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Best Video Conferencing: GoToMeeting vs WebEx vs Join.Me vs TeamViewer vs Google Plus

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Okay, you work from home and need to make a video conference call, but do you know which service to use? You are not alone and there are so many choices. With virtual teams popping up everywhere and collaborating with others using video conferencing on the rise, knowing the best way to share information with one another in a virtual workplace is increasingly important. Let’s face it – a phone call doesn’t always do it these days. Being able to share screens, documents, and video is much more simple, efficient and cheaper through an online meeting than traveling across country. This also applies to how you interact with clients and even potential new customers. In this article we’ll compare the best video conferencing software: GoToMeeting vs WebEx vs Join.Me vs TeamViewer vs Google Plus, and more. We’ll also discuss why they are among the most popular online meeting services available.

Adobe Connect Review


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Our pick for the best online meeting service is Adobe Connect. It has all the features you are seeking for online meetings and it comes at a competitive price. We love the endless customization options which include ways to record and measure engagement during and after the meeting. It is not the easiest service to set up, but this powerhouse software isn’t designed as a “one size fits all” solution. There are many tutorials and support services out there to help new users get started with Adobe Connect. However, first-time participants in meetings won’t need any training since the interface is very user-friendly.



  • Rich Multimedia – Share animations, images, audio and HD video
  • Instant messaging – Select the participants to message
  • Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux compatibility
  • Records meetings – Also able to edit afterwards, which enables viewer to skip to the relevant topic they are looking for
  • Share screen, video, and documents
  • High security
  • 30 day free trial
  • No software download necessary
  • Share unlimited number of webcams during a meeting
  • Compatibility with Adobe Flash
  • Measure real-time engagement
  • Amazing customization features
  • Free VOIP
  • High quality video conferencing
  • Mobile collaboration – Host, present and collaborate on any mobile device
  • Initial setup can be difficult with so many custom options
  • No toll-free calls


Adobe Connect has three different video conference offerings: Meetings, Webinars and Learning.

Adobe Connect Meetings

Adobe Connect Meetings works well for online, digital meetings. Pricing listed below allows up to 25 participants and you can buy up to 9 meeting hosts per account.

  • Annual Plan: $45/month/host (save up to $120/year/host)
  • Monthly Plan: $55/month/host (no commitment- cancel anytime)

Adobe Connect Webinars

Adobe Connect Webinars are made for marketers. Pricing below is for annual plans.

  • 100 participants: $104/month/webinar manager
  • 500 participants: $375/month/webinar manager
  • 1,000 participants: $458/month/webinar manager

Adobe Connect Learning

Adobe Connect Learning is great for online classes. For an annual plan of 200 virtual classroom participants the price is $292/month. Also, Adobe Connect works well on mobile platforms.

Google Hangouts Review


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Google Hangouts is our second choice. It is a completely free service that is great for smaller organizations. The web video version is called Google Hangouts and is what our team uses at We Rock Your Web. The clean, organized look of Google Hangouts paired with its simple user interface are just a few of the pros. The biggest issue is that there is a maximum number of 10 devices or users allowed at a time for a meeting. And, since it is owned by Google, your privacy is always a concern so proceed with caution when sharing sensitive conversations or data. Google Hangout is compatible across many devices and participants can collaborate in other Google features like Google Docs.



  • Works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Great audio and video
  • Video switching
  • Chat feature to share links
  • YouTube feature allows for simultaneous video watching
  • Google+ and/or Google Hangouts app available on Android and iPhone
  • Screen share
  • Collaborate in Google Docs
  • Share presentations
  • Free
  • Clean and organized look
  • Lags when you have a poor Internet connection
  • No more than 10 devices can be connected during a meeting
  • Anything typed in the chat is not saved
  • Privacy concerns are always paramount when using free Google services since they capture user data to “improve” features and ad targeting across all their products (Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, etc.)


