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Cell phone with dollar billsHaving your own toll free 800 number for clients to call is less expensive and easier to setup than you may think. And it’s more professional for your business too. Here at We Rock Your Web we have used the Kall8 Toll Free Number Provider for years, and haven’t had any problems. Our 800 call volume is not terribly high, but we do get a regular schedule of calls to our toll free number. In addition to a small monthly fee ($2), we only pay when a call is made. Finally, you can setup forwarding to further minimize your 800 call costs. Learn more about the features of Kall8 in our review below complete with pricing info.

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What Types of Toll Free Numbers Can I Get?

Typically, you can get anything from 800 numbers, to 866, 877, and 888 numbers. You can then opt for a random string of numbers, or, for a premium, a vanity number, repeater number (with many repeating digits), or simply a premium number that is easy to remember (i.e. 800-123-4567). In our experience, Kall8 provides some of the best toll free number availability and options out there. They offer a very competitive pricing schedule and we’ve been unable to find a more affordable toll-free number provider that also provides good customer service and call reliability.

Looking for a Reliable and Cheap Toll Free Number?

Let’s face it, the 800 phone number business is very lucrative. And, like most businesses, there’s plenty of outfits there that charge outrageous prices for their toll-free numbers given their costs are so low. Not so with Kall8. In fact, their lowest monthly fee (for an 888, 877, or 866 #) is a measly $2 per month.

Toll Free Number Forwarding

Before we move on to pricing info, we should note that to pay the least amount you should set up toll-free number forwarding. This way you will absorb minimal costs for running your own toll free number. Why? Because the charge, at least typically, is made based on the duration of your phone call. So, if your 800 number forwards to another number, the call duration will be very short – only the times it takes for the number to pick up and forward to a number of your choosing.

Toll Free 800 Numbers: Monthly Rates

Number TypeSetupMonthlyDescription
US: 888, 877, 866$2$2Standard USA Toll Free Numbers
US: 800$5$5Standard USA Toll Free 800 Numbers
US: Repeater$5$5Numbers that have digits that repeat, so the number is easier to remember. For example: 1-866-286-1111, 1-877-658-1212, etc.
US: Vanity$15+$15+Vanity numbers translate into words, and are easier for people to remember. They can also help build brand recognition. If you look at your phone touch pad, you should see three letters beneath each number. These are used when dialing a vanity number. For example: 1-866-4-VOYAGE and 1-877-GOT-MILK.
US: Premium$25+$25+Premium numbers usually begin with the 800 area code and are sold at a premium because they are very easy to remember. For example: 1-800-333-1111 and 1-800-333-1234.
US: National Database Search$49.99$2With this option, you can search the National Toll Free Number Database for free, as many times as you want, to find the perfect combination of letters and numbers for your toll free number.
Local Number$5$5Standard USA Local Numbers

Toll Free 800 Numbers: Per Minute Rates

Number TypePer-Minute RateDescription
US: Toll Free Numbers6.9¢
International Rates
888, 877, 866, and 800 numbers of all kinds including Searched numbers, Repeaters, Vanity, and Premium numbers (described above).
Local Numbers5.9¢
International Rates
Local USA numbers.

Offshore Surcharges

Calls to toll free numbers that originate from the following locations will be charged a per-minute surcharge in addition to the listed per-minute rate of the call.
LocationPer-Minute Surcharge
Puerto Rico$0.21
US Virgin Islands$0.21
And in case you make any calls from outside the US here’s a list of international calling codes you can reference.
Note: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that payphone owners be reimbursed for calls using their phones made to toll-free numbers. The tariffed rate is 60¢ per call. (This charge is per call, not per-minute, and is in addition to the normal per-minute rate.)

