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Best Project Management Software: LiquidPlanner vs Wrike vs Basecamp vs Teamwork vs Zoho vs WorkFront vs Clarizen & More!

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Teamwork Projects Review
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Are you frustrated by your team members turning projects in late? Do you feel overwhelmed with the number of emails you get? These project management software tools can help eliminate work chaos and keep your team on track. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Project management software online can help decrease your email inbox count, increase your team’s productivity and provide the tools to allow your team to complete projects on time. The size of your team and its projects will play a large role in helping to determine the best project management software for you. Read our project management software reviews below to learn more.

What Does the Best Project Management Software Do?

Online project management software helps managers plan, organize and manage teams so they can complete projects on time in a more systematic way. Here at We Rock Your Web, we have a fairly small team so Basecamp allows us to assign to-do’s to one another so we can publish articles like this one in a more efficient manner. Below are our top three picks for best project planning software but keep in mind that your choice will vary based on unique needs and workflow. If you are looking for other team communication alternatives, check out these Online Collaboration Tools.

Teamwork Projects Review


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Teamwork Projects takes our top spot for best project management software with great customer support and an affordable price. This cloud-based project management program offers every feature a team will need including time tracking and Gantt charts. It also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive, Intuit QuickBooks and more. Teamwork’s pricing model is per month and not per user per month, which gives you a consistent flat monthly fee no matter how many people you pull into a project. Some have described Teamwork Projects as a step-up from Basecamp (our #3 pick) and many teams even start out with Base Camp and then move up to Team Work as their team and needs grow.



  • Apps available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Web, Mac and Windows
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, QuickBooks and more
  • Great customer service reviews
  • Unlimited users
  • Tons of features (time tracking, Gantt charts, sub tasks, etc.)
  • Basecamp import tool in case you are switching
  • Teamwork Desk (help desk)
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Intermediate packages do not include integrations


  • 30 day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Free: 2 projects and 100MB of storage
  • Personal: $12/month for 5 projects and 1GB of storage
  • Startup: $24/month for 15 projects and 5GB of storage
  • Small Office: $49/month for 40 projects and 20GB of storage
  • Office: $99/month for 85 projects and 45GB of storage
  • Professional: $149/month for 200 projects and 100GB of storage
  • Business: $249/month for 500 projects and 400GB of storage
  • Enterprise: unlimited projects, 500GB of storage and priority support (contact Teamwork for price)

Video Overview

This video is pretty cheesy, but also provides a lot of helpful information about all the features Teamwork Projects has to offer.


Teamwork occasionally has promotions, find and discuss them on our dedicated Teamwork discount code page.

Read our in-depth Teamworks Projects Review

Zoho Review


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Zoho Projects is a project management app that can help you with your team’s project management. There is a bit of a learning curve with this software but if you give it a shot, it’s totally worth it, which is why it’s our second pick for web based project management software. Zoho Projects takes you from start to finish on your projects and keeps you organized and everyone coordinated. It has advanced features like reporting and integration with Google Apps. The nice thing about this software is that it charges a flat monthly fee and is not dependent upon the number of users.



  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Timesheets
  • Gantt charts
  • Reporting tools
  • Import data from Basecamp
  • Unlimited users for all plans
  • Must get the Enterprise package for all features
  • Zoho CRM has some customer reviews that state slow or poor customer service, which makes us question Zoho Projects’ customer support performance

Some online customer reviews state slow or poor customer servicePrice

The number of users does not matter with these plans.

  • Free: 1 project, 10MB storage
  • Express: $25/month or $249/year, 20 projects, 10GB storage
  • Premium: $50/month or $499/year, 50 projects, 100GB storage
  • Enterprise: $80/month or $799/year, unlimited projects, 100GB storage

Basecamp Review


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Basecamp is a straightforward web based project management tool that is easy to use and will work for any group size. Everything in Bascamp is organized in projects which have to-do lists which then have tasks. We Rock Your Web uses Basecamp on a daily basis and we love it! Tasks with multiple steps can be reassigned from one person to another flawlessly. Team members can make notes of where they left off, any questions they may have or any other tidbits they’d like to share. Tasks in Basecamp can have due dates so you can keep your team on track with projects. There are no flashy features to distract you so when you are working on a task you can see the comment thread and stay on topic instead of wandering off. However, if you need more specific features like what Teamwork has to offer, Basecamp may not be the best for you since the features are relatively basic and straightforward. For example, deadline tracking and workload by team member require manual reviews vs. a dashboard or report to update managers of risk to timelines.



