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Still stuck in the pre-digital dark ages when it comes to faxing? Need to sign and send a contract but got rid of your fax machine years ago? Us too! Despite our reliance on email and voice communication, there’s still a demand for paper transactions.

Online faxing services can provide this document exchange while taking advantage of the speed of technological data transmission. While sending online faxes is easy (and less expensive than using a physical fax machine), choosing an online faxing company that meets your needs can be difficult. Below we take a look at some of the most popular online fax services and how they can best serve your faxing needs.

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RingCentral Review


Visit Website | Call: 855-492-8844

After reviewing a number of the most popular fax services, we found RingCentral to be the best of the best for online faxing service. RingCentral offers a good value for the price at $12.99 per month and an allotment of 750 incoming or outgoing faxed pages.

Ring Central offers both international faxing and 24-hour customer support. Pair this great value with their 30-day free trial plan and you simply cannot go wrong! If you don’t like it, you can cancel with no contractual obligation.



  • Good value for features you get
  • Allows for 30 email addresses for faxing
  • Easy setup and user-friendly (no setup fee)
  • Average number of faxes per month (750 total)
  • 24-hour customer support via live chat, phone and email
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • Digital signatures
  • International faxing available
  • Integrates with software (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Allows for scheduled fax delivery
  • High security encryption
  • No phone support for starter level price plan
  • Some consumer complaints about customer service quality


  • 30-day free trial
  • $12.99 per month: 750 faxes; overage is 5.9¢ per page
  • $17.99 per month: 1,500 faxes; overage is 4.9¢ per page
  • $49.99 per month: 2,500 faxes; overage is 3.9¢ per page
  • $39.99 per month; unlimited faxes (starting price; call for more details)
  • $4.99 each per month: additional fax number
  • $30 one-time fee for additional 800 and vanity numbers

MetroFax Review


Visit Website | Call: 888-321-3121

MetroFax comes in at number two for our best online fax services. With a comparable price and number of faxes allotted each month to our number one pick, RingCentral, MetroFax comes out ahead with a low $.03 per page overage charge.

So, what kept them out of the top spot? Their features don’t match what you get with RingCentral, namely three potentially important capabilities — scheduling faxes ahead of time, digital signatures and the limitation of only five email addresses allowed for faxing. But if these options don’t matter to you, take a close look at Metro Fax — and try them out with their 30-day free trial!



  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • Low overage fee at $.03 per page
  • Intuitive interface and easy setup (no setup fee)
  • Flexible number of faxes per month (up to 500, whether incoming or outgoing)
  • International faxing capability
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • High security encryption
  • Good integration with apps/software
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Only allows for 5 email addresses for faxing
  • No digital signature capability
  • Can’t schedule fax delivery ahead of time


  • 30-day free trial
  • $7.95 per month: total of 500 faxes per month (any combination of incoming or outgoing)
  • $12.95 per month: total of 1,000 faxes per month (any combination of incoming or outgoing)
  • $35.95 per month: total of 2,500 faxes per month (any combination of incoming or outgoing)

Nextiva Review


Visit Website | Call: 855-614-4984

Nextiva is the most affordable online fax solution making it a great option for those looking for basic online fax service. With no setup fee and 500 incoming and outgoing faxes for less than $5 per month (if you sign up for the annual plan), Nextiva is great value for those not seeking international faxing and 24-7 customer support. But, if you are new to online faxing, you may find the limited customer support to be an issue.



  • Least expensive plan we found (if you pay annually)
  • Easy setup and user-friendly (no setup fee)
  • Large number of faxes per month (500 total)
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • Overage per page ($.03) is lowest we found
  • Known for great fax quality
  • Allows for scheduled fax delivery
  • High 256 SSL security encryption
  • Only allows for one email address for faxing
  • No international faxing capability
  • No digital signatures
  • Doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service


Pricing starts at $10 per month per user.

What Are The Advantages Of Email Fax vs Traditional Faxing?

Even in our modern digital age, faxing is still a necessity for some. PC World highlights the continued need for faxing in the 21st century. But digital faxing is just as reliable as traditional faxing – it uses the same technologies (ultimately sends the fax through a phone line after processing), and uses the speed and all the capabilities of the web to bring you consistent faxing service.