Kall8 Toll Free Number Features

What about features? includes the following features at no additional charge. You get online account management, voicemail and fax mail, a calling card, call blocking and forwarding, caller ID, notification emails, as well as:

  • Voicemail & Fax: You can receive both voicemail and fax messages at the same time. Or, choose to receive only one or the other. You can also set a voicemail greeting, specify how much time passes before voicemail answers your call, and set the allowed length for callers to leave a voice message.
  • Web Call Button: You can add a button to your website that will allow people to “click to call” you. When they click on your web call button, after entering their phone number, a call will be placed connecting their number with yours.
  • Virtual Calling Card: You can use your number as a virtual calling card by dialing voice access numbers from anywhere. You’ll be able to make outbound calls before, during, or following your voice messages. You can also use your number as your Caller ID. Calls from your calling card within the U.S., Canada, and almost 20 other countries are a low 6.9¢ per minute.
  • Conference Calling: You can create a conference call with up to 25 people. There is no time limit. The regular per-minute charge applies for each participant that dialed your toll free number.
  • Call Blocking: You can restrict the areas from which you allow calls to come in. Block by state, area code, area code + prefix, or by specific phone number. You can choose how to handle blocked calls – either send them to a busy signal, let them ring endlessly, give them an error message, or direct them straight to voice mail.
  • Custom Call Forwarding: Forward your calls to specified numbers based on various conditions, including the state, area code, time, day, or specific number, based on the origin of the call.
  • Call Notification Emails: You can opt to receive notifications via email when your toll free number is dialed. The email notification will include the destination call number, the Caller ID of the caller, time of day and length of call.
  • Maximum Call Length: You can, optionally, set a maximum call time to enforce costs. Calls will be automatically disconnected after the length of time you choose. Additionally, you can apply the same call length restriction to voice mail messages.
  • Caller ID: You can choose to display the caller’s number, or, if you are running multiple toll free numbers, the toll free number which is being called on your Caller ID. This will help you identify where the call is coming from. For example, if you have ten departments, each with its own toll free number, you’ll know which department the call was intended for.
  • Online Management: Your online account lets you set all of the above options, and lets you track calls and view statistics and analytics reports that contain detailed information on the nature of calls made.

Kall8 Additional Services

The following features are available for a small additional fee (set up and/or monthly fees vary).

  • Record Phone Calls: You can record every call, or a random sampling of calls. You can specify a greeting such as “thanks for calling – this call may be recorded for quality control purposes.” The call recording feature on your toll free number(s) can be used not only to record calls to improve employee efficiency, but to check order fulfillment, archive important calls (such as credit card authorizations), and use your recordings for dispute resolutions.
  • Recorded Call Storage: You’ll be able to listen to and review your recorded calls online, as well as download them in bulk for archiving. You can also opt to have Kall8 maintain an online archive of your recorded calls.
  • Recorded Call Organization: You’ll be able to organize and sort your collection of recorded calls based on number, Caller ID, as well as the date/ time and length of the call.
  • VoIP Integration: You can send calls over the Internet and take advantage of VoIP (Voice over IP) software and technologies using Kall8’s, VoIP services.
  • Address Lookup: You can look up the address of your callers. Use this to follow-up on important calls, call back missed calls, and collect valuable customer demographic information. If the address tied to a particular phone number cannot be found, you will not be charged. You can specify whether to automatically look up addresses associated with calls, or you can manually look up addresses based on specific phone numbers.
  • Virtual PBX (Auto Attendant)/ IVR: You can also opt for advanced services such as Kall8’s Auto Attendant, which will set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system containing a hierarchy of menus, greetings, and extensions to dial. The IVR system is fully hosted by Kall8, so you won’t need to install any software or buy any hardware to support your PBX system. Virtual PBX allows you to do many things with your toll free numbers, including: Record calls for quality assurance and training (or legal purposes – to cover your butt), scheduled activation of messages based on day and time, use IVR to direct callers to specific departments, callers from different geographical areas can be represented as one call center and include pre-recorded answers to commonly asked questions, to save employee time and money.
  • Hunt Groups: You can direct calls to multiple numbers based on availability. If the first number is not picked up after a time interval you specify, the service will hunt for the next available number. This process continues until you or one of your employees are reached. Ensure that no important call goes unanswered! You can also use a call distribution format to balance calls between agents at your “call center.
  • Block Pay Phones: For a small one-time fee ($10), you can opt to have calls from pay phones to your toll-free number blocked. This helps you save $0.60 per pay phone call since the FCC requires pay phone owners to be reimbursed.

