Best Laptop Bags In 2024 For Women & Men, Backpack vs Messenger vs Rolling, & More

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Best laptop bagsMany of us travel frequently for work or bring our laptops with us on our commutes. What we don’t realize is how much we could be extending the life of our laptop (and make it more comfortable to move around) with a nice laptop bag.

For example, I recently had to get my laptop fixed because a wire came loose in it. The tech said this is common when people carry their computers in a backpack with books up against it, applying pressure to the laptop.

So I began my search for a laptop bag that excelled in protecting gear. Here’s what I learned.

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4 Types Of Laptop Bags: Which Fits Your Lifestyle?

Taking note of your daily activities will help determine the type of laptop bag you’ll want.

  1. Backpacks: If you’re a student or carry heavy loads, a backpack may be a good option for you. They tend to be more casual so are better for those who are in less corporate environments or have a more laid-back dress code. However, your contents is out of sight on your back so use caution when on the go in crowded areas (or invest in a bag lock).
  2. Messenger: If you’re a corporate worker, you may want a messenger-style bag.These more traditional-style bags are generally more fashionable and acceptable in the workplace. They’re less bulky than a backpack and usually have both straps to wear across your body or or handles to carry in your hand.
  3. Roller: Those who travel often may want a rolling laptop bag. By putting the bag on the floor it eliminates you having to tote the weight on your back or shoulder. Because they’re being rolled around on the ground, they can get wear and tear easily so not ideal for outdoors.
  4. TAS Bags: There used to be “TSA approved” laptop bags so you didn’t have to remove your laptop from your case. Most of these had the “butterfly” fold out aspect but now you can barely find them. This brings us to conclude that TSA-ready bags are phasing out. Perhaps with TSA pre-check the need for these bags have declined specifically for the business class and those who fly often. Less demand means no need to carry the bags.

Health Tip

Try and keep the contents of your laptop bag to less than 10% of your bodyweight, to help reduce back pain and injuries.

What Are The Best Laptop Bags?

Keep in mind that some of these bags are made for certain size laptops, so be sure to purchase the one that fits your laptop best.

Double Check Your Laptop Dimensions (Size) Before Buying

Make sure you know the dimensions of your laptop (can typically be found on the manufacturer’s website in the “specs” section for your laptop model). If you need help locating the dimensions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments! You clearly don’t want to get a bag that’s too small, but you also don’t want to get one that’s too large (i.e. a 17″ bag if your laptop is only 13″). You can your laptop to fit snuggly so it doesn’t move around in the bag and get damaged while traveling.

Now without further ado, our category winners for this year:

Backpack | Messenger | Rolling | For Men | For Women

Best Laptop Backpack: SwissGear Computer Backpack

Swissgear Computer BackpackView on Amazon

SwissGear has tons of computer backpacks available. This specific bag fits most 15″ and 15.4″ laptops. There are different compartments for other gadgets like MP3 players, smartphones, earbuds, pens, business cards and more. It has an air flow back to allow for ventilation (no one likes a sweaty back!) and the shoulder straps are padded to fit comfortably.

The computer pocket has padding to protect your laptop and there is also a water bottle holder on the outside of the bag. A Swiss Gear backpack is great for students going to and from class but can also be used for business people who commute to and from work or travel frequently.



  • Great for commuters
  • Better for your back and shoulders than a messenger bag
  • Well constructed, durable
  • Great reputation brand
  • Many think it is not professional looking


  • $66.49

Best Laptop Messenger Bag: iHome Smart Brief

iHome Laptop BagView on Amazon

iHome makes great messenger bags (or soft-sided briefcase, depending on how you carry it) to protect your computer and other electronic devices.

Our favorite is the iHome Smart Brief which is comes in various sizes and specializes in Apple devices. This bag has multiple compartments for all of your Apple devices including your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, chargers and earbuds.

There is plush lined padding throughout the bag to protect your devices from being scratched and keep them protected. Although this is made for Apple products, the bag can fit non Apple products.



  • Made of quality, durable material
  • Keeps all of your electronics organized in one place
  • Professional looking
  • Great for frequent fliers and travelers
  • Zippers are poorly constructed on some bags
  • MacBook Pro charge cord does not fit well


Check out this video to see what all can fit in the iHome bags.

Best Rolling Laptop Bag: Wenger Patriot Rolling Case

Wenger Patriot Rolling CaseView on Amazon

The Wenger Patriot Rolling Case has proven to be a good purchase by most buyers. Many end up using this bag 10+ years, so the durability and make of this bag is exceptional. The bag includes compartments for your computer, pens, phone, business cards and more.

There is also a fan file compartment and a section for personal items, like a change of clothes. The rolling bag comes with a matching laptop case that fits a 15.4″ laptop and can be removed from the rolling bag. Once the laptop case is removed, a 17″ computer can fit in the space.



  • Comes with a matching, removable laptop case
  • Compartments for pens, business cards, phone, computer and more
  • Space for a pair of clothes or other items
  • Fan file compartment
  • May not fit in some overhead storage bins on planes
  • Bulky in size
  • Wheels make it heavyweight (10.8 lbs.)


Best Laptop Bag For Men: Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17″ Toploader

Samsonite Classic Two GussetView on Amazon

If you’re not looking for anything fancy and want something that blends in, you’ll like Samsonite’s Classic Two Gusset 17″ Toploader. This bag has a professional look so it’s great for anyone whether you’re a business person or a college student.

There are additional pockets for miscellaneous items like pens, papers, keys, chargers, etc. Don’t let the price scare you. You can get this bag for less than half the MSRP on Amazon, just use our link above.



  • Quality material
  • Professional looking
  • Numerous compartments for organization
  • Lightweight design
  • Some complaints about the strap


Best Laptop Bag For Women: Solo Executive 15.6″ Leather Carryall

Solo Executive BagView on Amazon

The Solo Executive 15.6″ Leather Carryall is a stylish laptop bag for women. The padded compartment protects your laptop while the full-grain leather body gives you a professional look.

There is an interior organizer section to keep your documents in place and metal feet on the bottom of the bag to protect your computer and the leather.

At first glance, this bag looks pricey but you can get it 35% off by purchasing it through Amazon so be sure to use our link.



  • Professional and dressy looking
  • Quality material
  • Made of leather and dark brown color blends in well with most outfits
  • Can double as a purse
  • The thin straps can make it uncomfortable on the shoulder


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What style of laptop bag do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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