The main differences between traditional faxing and online faxing via email are:

  • Simplicity – If you know how to use your email, you’ll have no trouble using an email-based fax system.
  • Reliability – Email faxing systems are always online – they’re never busy or out of paper.
  • Affordability – Email faxing services are very affordable, with plans starting at $4.95 a month.
  • Mobility – You can use email fax services from any location that has Internet access – whether you’re at home, at work or on the road.
  • Eco-Friendly – Since online fax services do not require paper or new bulky equipment, they offer a greener option and create more sustainable business practices.

Check out this video by our number one pick, RingCentral, which does an excellent job illustrating how online (and mobile) faxing actually works.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing An Online Fax Service?

There are many specifications to consider when choosing an online fax service; these include pricing, fax quantity, international faxing needs and customer support among other things. In the comparison table below we will look at the limitations and features of different online fax companies to help you decide which company is best for your needs.

Comparison Table

Best Online Fax Service Comparison TableDue to the size of this online fax service comparison table, it is being placed on a separate page so that you can reference it more easily. Take a look at our online fax comparison table (or click on the image on the left) for feature details of the companies and services that we review in this article. We will continue to add to this table, and article, to provide more companies for comparison.

Other Best Online Fax Services

We’ve reviewed some other popular online fax services for you. Click one of the links below to jump to a service you’re interested in.

eFax | | MyFax | RapidFax

eFax Review

eFax logoVisit Website

eFax has grown to become one of the largest online fax companies around; however, at $16.95 a month, it’s the most expensive service reviewed here. eFax justifies this price premium by offering state of the art features including a smartphone app, digitized signature capabilities and large file sharing. eFax is an excellent service — if you have the budget for it!



  • Large file sharing capability
  • Supports digital signatures
  • International faxing capability
  • 24/7 customer service
  • High 128 SSL level security encryption
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • Most expensive monthly price we reviewed
  • Setup fee of $25 for higher plan
  • Costly overage fee of $.10 per page
  • Only allows for 5 email addresses for faxing
  • Lower number of faxes allotted per month than most (150 in and 150 out)
  • Can’t schedule fax delivery ahead of time
  • Very limited integration with apps/software


eFax offers a 30-day free trial and 2 months free with an annual subscription.

  • $16.95 per month: 150 faxes in and 150 out
  • $19.95 per month: 200 faxes in and 200 out

Fax.Com Review

Fax.Com logoVisit Website is a basic online faxing service that is $9.99 a month for 300 faxes, but their overage rates (when you exceed your plan page count) of $0.12 per page is among the highest we have seen. Mobile alerts, fax scheduling, and 24-7 customer support are not available with this plan.



  • Allows unlimited email addresses for faxing
  • Good number of faxes per month (300 in & 300 out)
  • International faxing capability
  • High level security encryption
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • Higher end of price range with monthly cost at $9.99 and fewer features than more affordable services (and only one pricing plan)
  • Highest overage we reviewed at $.12 per page
  • Setup fee of $9.99
  • No digital signature capability
  • Can’t schedule fax delivery ahead of time
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • No free trial offer


  • $9.99 per month: 300 faxes
  • $9.99 setup fee
  • $9.99 per additional fax number

MyFax Review

MyFax noboVisit Website

MyFax is a reasonably priced online fax service with a solid customer service reputation. If you are looking for a reliable and well-supported service, then you may want to consider the MyFax service. International faxing and easy computer integration are just two of the added benefits of this online fax service.



  • User-friendly and easy setup (no setup fee)
  • International faxing capability
  • 24/7 customer service (excellent ratings by consumers)
  • Good integration support with apps/software
  • Can fax from iPhone and Android
  • High security encryption
  • Higher end of price range at $10 per month and fewer features than more affordable plans
  • Overage is on high side at $.10 per page
  • Only allows for 5 email addresses for faxing
  • You only get 100 outbound faxes but 200 inbound (with lowest plan)
  • No digital signature capability
  • Can’t schedule fax delivery ahead of time
  • Some users report unreliable faxing service and outages


  • 30-day free trial
  • $10 per month: 200 faxes in and 100 out
  • $20 per month: 200 faxes in and 200 out
  • $40 per month: 400 faxes in and 400 out

RapidFax Review

RapidFax noboVisit Website

RapidFax was one of the first online faxing companies. If you are looking for the most recent “technological advances” such as mobile notification and fax scheduling, then RapidFax might not be the best fit, but it does offer international fax capabilities and other great faxing capabilities at a good price.



