Wake Up! Windows Won’t Resume From Standby or Hibernation?

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A common problem users experience when running Windows Home, Professional, XP, or Vista – is that it won’t resume from standby or hibernation. In particular, while Windows will go into standby or hibernate, on occasion it won’t wake up. Or – it will sound like it’s woken up, and your keyboard lights may work, but your monitor won’t come back on.

While the cause of this may have to do with your Windows installation, or hardware or application drivers (such as graphics drivers in the case of the monitor not waking up – if this is the case, try updating your graphics drivers), we’ve found that it’s a lot more likely to be caused by memory leaks in applications. Next time Windows won’t resume from standby or hibernation mode (actually, you probably want to try this before) try the following:

Close out web browsers before standby or hibernate

Try closing out your web browsers, in particular Firefox, which is known for its memory leaks. You should check your task manager to confirm that the web browser processes have been terminated. For Firefox and Internet Explorer, for example, you’d look for the firefox.exe and iexplore.exe processes. This solved the problem for us, and since we’ve made this change we haven’t had problems getting Windows to wake up from standby or hibernation mode. If for some reason your Windows continues to get stuck in standby or hibernation mode, post below and the We Rock Your Web community members will help you troubleshoot.

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Steve Costello
Help! My vista PC will not wake from sleep no matter what I try. No network connection showing on the router, no monitor, keyboard….. Any help very gratefully appreciated. Thanks,
My computer goes to sleep when the battery is low, as it’s supposed to, and when I plug it in and attempt to turn it back on, Windows tries to resume, but the screen is just black. It’s a Dell laptop running Windows 7.
In some laptops there is one drawback, like their screen will not get turned on until and u less there battery percentage is 6. Once they charge up to 6% u will be able to see screen. Even not only dell sk e of acer as well as lenovo laptops are also configured on same.
My computer sleeps after opening a website with graphics. How can I solve the problem?
Please help,

After my computer was in hibernation, the screen wouldn’t turn on even after I used the mouse, keyboard, etc. So, I was forced to shut it down. Now, when I try to start it, it can’t detect the hard drive to start Windows. And now, all it does is try to detect the hard drive over and over again.

What can I do?


Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Jason, are you using a desktop or laptop computer?
It’s the same issue with my desktop PC, Kimberly.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hmmm, from what I’ve researched it could be the RAM. Try taking out all of the sticks of RAM and look for any dust in the slots. If you see dust in the slots use a can of compressed air to clean it out. Place the RAM back in and try rebooting. If it reboots, great! If not, let me know and I’ll search for another solution.
Candi Walkowski
Hi, laptop owner here, left my laptop to charge last night, and now my laptop won’t get out of the screensaver – all I can do is move my mouse around like I’m Harry Potter. It’s a 1 1/2 year old Toshiba with Windows 8. It’s been buggy lately before this as well – my wireless function disappeared about a week ago and it only ran Internet when I pulled out the handy-dandy phone cable. Is my laptop just nearing it’s last laps a bit earlier than anticipated, or is there plenty to salvage and repair here, and how do I go about it?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Candi, is your laptop plugged into a power source still when you try to wake it up? Also, have you tried hitting a key or pressing and holding the power button in? The lifetime of a Toshiba laptop should last much longer than 1 1/2 years. As for the bugginess, I suggest installing some type of antivirus software and clean your computer up. Remove any unnecessary items and backup the important ones. Regarding the Internet connection I’m not sure. It could be a virus that has interfered with that function.
Hopefully you can wake your laptop up and then clean up the device. This can help improve the computer’s speed, lifespan and possibly get the wireless Internet connection feature back up and running! Let me know if this works for you!
Remigiusz Banaszak
* If the computer boots up and shuts down properly but monitor does not, holding down PC power button will not help at all. Only way is to try with different monitor, if that doesn’t help then it’s the video card that is at fault.
* Also sticking credit card into your optical drive not only will not open it properly (to get DVD out) but most likely it will rip it’s entire front bezel off. The only way to force the drive to open is to stick straighten paper clip or long pin or needle into that tiny hole in the front and pushing it firmly. There is sort of electro-mechanical lock inside and the only way you can unlock it with your credit card is to take the drive and card to PC shop and paying for the service…or use a pin for free.
* The guy that just received faulty monitor also does not have to replace his PC. Get the monitor to the shop claiming the warranty to have that fixed or replaced. Unless you get the same result after hooking back your old monitor. If that is the case then new monitor is not only faulty, it damaged video card.
* For everyone having problems with PC waking up from hibernate or standby: there are not many reasons:
1. Battery power level too low in case of laptops, get it out and boot on charger only (some laptops will not boot without battery, be aware of that) or have patience to charge it. Most likely PC/laptop went to sleep with low battery level and now refuses to boot up in order not to drain it any longer to preserve saved state. Also try pressing the power button for long time with no power sources, sometimes it helps to clear the hibernation/sleep status.
2. Memory leak. Most common software that causes memory leaks are web browsers, make sure you close them down before hibernating. The new ones do save the session for you to use on next launch so you do not have to worry about closed tabs. Unless you changed settings to start always from start page or blank page. PC tries to boot but leaked data prevents restoring RAM state and it either fails to boot at all or trips on restoring RAM and either shuts down (you have to then turn it on) or performs full restart instead. If it will not boot then you have to force it to boot in some recovery mode or make it forget about hibernation data. Standby is easy, remove all power sources, that should clear RAM and allow you to work, hibernation is tricky, RAM content is saved to hard drive. Try long power button press as above.
3. Last resort, RAM has failed on you. RAM modules do break down on various occasions, it might be the case. If possible remove one, then put it back and remove another one once you find the faulty one. If you have only one, borrow testing unit from a friend. After removing all modules PC should beep protesting against empty RAM slots. That will tell you that your motherboard is most likely fine (on some rare occasions it is not RAM module but on-board RAM controller that plays the tricks).
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Thanks for all the great tips!
I do want to note for our readers that using a credit card to retrieve a DVD from your drive can open the drive and keep it in working condition. While in college, I scoured the Internet for solutions and using a credit card was commonly talked about. To this day, the drive continues to work.
Again, thank you very much for the advice you’ve posted. I’m sure our readers will benefit greatly from it.
Hopefully this site is still active…