  • Free

TeamViewer Review


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TeamViewer takes third place because it works on all platforms, has an easy setup and is simple to use. It requires a huge investment upfront but the software and services are yours for a lifetime and there are few complaints about this service. Just make sure everyone has Internet access or has it installed on each device for each participant and your meetings are reported to be flawless. You can even test it out for your own personal use before you make the large investment. Team Viewer has the capability to control your work computer from home or vice versa. This is a huge benefit when it comes to those times you leave for home and forgot to edit something in your work document.



  • Easy setup
  • Ability to give presentations
  • Control other computers
  • File sharing
  • All capabilities are available for free, personal use
  • Remote support and remote access
  • Up to 25 participants per meeting
  • VPN
  • One time payment fee, not yearly
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 8
  • Large amount of money to pay upfront


  • Free for private use
  • $749 Business (one time payment)
  • $1,499 Premium (one time payment)
  • $2,839 Corporate (one time payment)

A Conference Call in Real Life [VIDEO]

Do you ever feel like this on conference calls? Caution: this video is hilarious. Hopefully the right video conference software will make your experience more pleasant than this one.

What’s the Best Video Conferencing Software?

Here’s the rest of the online meeting software pack. While they didn’t make our top 3 this year, some are viable competitors with unique features that may meet your needs:

AnyMeeting | BlueJeans | Calliflower | FreeConferenceCall | Fuze | GoToMeeting | InterCall | Join.Me | MeetingBurner | MegaMeeting | RHUB | StartMeeting | UberConference | WebEx | Zoom

AnyMeeting Review

Visit WebsiteAnyMeeting logo

AnyMeeting is a great choice for all types of companies. With the free basic version you get the same great perks as the paid version minus the ability to record your meetings. The free version also has ads. For companies that want to host large webinars, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice since the maximum number of attendees is 200 for both the basic version and Pro 200. Any Meeting Pro 25 has 25 as the maximum number of attendees.



  • Conference calling
  • Present PowerPoint slides
  • Mobile friendly
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Records meetings for Pro versions
  • Pro versions are ad free
  • Play YouTube videos
  • Maximum of 200 attendees
  • Must download an application for screen share
  • Ads on basic version


  • Free for basic version
  • Pro 25 – $18 a month or $180 a year
  • Pro 200 – $78 a month or $780 a year

BlueJeans Review

Visit WebsiteBlue Jeans logo

BlueJeans is definitely a unique name for a video conferencing service. Their reasoning behind the name is that they want your video conferencing service to be as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Blue Jeans runs in the cloud so there is no hardware or software installation. They offer many features, but to get pricing information you’ll have to contact them.



  • 14 day free trial
  • Video conferencing
  • Content sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Recording
  • Chat
  • Also available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • No pricing listed on their site


You must contact BlueJeans directly for pricing.

Calliflower Review

Visit WebsiteCalliflower logo

Calliflower looks to have thought of everything. Callers can “raise their hand” so they don’t talk over others. You can also mute someone if there’s too much background noise. The dashboard shows who is speaking along with their photo to help you put a face to a name. Although you can share documents via Calliflower there is no video feature so you can’t actually see a person talking, only their photo appears.



  • Up to 200 participants
  • Unlimited number of calls
  • Chat during calls
  • No contracts (month by month)
  • Call in from your browser, phone or Skype
  • No video (only audio)


  • Calli-Go: 4.5¢/minute for worldwide calling and 6.9¢/minute for toll free
  • Call500: $9.99/month for 500 worldwide minutes
  • Call2000: $29.95/month for 2,000 worldwide minutes
  • Call5000: $59.95/month for 5,000 worldwide minutes

If you go over your minutes you are charged 2.9¢/minute for all plans except Calli-Go. Review

Visit Websitenobo is not a big name company, but promises to do just that, provide free conference calling. There is very little information about them online, which is a concern of ours because that means few people use it. Their website has a minimum amount of information on it. The upside is that their service is free (hence their name). So if you want to try them out all you have to do is enter your email address and name. If you don’t like it, you can cancel.