  • Access Basecamp with Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and via email
  • When responding to a task, you can close your browser window and come back without sending and your note will still be there
  • Easy to learn and use
  • No annual contracts, cancel anytime
  • Unlimited users
  • Control access for each individual (admin, team member, client, visitor)
  • Backup data to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Great Twitter support with fast replies and fast email responses too
  • Can integrate with more than 100 apps and add-ons
  • No recurring tasks
  • No time tracking
  • No reporting features to track employee contribution, deadlines, productivity, time spent per project, etc.
  • No way to migrate Basecamp 2 history to Basecamp 3


  • 30-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Free for Teachers
  • $29/month for internal teams and 100GB of space
  • $79/month for teams who use Basecamp with clients and 100GB of space
  • +$3,000/year for Enterprise and 2TB of space


Get $50 off of Basecamp via this link! You can also see and discuss promotions on our dedicated Basecamp discount code page.

What’s the Best Project Management Software Online?

Below are some of the other project tracking software reviews that didn’t make our top three. Don’t write these off yet. One of them may be the perfect fit for your team.

Clarizen | LiquidPlanner | Project Insight | Tenrox |Upwave | Workfront | Workzone | Wrike

Clarizen Review

Clarizen logoVisit Website

Clarizen is a cloud-based task management software solution that gives you the ability to prioritize budgets, resources, projects, portfolios and tasks. All conversations stay connected to your tasks and projects so they’re in one place. Clarizen has many dashboards and reports so managers can see real-time progress and adjust accordingly. The downfall to Clarizen is that the price can go up fairly quickly if you have a large team, which is what kept them out of our top three—there are more affordable options available.



  • iPhone and Android app
  • Create a timeline for your tasks by using milestones, due dates and deliverables
  • Use prebuilt (or make your own) templates are available to simplify jobs
  • Integrates with, Google Drive, JIRA and Salesforce
  • Task updates can be sent via email or a social chat wall
  • Completely comprehensive solution
  • Arrange projects by priority
  • Expensive
  • Could be “too powerful” for those with smaller teams and budgets; probably best for bigger teams
  • Unable to customize dashboard
  • Cannot view recent activity


Clarizen offers four types of licenses with various access: Social, Time & Expense, Team Member and Full. Subscriptions are based on 12, 24 or 36 months. Note that the price is per user per month so the more users you have the higher the monthly price. Also note that the longer the contract the bigger the discount you receive. You can test out Clarizen before spending any money with their 30-day free trial.

The pricing gets somewhat complex; we’ve tried to break it down in the table below, but for more details visit the Clarizen pricing page.

 Salesforce EditionEnterprise EditionUnlimited Edition
Social License: Access to all social capabilities and to do list itemsN/A$5/user/mo. for 12 or 24 mo.
$4/user/mo. for 36 mo.
$5/user/mo. for 12 or 24 mo.
$4/user/mo. for 36 mo.
Time & Expense License: Same as Social License as well as access to the Time Tracking and Expense modulesN/A$22/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$20/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$19/user/mo. for 36 mo.
$28/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$26/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$24/user/mo. for 36 mo.
Team Member License: Same as Time and Expense License as well as full access to all assigned tasks and issuesN/A$45/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$40/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$37/user/mo. for 36 mo.
$63/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$55/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$50/user/mo. for 36 mo.
Full License: Full access to all Clarizen modules$100/user/mo. for 12 months$55/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$50/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$45/user/mo. for 36 mo.
$80/user/mo. for 12 mo.
$70/user/mo. for 24 mo.
$60/user/mo. for 36 mo.

LiquidPlanner Review

Visit WebsiteLiquidplanner logo

LiquidPlanner focuses on time estimates to plan out your team’s schedule. So if you’re unsure of how long a task may take, it may be tricky. For example, if your team publishes articles it may be difficult to estimate how long an article may take to research and write since this can vary based on prior knowledge and the depth of the article. However, if you’re able to estimate times with accuracy this is a great solution. The software is able to calculate your team’s schedule for you so you can look ahead and see if a team member needs more work for the week or if they’re all set.



  • Calculates schedules automatically
  • All conversations are connected to tasks, and you can view recent conversations to see what’s new
  • Reply to tasks via email
  • Automatically updates timesheets
  • Analytic and dashboard reports
  • iOS and Android app
  • Can integrate with Basecamp
  • 10 user minimum for all plans
  • Pricey
  • A bit of a learning curve


  • 30 day free trial for Professional (no credit card required)
  • Standard: $29/user/month based on annual plan
  • Professional: $39/user/month based on annual plan
  • Enterprise: must contact LiquidPlanner

Project Insight Review

Visit WebsiteProject Insight logo

Project Insight allows managers to plan projects and distribute the tasks including budgets, priorities, deadlines, templates, etc. in a most organized manner. It’s difficult to grasp everything Project Insight entails because their website is overwhelming and they don’t make it very easy to understand. So, if you are interested, be sure to request a demo to learn more about Project Insight.



