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Oskar Jaśniewski, ClickMeetingOskar Jaśniewski joined the ClickMeeting team as an intern but quickly moved up the ranks and is now responsible for their outreach and marketing efforts. He shares a little more about what it’s like working at ClickMeeting, how the webinar company has grown so quickly and how it has differentiated itself in the marketplace in our interview from 2017. He also shares some tips for hosting a successful webinar in our latest People Who Rock the Web interview.

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Tell us about your background and how you got to ClickMeeting

I’m a graduate of the University of Gdansk, Poland, with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Social Communication, and recently I defended my master’s thesis in International Business. Marketing and PR have always been my area of interest, and I’d wanted to work for a company offering a unique product for the global market and providing a great work environment. I found all of this – and much more – a year-and-a-half ago at ClickMeeting. Back then I was still a student, so I started as an intern. During my internship, I learned a lot about online marketing and business. My colleagues helped me develop my skills and define my strengths so I could find a place within the marketing team where my skills would be put to the best use. After completing my internship, I was offered a permanent position. At present, I’m the Outreach and PR Specialist at ClickMeeting, and I’m responsible for spreading the word and creating buzz around our webinar platform.

What is the company culture like at ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a company managed and developed by a group of talented and enthusiastic people. We believe in a healthy work-life balance. We work hard but, at the same time, keep sane work hours so that we can pursue our passions outside the office. With that policy in mind, we’re always full of positive energy and creativity, which contributes a lot to the great results of our product and the company itself. We’re eager to learn, share our knowledge, and have fun. We are a relatively small team, so working at ClickMeeting feels a bit like working for a family business. It’s a great team of inspiring people, passionate about what they do.

What do you think has contributed to ClickMeeting’s success in such a short period?

ClickMeeting was founded in 2011 by GetResponse, the leading email marketing platform. When it was first launched, it was led by three people delegated to manage and develop the product. Four years later, ClickMeeting employed over 40 people and had built a solid position in the international market. As a result, the board decided to spin-off ClickMeeting as an independent company.

Several factors have led to ClickMeeting’s success. First, ClickMeeting is extremely easy to use. It is browser-based and works on all operating systems and devices. No installation or setup are necessary. Second, ClickMeeting is fully customizable – you can scale it, rebrand it, and even connect it to your in-house software. Third, we offer high quality at prices that all businesses can afford. And we still haven’t said our last word yet 😉

What sets ClickMeeting apart from other webinar services?

ClickMeeting was designed to provide a complete webinar solution for businesses large and small. We wanted our tools to help users every step of the way: before, during and after the webinar. Also, ClickMeeting is fully customizable as far as the overall look and feel of the platform are concerned. We also provide our advanced API, so you can connect your in-house application, CRM, and CMS with ClickMeeting and manage webinars without leaving your system.

What has been ClickMeeting’s biggest challenge and how has the company overcome it?

The biggest challenge has been that the market is saturated with various tools and software. To overcome this, we needed to create a unique value around our product. I believe we’ve managed to achieve that by providing tools and knowledge that help our customers deliver the best webinars possible.

What’s the future of webinars and how does ClickMeeting plan to stay ahead of the trends?

Not so long ago, webinars consisted of slide presentations with a camera feed. Today’s webinars have evolved into exciting multimedia shows that use interactive features for audience engagement. To keep attendee attention, webinar hosts engage them from the very beginning to the very end: from the invitations, through the interactive event, to the follow-up campaign. What I’d like to see in the future is interactive webinars in the form of a talk show, with multiple experts and regular breaks for live Q&A. And in a more distant future – webinars in virtual reality!

What websites do you frequent to stay current on the latest industry trends?

I read Mashable, The Verge, and TechCrunch, but I also check other sites from time to time. Of course, I also stay up-to-date with LinkedIn Groups and Quora.

Who has been your mentor and what have you learned from them?

As I mentioned earlier, I started my work at ClickMeeting as an intern. During my internship, I spent some time with every single member of our marketing team. They acted as guides and mentors and taught me critical thinking. That allowed me to find my own place in the company.

What are some of your tips for running a successful webinar?

Every successful webinar needs a clearly defined goal. As a webinar host, you need to define what you’re trying to achieve and whom you want to attract to your event. Then promote your webinar using email marketing, social media, and your website. Next, find the right topic and decide on the method of presentation. Remember that a successful webinar is all about engaging content – so make sure you work on its structure and visual side. Then practice your presentation a couple of times, record it, and watch to identify elements that need improving. Good luck!

Thanks Oskar for sharing your tips, advice and story with us!

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