  • Free recording
  • Screen share
  • Up to 25 attendees
  • Difficult to set up a meeting
  • Need a very strong wifi connection
  • 6 hour limit on calls


  • Free

Fuze Review

Visit WebsiteFuze logo

Fuze (previously known as Fuzebox) has a couple of different options when deciding on the right package for you. Fuze supports up to 12 HD video conference streams and 125 total participants. Two unique features are the symphony DH audio, which is twice as clear as a standard phone call, and the fact that they are platform agnostic, which means optimization for any mobile device and desktop operating system. Fuze works great nearly 100% of the time. Users do get a little flustered after their 14 day free trial because Fuze doesn’t send an email to let you know you are finished with your free trial and are going to be charged the monthly rate.



  • Symphony HD Audio – Double the clarity of a standard phone call
  • Adaptive Media Architecture – Adjusts quality based on available bandwidth
  • Record meetings
  • HD video conferencing
  • Remote control
  • Chat feature
  • Platform Agnostic – Optimized for every device and operating system
  • Visually appealing
  • Interactive Content Collaboration
  • Performance sometimes has glitches
  • No email receipts to show when you start paying


  • Fuze Free – 3 Participants and free US toll audio for 30 days
  • Fuze Pro – $20 a month – 25 participants and unlimited US toll audio
  • Fuze Premium – $40 a month – 250 participants and webinar recording

GoToMeeting Review

Visit WebsiteGoToMeeting logo

GoToMeeting is great for smaller scale offices that are looking for an easy to use online meeting platform. Starting a meeting takes only one click. Citrix’s GoToMeeting has many great features including screen sharing, keyboard/mouse control, VoIP and drawing tools. However, not all of the features GoTo Meeting has to offer is available for Mac users.



  • Easy to use
  • HD video and good audio
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Share presentations and anything else on your screen
  • Give access to your keyboard and mouse to other attendees
  • Affordable
  • Drawing Tools are not available for Mac users


  • 30 day free trial
  • Free for up to 3 attendees
  • $39/month per organizer for up to 25 attendees
  • $56/month per organizer for up to 100 attendees

InterCall Review

InterCall logoVisit Website

InterCall’s video conferencing service is called Unified Meeting 5. InterCall’s site is a little confusing since they also sell Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Lync. They offer many features, but do not list any pricing options. Previously, Inter Call was very expensive. We assume pricing is similar than what it was in the past, but we can’t be certain without checking for every single scenario.



  • Screen share
  • Meetings can be recorded or sent to others who couldn’t attend
  • Share applications and presentations
  • Access meetings via smartphone and tablet
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Up to 150 people
  • 30 day free trial
  • Pricing is not listed


You must ask InterCall for a quote. Review

Visit logo has many great features in its free version. These include the ability to share files, chat and give another participant control of your machine. The ability to screen share from a Mac to a PC or vice versa is a great tool for Join Me as well. This would be a great free choice for smaller offices.



  • Screen sharing
  • Can be used on smartphones and iPads
  • Machine control to other participants
  • Share files
  • Chat
  • Works with Windows and Mac
  • Up to 10 participants for free
  • Up to 250 participants (Pro and Enterprise)
  • Records meetings (Pro and Enterprise)
  • 14 day free trial
  • Desktop app
  • Reports of minor video and audio lags
  • Meetings don’t time out after a period of inactivity


  • Free for basic version
  • $15 per user per month for Join.Me Pro
  • $19 per user per month for Join.Me Enterprise

MeetingBurner Review

Visit WebsiteMeetingBurner logo

MeetingBurner is a great choice for a large-scale company. The ability to have 1,000 people in a meeting is a great feature that is available in the Premier version. You can also try a 14 day free trial for the Pro or Premier version before you dedicate any money to Meeting Burner.