  • Easy to use interface and setup (no setup fee)
  • Unlimited email addresses for faxing
  • Good number of faxes per month (300 in & 300 out)
  • International faxing capability
  • High security encryption
  • On high side of pricing per month at $9.95 with fewer features than more affordable services
  • Overage fee of $.08 per page is on the high-end of pricing
  • Doesn’t support digital signatures
  • Can’t schedule fax delivery ahead of time
  • No ability to fax from mobile devices
  • Limited integration with apps/software
  • Limited customer support hours


Deciding Which Online Fax Company Is Right For You

Deciding which is the best online fax service for you involves considering just a handful of features. The first thing you should always do is outline your budget. Unlike a number of other services, there is not a considerable price gap between online fax services.

However, there is a difference in the number of faxed pages received for each pricing plan. So after setting your budget, you should determine what type of volume you will need per month. If you are a high volume company, then you should go with the service that offers the most faxed pages for the plan price. It is also important to consider, however, that there is a price per page for faxing overages.

If you are a large volume company that is likely to go over budget on faxes per month, then you should consider the value of a monthly pricing plan and the faxed pages limitation in addition to the cost per page for additional pages faxed. Larger companies will also want to think about the ability to send and receive from more than one email address.

Multinational companies will likely need a fax company that supports international service. Lastly, it is important to consider any additional features that you may require from online faxing such as unlimited storage, fax storage duration and 24/7 customer support (especially if your office works off-hours from standard business hours).

Upgrade Your Technology Or Stay Old School?

Now that you’ve read about which is the best internet fax service, you might be convinced that faxing is the way to go. But if you’re looking for something a little more tech savvy, check out these online signing services for safely and securely filling out documents and sending forms that require signatures. Finally, if you choose to keep it really old school you’ll need a phone line, so get a cheap 800 number.

Which online fax service helps you communicate in our paperless, digital age?

Disclaimer: This website contains reviews, opinions and information regarding products and services manufactured or provided by third parties. We are not responsible in any way for such products and services, and nothing contained here should be construed as a guarantee of the functionality, utility, safety or reliability of any product or services reviewed or discussed. Please follow the directions provided by the manufacturer or service provider when using any product or service reviewed or discussed on this website.

Sally has coupled her passion for writing with her (slight) obsession for the latest high tech gadgets. While she’s not daydreaming about the beach, she’s taking advantage of all the activities her hometown has to offer in the Blue Ridge foothills.

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Chris S
Hey Sally. Good post. But I noticed you don’t have Foiply on your list. I’ve tried many services and I have found them to be very reliable. My business does quite a bit of volume and we need high quality rendering and deliverability. For the casual user I’m sure those other services will suffice though.
It’s weird I didn’t find PopFax in this list. To my mind it is one of the best online fax services I ever used. Is it a commercial article?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We will consider adding PopFax in our next audit of this article. Thank you.
Thank you for taking into consideration my opinion.
Thank you
Nicole Jefferson
I can also recommend online faxing from Popfax, it is easy to use, highly reliable, interface friendly and with their mobile applications you can receive/send faxes directly from your smartphone.
This is by far one of the best services out there. Think about it. How many small businesses still need to send out hundreds of faxes each month? In reality, most small businesses are sending out emails instead of faxes. However, there is still the occasional need to send out faxes. That’s why these services are such a great service for small businesses and sole proprietors to have. Instead of investing in equipment and wasting paper, all employees have to do is log-on and send their fax with a couple clicks of their mouse. If an employee can send an email, they can use this service.

As someone who works from home, I do have the occasional need to fax important documents, but it’s extremely rare. In my opinion, it just makes sense to use a service where I pay per fax or even a service that offers so many free faxes per month. Not to mention that I love the ease of this service. There’s no worrying about setting up a fax machine when I change computers or remembering to buy more paper.

I think small business owners should look into this option and choose a company that meets their needs.

I was looking for an online fax service a few years back and I tried Efax. It was an alright service, but I was not very savvy about using it to its full potential, so I probably missed out on quite a few things. Then again, I do not really fax all that often, so I did not feel the need to spend the time to really try and figure out how the service worked and how I could really get the most out of it. I think they had a free trial offer at the time or something, so I decided to give it a shot. I don’t really have any complaints about them at all. I guess if I needed an online fax service now I would probably go back to using them because it was not a bad experience or anything.