  • Create custom reports
  • Track the amount of time spent on a task to help bill clients
  • See real-time progress through dashboards
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Migrate data from Basecamp
  • Pricing is not available online, although we’ve read that it can be fairly expensive
  • Doesn’t support many languages


You must contact ProjectInsight directly for pricing information. In our experience in more B2B tool categories, if the site does not clearly share pricing, it is likely more expensive than the competition but likely offers more sophisticated features for the price. So, if you have needs that are beyond the scope of the products in this article or are looking for a more customized solution, Project Insight may be worth exploring further.

Tenrox Review

Visit WebsiteTenrox logo

Tenrox is a cloud-based project manager that is only available for Windows machines. They seem to have all of the features needed for a successful project manager but the execution has lots of room for improvement. This software needs some TLC and an update.



  • Features include Gantt chart, budgeting, scheduling and more
  • Project templates
  • Ability to have recurring tasks
  • App available on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Outdated look
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Only available on Windows (not Mac)
  • Poor customer support


Tenrox does not publish their pricing.

Upwave Review (Formally Symphonical)

Upwave logo

Visit Website

Upwave, previously known as Symphonical, organizes your to-do list with sticky notes. The sticky notes are color coordinated by priority level (high, medium and low). This system is similar to a Kanban Board and can be performed on a literal white board or bulletin board or, in this case, on a digital “board”.

There are three sections on the “board” for sticky notes: To Do, In Progress and Completed. You can add members to tasks (aka sticky notes) that they are helping with so they can see its progress as well. This is great for smaller personal size to-do’s like getting groceries, paying bills, watering plants, etc., but we don’t recommend it for organizing your team tasks because it has very minimal features.



  • Notifications for Slack
  • See upcoming tasks in Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Calendar
  • Assign tasks by high, medium or low priority
  • Organize tasks in To Do, In Progress and Complete sections
  • Relatively basic so you cannot do anything too fancy with it
  • New to project management so very letting information


Workfront Review

Visit WebsiteWorkfront logo

Workfront helps you stay on track with your projects by tracking missed deadlines and their effect on the overall project. It’s a great solution for companies who need a formal project and portfolio management solution. This web-based software can take a few more clicks to get to the task you want, but you can make your reports very specific. They are rolling out new features regularly, so this product is ever evolving.



  • Customizable
  • Great customer service reputation
  • Easy to see the status of a project
  • Adding new features constantly
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Unsure about the price
  • Although they are often adding new features, they might benefit from focusing on perfecting the features they already have


You must request pricing from Workfront but you can try it for free with their free trial.

WorkZone Review

Visit WebsiteWorkzone logo

WorkZone is a web-based software with many features, but it seems to have fallen a little behind the times. With no mobile app and an outdated appearance, this software could use a makeover. However, this project management software does have many desirable features and even pushes other tasks forward when a deadline is not met so that you don’t waste time reorganizing your workflow. This is a rare and much-loved feature.



  • Great project reports
  • Create templates for projects
  • Time tracking
  • Ability to create subtasks
  • Tasks pushed forward if deadlines missed
  • Outdated look
  • No mobile app


Pricing is not listed on Work Zone’s site.

Wrike Review

Visit WebsiteWrike logo

Wrike has many of the features that you want and need in a project management solution, but it may require some help for implementation. The software can be a little clunky at times, and the functionality is weakened once a lot of tasks have been created. If they fix these issues they could be a top contender in this category.



  • Desktop notifications
  • Lots of useful features
  • Great customer service reputation
  • Updating constantly
  • Long learning curve
  • Clunky system
  • Could use help with functionality


Pricing is paid annually and there is a free trial available as well a free plan.

  • Free: 5 users and a few features
  • Professional: starting at $9.80/user/month
  • Business: starting at $24.80/user/month
  • Enterprise: contact for pricing

Why You Can Do It!

Did you know that 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail? That’s like having a coach who tells you, “You’ll never hit the ball.Teams need leaders who believe projects can be achieved. Online project management tools allow teams to be more successful than ever.

Which feature do you find most useful when using a project management tool?

Kimberly has always enjoyed testing out the latest tech gadgets and loves seeing how things evolve. She’s a fast learner when it comes to the latest fads and likes sharing her findings with others. Although she loves technology, she also enjoys escaping the online world and likes to spend time outside away from the gadgets.

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In our agency we use Deskun, it’s integrated with Gmail and works good for small company like ours.

Easy Projects
Easy Projects

One of the features our customers find particularly useful is Custom Forms – it makes the software as customizable as the department needs it. Even the most powerful and robust solution will hardly be able to fit ANY need, so you’re right – it’s only after clearly defining your needs and trying out things you find the tool that’s the closest to perfection.

Colvin Warner
Colvin Warner

We mainly use Proofhub for our work and it fits according to our needs. For project management and collaboration I think this is the best.


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