  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • 14 day free trial for (Pro or Premier)
  • Screen share
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Records meetings (Pro or Premier)
  • Free Conference Line Included
  • Autopilot Meetings: Replay the conference later as if it were a live event (Premier)
  • Meeting Analytics (Premier)
  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • No ads on free version
  • No tutorials to help
  • No phone or live chat support


  • Free for basic version with a maximum of 10 people
  • Pro: $39.95/month for up to 50 people
  • Premier: $99.95/month for up to 1,000 people

MegaMeeting Review

Visit WebsiteMegaMeeting logo

MegaMeeting is a cloud based video conferencing solution so there is no installation needed. You can access a meeting on your browser or Apple and Android smartphone and tablet. They offer many features but you may have to pay extra for them. If you’re a Mac user you may not have access to all of the Mega Meeting features.



  • 24/7 customer support
  • Display up to 16 video windows during a meeting
  • No contracts
  • Text chat
  • Share documents
  • Site is old looking
  • Pricing is not listed
  • No free trial
  • For premium features you must purchase the Business Bundle
  • Mac users don’t have access to all features
  • Delayed video
  • Must download some plugins for extra features to work


You must contact MegaMeeting for pricing. Their site does say, “Web & video conferencing plans as low as $39/month.”

RHUB Review

Visit WebsiteRHUB logo

RHUB has an actual server that you purchase to use for your online meeting needs. You don’t have to pay the entire lump sum at once but once you pay the necessary payments the server is yours. These are extremely expensive so it’s important that you are set on continuing online meetings so it’s worth the money you spend. There isn’t tons of information out about RHUB so it’s hard for us to justify spending thousands of dollars on something we know nothing about.



  • Free 30 day trial
  • Free audio conferencing
  • Up to 15 webcams per meeting
  • Up to 3,000 webinar attendees
  • Own your RHUB server after 3-10 monthly payments
  • Works on any mobile device
  • Expensive
  • Not enough user feedback


Depending on the number of meeting rooms and participants you need the price goes up. Pricing starts at $1,195 and can increase quickly if you need the ability to have large meetings. For example, their TM-600 model can hold up to 100 meeting rooms with 300 concurrent participants but the price is steep at $5,495.

StartMeeting Review

Visit WebsiteStartMeeting logo

StartMeeting is a division of FreeConferenceCall and is also vague on its offerings. Start Meeting is pretty pricey and has no features that stand out from what we can see.



  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Free recording
  • Screensharing is expensive


  • Toll conferencing is free for up to 1,000 callers
  • Toll free conferencing is 3.9 cents per person per minute for up to 1,000 callers
  • StartMeeing offers a 30-day free trial!


  • 50 seats: $19.95/month
  • 200 seats: $99.95/month
  • 500 seats: $249.95/month
  • 1,000 seats: $349.95/month

UberConference Review

Visit WebsiteUberConference logo

UberConference is used by many big name companies like Dropbox, Walgreens and The Weather Channel. They offer help through FAQs, email, phone and live chat. You receive your own dedicated number, so pins aren’t necessary. The screen shows you who is talking so there’s no confusion on whose voice you’re hearing. Uber Conference may eventually make an appearance in our top 3, but since they are still fairly new (2012) we want to do more research before bumping them up.



  • No pin
  • Screen share
  • See who’s on the call and who’s talking
  • Record calls
  • Share documents
  • Call controls (mute, text chat, ect.)
  • You can call in yourself or have UberConference call you so you don’t forget a call
  • Free version
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Call out feature doesn’t always work


  • Pro $10/month
  • Business $10/organizer/month

WebEx Review

Visit WebsiteWebEx logo

WebEx from Cisco is an affordable choice for smaller scale companies. The Premium 25 version is their most popular and has a good balance of key features. Web Ex is handy for companies that use multiple different operating systems because it works with Windows, Mac and Linux.