I was reading the Efax review and got a good laugh out of the fact that they have apps for phones. I was not laughing at the company. Rather, I was laughing at the fact that technology has come so far that we are actually reading a fax from a cell phone. I mean, if you are faxing from your cell, you must be one busy person!

Using an online fax service is so much more convenient than not using one. I know I have been able to simplify my business quite a bit by using an online fax service. My main problem is record keeping. I get my work done and then I have to put everything away. It is not that I am lazy. I am just extremely busy and filing faxes at the end of the day just for the sake of keeping records is not really what I want to be doing, especially when I have a computer in front of me that is supposed to make my life easier.

I decided to try out an online fax service a couple of years ago and I have never regretted it. I don’t even have to print my faxes out if I don’t want to. I just look at them and click the right file to put them in. This method has reduced my paper use significantly. And, at the end of the day my filing is already done, so I do not even have to worry about putting things away.

In case you’re wondering, I also used an online backup service. Even if my entire system shut down, I would still be able to get my faxes and other data that I have stored. It took me a while, but I am getting more organized!

I honestly can’t imagine why any company would continue to use in-house fax machines. Not only does the company have to pay for ink and paper, but it often leads to many employees standing in line to use the machine. Online fax services clear up many of the problems of traditional fax machines. They are easier and quicker to use and more eco-friendly. However, not all online fax services are a good fit for each business. There are many businesses who send out hundreds, sometimes thousands, of faxes each month, while others only send out a few. This means that a good company will have a price plan that takes those numbers into consideration.

I was happy to see that many of these services were extremely affordable. Any small business could easily afford to try out this service, especially since many companies offer a free trial period. While it can be a learning curve for some individuals, most people who know how to send an email will quickly learn how to use an online fax service. This means that it’s easy to incorporate into your business without worrying about employee confusion. However, it wouldn’t hurt to give a brief presentation on how the system works.

For years I said I was going to get a fax service. I kept putting it off and telling myself it really was not worth it, but every single year, without fail something would come up at least once that required me to go and find someone who had a fax machine or fax service. The prices they charge are ridiculous too. Some people charge $5 to fax one page. For rates like that, and the amount of as it cost me to get to the place in the first place, I should have just gotten a fax service right off the bat. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and wasted time.

I know I could just buy a fax machine myself, but I really don’t want to bother. I don’t even want a phone line in my house, so if I bought a machine it would mean paying the cost of a phone line just so I could use it. I much prefer the fax service. I am not big on maintenance and I like to keep thing uncluttered, so the less office devices I have to deal with, the better off I am. I much prefer to let them worry about things like that and me just use the service when I need it. It keeps my life as simple an uncluttered as I like for it to be.

I recently bought MyFax for my computer based small business. The amount of time and money this company has saved me is priceless. This program is super convenient and easy to use. I would highly suggest it to anyone starting a business or even to the average person who happens to fax a lot.

This unique facility lets you receive voicemail as email attachments and your service provider gives you space on their server to save your faxes online, thereby extending an opportunity to save the clutter on the desk. I have been using Superfax and it has made my office work smooth and convenient.

I started using online faxing applications about five or six years ago when I bought my first printer-scanner-copier device and had the capability to scan documents and send via email. From there, it just made sense that faxing would soon go the way of the Dodo.

I cannot remember which service I used first, but most recently I have signed up for a subscription to the MyFax website and was assigned a number through them. I rarely, if ever received faxes but I did use it to send a fair amount of documents in my time with them.

By and large, my experience with the MyFax service was relatively positive. The interface is quite simple and intuitive so there was little confusion about how to get the service to work. Generally speaking, the service worked exactly as I would expect it to.

The only complaint I had with the website and the service it offered is that it gave me little assurance when a fax was successfully sent. This may have been fixed since then, but I know on a couple of occasions, I found out faxes failed too late.

Has anyone heard of HelloFax within Google Drive? I heard something about Google Drive having a free fax service called HelloFax or something like that. Is that true? And if so, how does it work? Does it contain all the features (send, receive, notifications, file formats, etc.) of the above mentioned companies such as MyFax or eFax?

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated web rockers! 🙂

That is something that is so rare these days. I mean to actually have people answering the phones past 10pm West Coast time? To be honest, I’ve never heard of a web company that actually offers support past 10pm on the East Coast of the United States, so something like this is unheard of. I’m actually tempted to call them and see if the people that are answering the phones are American. I’m sure they couldn’t afford that though, and I’m not against qualified foreigners answering the phones. I have had some pleasant experiences with foreign customer services agents. However, I’ve had some experiences that were pretty terrible too, if you know what I mean.