I have a Windows 7 Professional PC. I’ve had problems with Chrome and Explorer with viruses that caused annoying ad popups. Nothing else on my computer was affected besides the web browsers. I could not fix Explorer, so I’d been using Chrome as my default browser. Well, Chrome got reinfected, so I did a couple of restores to clear the problem after deleting some extensions in Google and following all of the Chrome related advice. I use Chrome to complete my online college courses, so it was mandatory that I repair it as I was falling behind because of it being so bogged down with ads that it was unusable.

After a third restore, my computer booted up to the Admin screen and would go no further. It will not accept any inputs (keyboard or mouse) so I’m unable to click on my User Name Icon to access the computer. I rebooted a few times and got the same response.

Today, about 5 days after the initial shut down, I accidentally unplugged the computer. When I plugged it back up and turned it on, I got this message…
“Your computer can’t come out of hibernation
Status: 0xc0000411
Info: A fatal error occurred processing the restoration data
File: hiberfil.sys
Any information that was not saved before the
computer went into hibernation will be lost”

Please tell me this DOES NOT mean my hard drive is fried. I’m worried because the message said “information” instead of “data” so I’m not sure it meant files I may have been working on, or information on my hard drive as in files placed there as in everything on my hard drive.

When I went into the settings mode (Pressed F2 during boot up) it seemed as if everything was still working. I also tried disabling the hibernation feature via the ACPI options while in set up and rebooting (as instructed on another website), but got to the Admin screen and the keyboard, nor mouse still would not work.

There’s a lot of information on the web for what to do, but it’s mostly about changing things on a PC that you can get into. What do you do when your PC has locked you out?

Hopefully, someone out there can give me the key to waking up my computer as it has all the files and software I need for my online college courses of which I have fallen behind greatly.


Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Wow, this is a nightmare story! So sorry this is happening to you. Have you checked the documentation that came with your computer or gone to the manufacturer’s website for help? I have shared your story with the We Rock Your Web team and hopefully we can come up with a solution for you. If possible, I’d suggest going to a library for the time being and doing your course work there.

You can also contact Windows or Microsoft directly here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/contact-support. I suggest contacting them and in the mean time we will search for a solution as well. Let us know if you find anything out and we’ll do the same!

Wow this is 6 months old but I’m now getting the same message on my windows 7 PC. Funny thing is, I don’t use hibernation, I use sleep. When I close up for the night, I place it on sleep mode as usual. Next day, I press the enter button which wakes up my PC (as usual) only this time, I get the same message as you have posted. If you had any programs open before you placed it on sleep, then yes you would lose the work you were doing on those programs say for example photoshop.

When you do get that screen it gives you two options, but only one will bring you back to windows, the other one sends you in a loop back to that msg.

I don’t know what causes it, however I have noticed it occurs, on the day when I plug in my external drive and disconnect at the end of the day. Other days, I don’t seem to run into this problem.