  • Ability to share desktop and documents
  • Paid versions are in HD
  • 1 GB storage for paid versions
  • Call in toll-free for paid versions
  • Works with smartphones and tablets
  • Can record meetings on all versions
  • Instant messaging
  • Drawing tools
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • High security
  • Schedule and start meetings from Microsoft Outlook
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • VoIP
  • Live customer support 24/7
  • Video can show only 7 participants at a time
  • Can’t expand interface window completely
  • Many files are presented in PDFs and not in their original format
  • Video lag
  • Default browser is Internet Explorer


  • Free for the basic version with a maximum of 3 people
  • Premium 8: $24/month/host or $19/month for the annual plan with a maximum of 8 people
  • Premium 25: $49/month/host or $39/month for the annual plan with a maximum of 25 people
  • Premium 100: $89/month/host or $69/month for the annual plan with a maximum of 100 people

Zoom Review

Zoom logoVisit Website

Zoom was created by Cisco and WebEx engineers. This cloud service was created to “…improve the quality and effectiveness of communications forever.” Since this service was just created in 2011 it’s hard to decide whether it’s amazing or not since there isn’t a ton of user feedback out there.



  • Free Basic plan
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Group messaging
  • Screen share
  • Raise hand (so people don’t talk over one another)
  • Not enough user feedback


For business related plans you have the option of the Pro or Business plan. However, Zoom also has Education, Healthcare and API Partner plans.


For a Pro account you can have up to 9 hosts.

  • 25 participants: $9.99/host/month
  • 100 or 200 participants: starting at $49.99/host/month


Business accounts consist of 10 or more hosts.

  • 25 participants: $14.99/host/month
  • 100 or 200 participants: starting at $54.99/host/month

What’s the Right Video Conferencing Service for You?

Now that you’ve read about the different features each videoconferencing service has to offer, how do you decide which is best for you? Think about what the purpose is for your online meeting. Is it just to touch base with others on a project you’re working on? Do you need to share a presentation? Or is it a monthly meeting to update employees about new policies? Different services may be right for you depending on your needs.

What’s your favorite online meeting service and what pros or cons can you share from your experience?

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  • Trey Fitz is the worst.

  • Callie

    I work remotely from my company’s office, but I have a virtual presence with my colleagues by using Skype. This uses huge amounts of data though, around 10G per day. Is there an option within Skype/Skype for Business or another web conference application to reduce the video quality when it is not actively being used? Ideally I would want to have a switch that I can throw up for best quality, and down for reduced quality, without affecting the audio quality. Thanks for any help!

    • Are you in a Skype meeting all day? If you’re not using Skype to meet with someone then you should leave the meeting. Then it won’t use so much data and you don’t have to worry about the video/audio quality while you’re not in a meeting.

      • Callie

        As stated, I am in a Skype meeting all day.

  • Bruce Nelkin

    What is the best solution for Webinars of 3,000 to 6,000 participants?

  • Great suggestion! We will look into adding that in our next update!

  • gldisc

    Very interesting comparison, but can you please tell if for each application the attendee has to download some software and if this require admin privileges ?

    For example, with the client can join a presentation without installing any software, only Adobe Flash Player is needed.

    • Jay

      GoToMeeting you can join from web and no download required.

  • Jem Mawson

    Thanks Kimberly. Have you heard of Business Hangouts? It seems to overcome some of the restrictions of Google Hangouts, but isn’t a Google product itself. I’m wondering if you have any experience with it?

    • No I haven’t heard of Business Hangouts before. Have you used it yourself? What did you like/dislike about it?

      • Jem Mawson

        I haven’t used it. I was researching if others had. They seem to use the Google Hangouts API to overcome some of the limitations with Hangouts itself.

  • A. Cecile Watson

    Thanks Kimberly for a great article. I have found it very useful to even understand where to start. The number of comments show the value you have provided.