It does sound like RingCentral does of the best all around support. Thanks for the information. Oh, and now that I read more deeply, it looks like they also offer support 24/7. What’s going on with these fax companies? I mean why aren’t more companies doing this? I wonder if it’s something that is unique to fax companies because they serve so many businesses, but other companies serve businesses too. That is weird.

I’ve seen a few people mention free services. My concern is free fax services can sometimes be quite limiting in terms of flexibility. If I sign up to a subscription-based service like – they are secure as well as flexible – they are HIPAA-compliant and provide extra levels of security which you can’t necessarily guarantee with free services.

In my opinion MyFax is the best online fax service. I’ve been using it for years and have been very pleased with their customer service and rates. As with all of our services, we are re-evaluating them for the new year and thus I found this article. The comparison chart makes it very easy to see all the different services, costs and features. Although they are comparable in price and features it’s good to know that some services like MyFax differentiate themselves with the best customer service, which is important. Are there any free services out there that you know of? Not that $10 a month is a bad deal though if you do a lot of faxing.

I have actually been faxing for quite a while online. There were always sites that were free of charge that would show me ads when I faxed something or that would send an advertisement page along with my fax. Now I think I’m going to switch to one of these services when I want to fax online.

With the free services, I do worry that they are selling my information to third parties. And I also worry about the security of my fax. One of the reasons that I use faxing is because email is not secure. So when you have to send documents into someone like bank statements or even copies of your ID or W2 forms for jobs and things like that, it’s always best to fax. Thank you for rating these companies. A lot of times, I will search in Google and a company comes up. I will then search for reviews . Your website really helps me because I can skip that tedious step. Most reviews aren’t very good and don’t help me much. Yours are always useful. They’re also well organized, easy to read and understand.

Andrew M.
i went with because they were the cheapest around. I don’t like wasting paper and printing out faxes I don’t need. Most of the time I don’t print my faxes out because I use the document editing tool to modify/sign/return my important faxes. Very easy to stay organized since all my faxes are saved. I also like the request a signature feature which allows me to send documents to my clients so they can sign online and return faxes faster than normal. It is nice knowing I don’t have an important fax waiting at the office since I receive faxes right to my email. In my opinion, I think faxitfast has the most friendly UI as well. Hope this helps.

I had no idea that online fax service was even an option, much less that there were several prominent companies competing for my business. Now that I do know, the whole concept of online fax service makes total sense. If people are making calls over an internet connection and sending online messages or chatting face-to-face, why use a traditional fax line for receiving documents? I was even surprised at how cost-effective these services are.

I do not have my fax machine hooked up at the moment (I have one of those printer-scanner-copier all-in-one machines that has a fax function on it that is not hooked up), but I am thinking that it would actually be worth it at this point. I have to send and/ or receive faxes one or two times per month at the very least, and taking my business to a copy shop can get expensive really fast. One twenty-page document can cost more than twice as much as an entire month of online fax service! After looking at the review, I am leaning toward RingCentral because I like the security reputation in addition to the other features.

a worker
Myfax is crap. They just lost all our fax archives. Is that what they means for infinite storage?? CRAP!

I’ve been using PrintaVision for my faxing online.They only charge .99 cents, and no pay per month fees.

I am using internet fax service for a long time and I’d like it more. There is a Free Trial without the need of providing you credit card nr. Receiving faxes is for free and unlimited, but sending them is just 0,05 EUR/page. It’s pretty easy and reliable to use their fax to email service. There are also new options.

MyFax online faxing is great, they had very knowledgeable and helpful support and are affordable. I’ve been with them for over 3 years now and have yet to experience any kind of major fax failure. This is in stark contrast to the crap I went through with our physical fax machine (through fax/phone line) in the office.

I found a site that broke down all the different providers out there in detail internet fax reviews which in turn helped me to make my decision. I compared this site to that site and both lead me to choose myfax 🙂

If you think you are paying too much for your online fax service, check out Onesuite unlimited incoming fax service for only $1 a month.

Or it’s prepaid send and receive fax service for only $2.95/month plus 2.5c per page sent.

Fax Service 100% Free UK Only! Collect Your Free Fax Number Today.