I have an Acer Aspire laptop that is 2 years old. It has Windows 8.1 on it and won’t wake up from sleep mode I put it in last night. Never had this issue before, do not know what my settings are. When I push the power button, the little blue light flashes 5 times and then nothing happens. I have tried removing the battery, unhooking the power and holding the power button down for 20 seconds, then putting the battery back in, plugging the power cord back in and try turning it on. Same flashing blue light. Nothing. If anyone knows what I can do, please help!
My boyfriend’s brand new computer/monitor seems to be having issues. The computer seems to be fine, it’s the monitor that is the problem. It’s an ASAS monitor I believe and he has Windows 8.1. Now to the point, his monitor refuses to turn on after sleep mode. It will turn on for about maybe 5 seconds but then shuts itself off while the computer and everything is still on. This has been happening ever since he got it which was 4 days ago. He’s tried everything you can think of, and nothing. Although, sometimes it finally works only for it to do the same once it’s in sleep mode again. Is there a problem inside the monitor or is there something he is missing?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Sorry you’re having this problem. I suggest taking it back to the seller and using your warranty to get the problem fixed. Explain the issue to them and they may give you an entirely new computer or may have a different solution for you.
I closed my laptop yesterday while I had a DVD on, stupid I know, but I was in a rush. I tried to turn it on today and it looks like it’s stuck in hibernation. I tried hitting the keyboard (trying to reboot it), and tried to move the mouse. I took the battery out and put it back in, I held the button down to shut it off, then waited awhile before trying to turn it back on, but still nothing. What do I do now?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Have you been able to remove the DVD from the drive? If not, take a credit card or other thin piece of stiff material to help eject the disc from the drive.
If the DVD is still inside get a small paperclip and unbend about half of it. With the laptop turned off insert the straightened end into the little hole on the face of the optical drive to unlock it and let you remove the DVD. Close it back up and reboot the laptop.
My son pressed the master switch and shut everything down that is plugged into my computer hutch…. my computer boots up and there is sound but the monitor has no picture and the power button is flashing. How do I fix it?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Try holding down the power button for 20 seconds. This should reboot your computer.
My Lenovo requires Fn + Spacebar to un-hybernate.
Hi, my Windows XP doesn’t wake up and I don’t know why. When I try to wake it the monitor appears with no signal and it goes back to sleep again. How can I fix it?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Marj, did you attempt the steps above to fix your problem?
My Sony laptop Windows Vista problems started when I used an external USB D/A converter for HiFi Audio. After that it wouldn’t come back out of sleep mode. Disabling the enhanced host USB controller (without reboot) fixed this problem immediately and has had no effect on the converter behavior. My other desktop computer has Windows 7 but the same D/A converter hasn’t been a problem with that one.

Recently I took a new laptop i.e DELL VOSTRO 2520, the problem is, as soon as my system goes to stand by mode, it’s taking nearly 20 mins to get back to active mode and not able to bring it back to active mode even by pressing any of the keys. So kindly help me regarding this so that my system wakes up from stand by mode quickly.

Kimberly Alt
Hello Anand, thank you for reading and commenting. It sounds like your computer is fairly new so I suggest looking at your manual. Computers wakeup from standby in different ways. For example, some computers you push the power button, other computers you need to move the mouse and others need a key pushed. Your manual should tell you what needs to be done. I’ve seen through some of my research that some users struggle due to the size of their RAM. Did you add additional RAM to your laptop?


I put my computer into standby before bed. The next morning it wouldn’t wake up so I tired holding the power button until it shut off so I could reboot it but it never turned off. I had to unplug it. When I plugged it back in and hit the power button it turns on, fans on, (plugged in) keyboard lights flicker once, orange light on front of computer turns on and off as usual but no video out put at all not even bios. I’ve tried everything in this blog to fix the problem but have had no luck. I recently put a video card in but took it out now due to this problem so I could see what happens if I hook up to the onboard video. Nothing at all same everything just a black screen..monitor works for sure..I’ve tried 3 PSU’s…thinking my motherboard took a crap..suck because I just ordered all these parts for a home computer and putting it in stand by ruined it…

Pete Green
Had this problem running windows 7 kept coming up in sleep mode and would not do anything else. Finally got in to windows and I found that as soon as I used chrome it went into sleep mode, so I removed it from my computer and it seems to have fixed the problem. I think that chrome is not compatible with certain systems Ie Vista windows 7 I hope this helps.
I work online. I have numerous browser windows open at any time. If I have to close them all before the machine can go into hibernate/sleep, I might as well shut it down completely instead.

I came here because my machine has done this twice today. The first time I also had Excel and Word open. The second time just the multiple instances of FF and IE. In my case, memory probably is the cause, but I’m in the middle of a project and the idea of closing out everything just isn’t practical. At least with rebooting I can restore everything.

Will keep my fingers crossed that your post here confirms my suspicions and when I can finish what I’m working on, the problem will go away.

I have tried a few of the fixes on here but I still cannot get my computer out of hibernate.

I unplugged and removed the battery for 15 mins, I just plugged back in the AC adapter and still nothing.

I held down the power button for 20 seconds, still nothing.

When I booted (on AC power only) I kept hitting the F8 button repeatedly it still at a black screen.