    • Thank you for the kind words. That is our goal here, to help others out. If you have any questions about video conferencing feel free to ask and we will help in any way possible!

  • Luke

    Hi Kimberly – What about BBM Meetings? It actually calls the participant when the meeting starts.

    • Hi Luke, thanks for the suggestion. We will consider adding BBM Meetings in the next audit of this article!

  • Briann

    Everything’s fine but where is ClickMeeting? You don’t like this online meetings platform?

    • We haven’t done any research on ClickMeeting and in fact, I’ve never heard of the company. We will consider adding them to our article! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  • No specific reason why Skype wasn’t added to this article. In fact, we plan on adding it in our next update. Thanks for mentioning it to us!

    • Greg Caesar

      Will be interested in everyone’s opinion of Skype for business which does come with Office 365. I’ve seen some frustration with the Android App (which is actually called Lync 2013). I’m more than a little concerned that MS hasn’t updated the name or the app for Skype for business since 2013.

  • John Andrew Hazlewood

    What is the best solution for Webinars of 50-150 participants?

  • Jaime

    JoinMe is not free– only for the first 15 days.

    • Jaime, to our knowledge at publishing this article there is a free version of that includes Instant screen sharing and video conferencing with VoIP, the pro version has a free trial but yes there is a monthly subscription after the trial is up! If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update as we try to keep all our articles as up to date as possible. Thanks!

  • Khaled Hormos

    Nicely written.

  • Thanks for the suggestions Bruce! We update our articles regularly and do yearly audits. So our top 3 always have the opportunity to be changed. Glad you enjoyed the review!

  • Kate

    Under TeamViewer you stated that “Everyone using TeamViewer must have it installed on their device.” I called them today to ask about having to install Teamviewer on user’s devices and the rep stated that meetings can be viewed on a web browser. Have people had issues with viewing in the browser, or have they changed their policy since this article was written?

    • They have changed their policy since this was written. We did some investigating and it looks like you are right Kate. Thanks for mentioning this to us. We will update our article!

  • Derek Bouldersen

    WebEx all day long!

  • Eric Ryder

    WebEx for Linux doesn’t work. At least not for Ubuntu, which is probably the most popular distro. I’ve been fighting with it for weeks. None of the online solutions have worked. It’s driven me insane, and I’m here looking for another solution.

    • SB

      Agreed on non-existent linux support. Got it eventually working on Debian-64, but only by installing and using the 32-bit Firefox instead of the default 64-bit Iceweasel browser (the Debian-rebranded Firefox). Having to install an extra browser and pull lots of 32-bit libs on a 64-bit system does not qualify as “supported” for me. Even so, I couldn’t make video to work (though I can see others) and sharing the desktop works only depending on the mood of the day.

      On the bright side, I tried Zoom today and it worked out of the box! Didn’t try sharing my desktop, but voice, video and watching other’s desktop worked perfect.

  • Thanks so much. It’s very helpful when our readers update us on these types of changes. We have corrected the article to reflect what you’ve told us. Thanks again!

  • Hi, I see you updated this recently so I might as well chip in: FuzeBox is now called Fuze, and it seems like their Pro accounts have changed to $20/mo and Premium for $40/mo. Additionally, qualified non-profits can purchase GoToMeeting via TechSoup for a 50% discount on annual plans. It’s a fairly simple process, but there is a $10 administration fee for each new account opened.

    Thanks for this article, super helpful!

  • Justin Pirtle

    Hi Kimberly- Thanks for putting this together. The one service I don’t see mentioned that I find to be the best offering for features and price is UberConference, which has a free offering and a highly differentiated paid offering. Would be great to hear your thoughts on how they compare.

    • Thank you for mentioning UberConference to us. We will consider adding them in our next audit. What are some pros and cons to UberConference in your eyes?

