Sorry, Your Paypal Last Action Could Not Be Completed

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Kid frowningMany, many users on the Internet are currently experiencing the frustrating Paypal sorry your last action could not be completed error when they try to submit payment with Paypal. This happens whether they’re trying to buy a stuffed animal on the world-famous auction site Ebay or a set of flowers from the local mom and pop online flower store.

And where is it coming from? As far as we’ve learned, it’s an error that is being triggered by Paypal internally as a result of one of their upgrades. For you ecommerce site owners/ online merchants out there – it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong.

How do I make the error go away?

We can’t fully confirm this, but it appears that the problem lies with Paypal payment pages loaded in frames. In other words, if you’re clicking a Paypal payment button on a page that resides within another page (via a frame), then Paypal doesn’t like it and blocks the payment request. We surmise this could be as a result of a recent security update or something similar. Until we know more, the workaround for this problem is to open the payment page in a new window. If you’re an online shopper, you can accomplish this by simply right-clicking the Paypal payment button and selecting “open in a new window.” The exact method to do this varies by browser, but they all offer it. Once the Paypal payment page loads in the new window, it should work fine.

For those of you that are running your own online stores, and your Paypal payment page currently resides in a frame – you will need to add code to force the payment page to open in a new window when the user clicks on it. You want to add the following attribute to the anchor link that calls the payment page:

<a target=”_blank” href=”…”>Buy Now</a>

This will effectively bust the payments page out of the frame and open it in a new window.

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Thank you! This worked!
Can somebody tell me how to fix it another way because I get this message when I log into Paypal and it will never go away. I can’t call Paypal because I’m at work when the lines are open and on the weekends they’re closed.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
So sorry to hear this. At this time these are the only solutions we have. If we find another solution we’ll be sure to notify you. Is there any way you could call over one of your work breaks to Paypal?
I know you asked 7 months ago, but for everyone else the following worked for me:
Try changing browsers. I was using Chrome with no luck, used Firefox and it worked.
I’m trying to buy a Humble Bundle, Humble Bundle’s Paypal button is neither right or middle clickable. *Sees that the last post was 2 years ago*

Well, then this will act as a confirmation to anyone who will visits this site that Paypal never fixed this.

Make sure the <form>…</form> that points to Paypal for your item isn’t inside <table></table> tags, and make sure that there is nothing else between <form></form> tags that’s non-PayPal.



I lost thousands of dollars in revenue because people could not place and order through Paypal on my website…

IT IS BECAUSE PAYPAL updated its code without telling anybody…
Cause they stink…
changes to

That’s the fix dang gone it…

Tell me how that works…… I’m Mr. T.

Same problem. Can’t log in. An attempt to log in sends me to a password change page. If I follow it, it sends me to “your last action could not be completed”, and then back to the pw change page.

I can’t even email them through their contact link because guess what? I need to be signed in to contact them and I can’t sign in because it keeps sending me to the password change page. WHAT THE HELL.

Hi everyone,

I have my site with an iframe, inside of which resides another website, over which I have no control. That site runs Paypal and has problems. How do I overcome this problem by adding some html to my site (to my iframe)?



Alex Schenker
You probably want to contact whoever is in charge of the Paypal powered website running in your iFrame and make them aware of this issue. As a rule of thumb, we recommend against running an entire website within an iframe.

Ivo Yotov
Safari requires that the user specifically clicked a “submit” button. Meaning that you can not use any javascript onload events to submit the form and redirect the user to page. There are 2 workarounds (at least these worked for me):

1. add <input type=”submit” value=”Click here to proceed”/> right before the closing </form> tag.

2. change your form method to GET instead of POST (<form method=”get”…) – not recommended but still, works for me.



a web rocker
Getting totally pissed of with paypal errors lately. Can’t tell if the transactions are complete of not.

Useless.Use payza instead more reliable.

Hi, there seems to be a lot of people saying how to fix it from a user point of view, but I’m a designer and can’t really tell all visitors to my site to just allow cookies or do some other thing… My site doesn’t use frames and I’m still getting the error… Do anyone have a definitive fix from a dev point of view? Many thanks!! 🙂

Sadie Cornelius
Because cookies are required for this to work (for security reasons), there is no working fix that will allow users to bypass cookies. At this point it’s up to Paypal to update the error message being thrown and make it more instructional/helpful for the user.

Meanwhile, on your end, you could post a note on your Paypal checkout pages giving users step by step instructions on requirements for a successful checkout experience (ie. clear cache, allow Paypal cookies).

Hope that helps!

a web rocker
I was having the same problem multiple times and here’s how I solved it.

If you are experiencing this problem with PayPal, instead of going to your eBay page and making your payment from there just log in to your PayPal account from the PayPal home page and then choose the ‘send money’ option. From there choose goods and eBay. Then you will be forwarded to the eBay page from PayPal. Just go ahead and put your eBay username and password. Then you will be seeing your unpaid items page and just continue with the payment.

