of flowers from the local mom and pop online flower store...  read more »

Feb 20 2008

We were unable to decrypt the certificate id

Paypal payment buttons not working?

The error We were unable to decrypt the certificate id has become quite common recently.  We show you how to resolve this code to get your Paypal buttons working again.  read more »