Video: Stanley Steemer 800 Phone Number Jingle Remix

Whoever has seen a Stanley Steemer commercial has most likely gotten their phone number stuck in their heads thanks to their memorable jingle. Watch as this singer remixes the song in various music genres. Makes you want a catchy toll free phone number for your business too eh?

Who Will You Call with Your New Toll Free Number?

Visit Kall8’s Website

If you’re considering a cheap toll free number that is and have any questions regarding Kall8’s toll free number service, please let us know. But, go ahead and give a try and we promise they won’t let you down! However, we’re always looking for the best and the most affordable providers. So if you come across any others let us know too.

Why are you considering or do you have a toll free number?

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Excellent review. I used to use Kall8. As a matter of fact, I would again, in a heartbeat. Years ago, I started an ecommerce business which grew by leaps and bounds over 6 years, and Kall8 was an absolute lifesaver. Even back then (it has been awhile since I sold my business), Kall8 had some pretty slick features, and I see it has only gotten better. I’ve continued to recommend Kall8 to my friends who have businesses. It truly is an outstanding service.


Just wanted to point out that anyone wanting to get a toll free forwarded to Thailand, the cost with kall 8 is 20 cents a minute billed in one minute increments…..way higher than other providers…

I will using other company’s services…


Hi Alex,

I just saw your article from years ago on Call8. It was a great review. I
am retired, on a fixed income and launching a post-retirement business.
Most visitors contact by email, but I want an 800 number to appear more
professional. Do you still use Kall8 for your 800 number? How are their
services now? Thanks.


I’m looking for Multiple 800 or 888 numbers. I’ll probably need 20 to 40 for now and possible 100/200 by spring. Can you please tell me what I should expect the cost to be?

Demographics clearly determine how useful the toll free number will be. However, once a business decides they need a toll free number, the next choice is what kind to get. This part is very interesting to me. I wonder how a small business will decide to purchase a toll free number. Is it worth it to look for a personalized and expensive number, or is a randomized number with its low cost more effective? I guess part of this decision process will also depend on demographics. If the toll free number has a strong likelihood of being used often, then… Read more »
Of course, a lot of this depends on market demographics as well, and even when it comes to small details like this, I think that small businesses can learn a lot but taking a close look at their own products and whom they want to sell them to. For example, say that a business is selling iPhone widgets. Now it may seem like everyone in the world has an iPhone and will therefore be dying for a widget, but the fact is that only a small portion of the advanced markets in the world actually own iPhones (they simply get… Read more »
Why do people still like using toll free numbers? There is no question that they do. This is one reason that services like Kall8 can be a useful resource for businesses that need to take large numbers of orders and need to appeal to a wide client base. But in this world of online ordering and texting, it can still be surprising that 1-800 numbers work so well. Personally, I think that one of the main appeals behind the 800 number is its strength of tradition. After all, such toll free numbers have been around for generations as an easy… Read more »

Great review. I would add Custom Toll Free to the mix. They let you search by keyword and number to find the 800 number you’re looking for, and they have a large selection of inexpensive toll free numbers in various countries.


How do I actually go about choosing the toll free numbers themselves?


The best thing about international virtual calling card is you will only be paying the minutes you actually used. Aside from this, you can reload it online using the account you set up with the provider.


I have just moved here to LA from the UK, and I am so in need of a virtual calling card – is it like Skype!?




I’m narrowing down my toll-free number provider, and Kall8 is on the short list. One last thing I’m looking for – that I hope I didn’t miss in your article (it’s quite long) is – does Kall8 offer virtual calling cards?

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