It should go through. It worked for me for multiple occasions.

And don’t forget to come back and tell us if that worked.

Good luck!

I had tried this multiple times and it still doesn’t work for me. I am getting frustrated. There’s no point of me having this account opened if I can’t use it. Please help!!!!

Lawton Dickens
I am seeing this page when I click on “overview” or when I log into Paypal. Also pasting the link does not work either. I called Paypal and they said they were looking into it already but they couldn’t fix anything. They also found that if I copy the link straight from my Paypal account, it still will land on this PayPal error page.

I emailed them a while ago to tell them this was happening to me, and they didn’t know why. It happens to me on Firefox no matter what I do, but on safari if I clear my cache and open Paypal it will usually work the first few times I try to access the site. Then I need to clear the cache again, or close safari entirely and re-start it. It’s especially annoying because I run an online store and need to access Paypal to print my shipping labels. The “open in a new window” doesn’t work for me. Even if I log in directly to Paypal — not clicking on a third-party link — I still get that error message.

I had URL forwarding on, and it was messing up my PayPal button. I used an onLoad javascript to “break frames”. Works now!

Hi All,

My website has been developed on OScommerce. I am using the WPP PayPal module and I suddenly start getting the Paypal “sorry – your last action could not be completed” error for my website. Any help from a web rockin’ expert or someone who had this problem will be much appreciated.

Please note – I didn’t make any change to the script.

Please help!

We added the code to “break out” of the frame but we are still getting blocked by Paypal. How can we paste the code into the source code of Web Easy 7?

It had nothing to do with frames. It seems to be a cookie thing. Don’t bother clicking the logo or trying the logout button, it won’t work.

The solution, in Firefox, is to click Tools/Options…/Privacy/Show Cookies.

Then enter “Paypal” in the search box.

Then select all of them and click “Remove Cookie”.

Then close out of all those option windows (Close/Cancel).

Then Paypal will work again.

You saved me. Thank you. Your directions were perfect and it worked just as described! Thanks again.

Thanks for this post. I deleted my PayPal cookies and the issue is fixed. Apparently, PayPal is either not aware of the issue or broke the cookies functions while trying to fix something else. *grin*

This worked for me, after trying just about everything else! Thanks! It’s on Safari btw..

I’m using Opera v10.60

i manage a site and i just came across this problem (site is not using frames). Long story short i tried it with internet explorer and all works fine.

So I know that

* My web site is not using frames
* It’s not something within the form element that’s causing this problem
* I tried to make opera identify/mask as internet explorer (didn’t work)
* Cookie accepting/etc settings are all fine. (not 100% sure if it actually makes any difference for Paypal)

The solution was rather trivial.

* I had another opera tab opened where i was logged in to my Paypal account. (even though the session timer must have ran out hours ago as I forgot about it)
* Anyway. Clicking the logout link on the Paypal page explicitly solved the problem. The “Checkout With Paypal” form button now works.

I just thought I’d share this in this post as it just happened while I was trying to find a solution. However, I haven’t yet tried it with other browsers. Being logged in in one tab/window of the same browser while trying to checkout might cause session conflict ESPECIALLY if you’re logged in as the seller in the Paypal page while trying to test-checkout from your own site.

We Rock Your Web
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience and solution in Opera. Hopefully this will benefit other Opera users 🙂

Try adding target=”_top” as well

I was having the same problem on a solar led flashlight e-commerce site I am developing. I tried everything that everyone was suggesting and could not fix. I finally fixed the error by re-installing Internet Explorer.

I tried signing in but get that “sorry – action could not be completed error” crap…I followed the directions and still have the problem. I even contacted them via their contact thingy and the automated person is completely USELESS!!! Like I don’t know my log in info!!

I was having the problem until I added to trusted sites in internet options, security….it is the only change I made and it worked. Hope it helps.

worked for me!

I can’t even login to Paypal to pay my Paypal credit card bill not alone see if I have cash in my account. WTF

Hey everyone; It’s not PayPal’s fault, it’s the built-in security in the Internet Explorer i-frame implementation. PayPal doesn’t have any control over this “feature”.

The solution is to add ‘target=”_top”‘ to your <form> tag. This will cause the PayPal site to open in the top-level frame, instead of inside the frame/iframe.


When I try to make a payment using Paypal I receive the following error.

We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the “Ask Seller a Question” link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at

Any Suggestions?

I am having this exact problem. I’ve got 5 unpaid items on eBay. I’ve contacted Paypal and we were unable to resolve it. I had better contact eBay next. I’ve contacted the sellers. I hope they don’t think I’m flaking! I was first paying via iPads app, then I went to Safari and tried, same thing.