      • Justin Pirtle

        $10/month for unlimited conference calls with up to 100 participants. No PIN needed conferencing with your own dedicated local number ($10 more monthly for your own dedicated toll-free number). Excellent integration with other tools, gmail, and other services. Finally, a great user interface and elegant tool which is both very productive yet simple. Thanks for replying to my comment!

        • Thanks for letting us know what you like about them! We’ll take a further look!

      • Justin Pirtle

        $10/month for unlimited conference calls with up to 100 participants. No PIN needed conferencing with your own dedicated local number ($10 more monthly for your own dedicated toll-free number). Excellent integration with other tools, gmail, and other services. Finally, a great user interface and elegant tool which is both very productive yet simple. Thanks for replying to my comment!

  • Bernd Wollny

    Hi, good work. I’m only missing a good feature list for all software. The most importend things are
    Screen Sharing / VOIP / conference calling /recording. Maybe you can add these points to all pros/cons.
    TeamViewer doesn’t have conference calling

  • Amanda

    GoToMeeting DOES support multiple monitors on the Mac.

    • Thanks for pointing that out Amanda! We made the change in the article. Have a great weekend!

      • Peter

        GoToMeeting also does support showing single/specific Applications on a Mac and is also available as GoToMeeting 100 for up to 100 attendees.

  • Brooke

    Has Anyone heard of it’s a great service at half the price

  • Haha…Kimberly, it looks like you forgot to check out 25 seats for free, no downloads, free recording and an HD audio platform. Total game changer. Also, a division of FreeConferenceCall, which is the business platform for multiple account management and no contracts.

    • Hey Jackie, thanks for the information! I’ll be sure to add them to our next update of the article. It’s great when our readers update us on new competitors in this field. If I have any questions I’ll contact you since you work for them.
      Thanks again!

      • Hey Kimberly, thanks for including Free Conferencing Corporation in the article. The two services I mentioned, FreeConferenceCall and StartMeeting are under a larger umbrella. We actually are the world’s largest privately held conference call provider.
        Again, thanks for the mention!

  • Paul White

    GoToMeeting Non-Profit Discount: Citrix are users of the TechSoup non-profit program and provide a discount of 50% for eligable 501(c) registered non-profits.

  • Paul White

    Others Not Included:
    Skype – If you’re going to include Google Hangouts, you should include Skype Group Calling which offers Video conferencing for up to 25 users too.

    Zoom (
    Zoom was founded in 2011 by folks from Cisco and WebEx who wanted to make a better video conferencing product. It offers HD video or voice conferences for up to 25 people, and it supports meetings on the web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Screen sharing from iPhone and iPad, a private cloud deployment option, and sharing a computer’s audio feed during screen sharing.

    Calliflower (
    Premium system offering local dial-in, VoIP via their own app or Skype, recording, scheduling, reminders, doc sharing, open or closed meetings.

  • cookbrocks

    All the above tools are good and work well, however, they are hosted services. I have discovered another alternative: RHUB`s remote support servers. It provides better security as it works from behind the firewall and one can deploy them on their own premises.

    • Kimberly

      Thank you for bringing RHUB to our attention. We will add it to our review when we update it next! Thanks again!


  • Claudia

    Also have a look at the OnlineMeeting solution of FastViewer – certified, secure and flexible

    • Kimberly

      Thanks Claudia! We’ll be sure to take a look at it and add it to our article on our next review. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    • Kimberly

      Hi Claudia, after looking further into FastViewer we’ve decided not to include it in our article. We are currently only reviewing US services at this time. Thanks for your enthusiasm though!


  • Tom Gunter-Kremers

    Toll free audio can be added to Adobe Connect from virtually any toll free audio provider. Adobe just doesn’t provide that, but they do provide free VOIP.

    Tom Gunter-Kremers

    • Kimberly

      Thanks for the information Tom. We have added the free VOIP to our article, but kept the no toll free calls under the cons because it is not a service that Adobe provides for the user. It’s something you have to go elsewhere for.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It is very helpful for us!