I have run out of options. Does anyone have other suggestions that I could try to remedy this problem? I had some reports that were due on Saturday for school and because I am unable to get to my documents, I have had to start all over re-creating what I have done. Please if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!


M Patel
Try holding down the power button for 20 seconds while the battery is still out.

When laptop going on sleep mode then he not resume.

yo yo
When booting up.. press F8.. delete restoration data and resume windows. This will allow you to boot up normally.

My desktop recently failed to go into standby, with a message telling me that my video driver might need updating. My card is an ATI Rage XL PCI. I downloaded and installed the latest driver. Now it goes into standby, but won’t come out. The mouse and keyboard have no effect. If I press the power button, the fan comes on, HD light flashes as if it’s doing something, but no video or lights on keyboard. I then hold power button until it shuts down. Will then boot up normally. I did try the hint about closing down browsers, but it made no difference.

Thanks, Rich

We Rock Your Web
From our experience, XP has serious issues with regards to standby mode. Without actually having your PC in front of us, it’s difficult to diagnose your problem. I would recommend downloading a third party power saving utility for now, or consider upgrading to Windows 7.

The 3rd party power saving utility sounds like a winner, what would you recommend? Thanks, Rich

Web Rocker
If you have a notebook, you might be able to take advantage of the Speed Switch XP utility. We have not tested this software, so proceed with caution.

I was searching on the web for the same thing, found AutoIt, but couldn’t figure out how to run the control panel.I did have problems with cutting and paste on the scripts. The double quotes were being read wrong. I re-moved and re-added them to the scripts and everything started working.

Dear all,

My friend helped me to build a PC from scratch. Currently I can restart, shut down and boot up my PC without problem. However, if I put my PC into standby, no matter how many time I press the PC power up button, it will NOT boot up. The only way to start my computer is to force shutdown, then re-power up my PC the normal again.

May I know what is the problem?



great blog thanks for sharing that with me i will be using that soon you have alot of great info on here.
My daughters mini is frozen. It freezes on the “resuming Windows” screen. The laptop turns on and opens with the logo page. I’ve tried hitting the F9 and F10 keys but pressing these seem to do nothing to help this issue. I cannot press F8 on the “resuming Windows” screen. Any help out there? This computer is used lots for school.


Alex Schenker
What version of Windows are you using? Try disabling the hibernate or sleep feature (or switching “hibernate” to “sleep” only) and see if that makes a difference. These are typically found in your Control Panel under “Power Options.” You can access the setting directly in Windows 7 by typing “Power” into your Start menu search box and then selecting “Change power-saving settings” under the “Control Panel” search results.

I searched for help concerning the same problems spoken about here. My problem deals with trying to resume Windows from being in Hibernate mode…

All I had to do to remedy the problem was press & hold the power button until the power shut off (you don’t always have to press & hold it; sometimes you just need to press it). Then, I pressed the power button again, to turn it back on, and I kept tapping the “F8” key (about once per second) until I got the boot options screen. At that point it gave me two choices…

* Continue resuming Windows. (in so many words)
* Delete resume state and reboot from scratch. (in so many words)

I chose option 2 which stopped the resuming Windows process and booted up normally from scratch, instead.

Yeaaaaaaaa!! I’m soooooooooo glad this worked, because I didn’t know what else to do. I even tried re-seating the memory which was suggested on another site. That DIDN’T do the trick. Buuuuut the solution above that DID work is MUCH easier anyway. {:-)

I hope this helps many others, as well.

Peace out, y’all!!


Thanks PGulezian, that worked a treat! Fastest solution to a PC prob that I’ve found online yet.



dude it was killing me to fix that problem.. this worked like a charm… thanks a ton.

Thanks man, you’re a genius.

I tried lots of things, but PCG’S solution worked liked a charm.

My daughters computer was stuck on this also and for months we tried to fix it. Now in three minutes time I had it back up and running for her. Thank you!!

My next move was to throw it in the river, but you’ve inadvertently helped to save the planet as well as what’s left of my sanity. Thank you.

My HP laptop is also frozen on the screen with the message “Windows is resuming”. Anyone help please.

Anybody got a fix? I unplugged and then held down the power button. Still not booting. I’ll not use hibernate again – but what can I do to get it back on now?

Not sure if it’s the exact same problem but mine wouldn’t boot! Best I could hope for was the power button making a noise! Fans on etc. For some reason I tried removing one stick of ram and I got the:

1. Resume

2. Delete

screen! I was using ASRock Instant Boot (a force hibernate type program). After deleting the hibernate file (option 2 at the aforementioned screen) I turned off Instant Boot and removed hibernate from the start menu! I restarted with both sticks of memory and all seems fine!

Everything (drivers, boot menu etc.) was up to date! For what it’s worth I’d 2 sticks of 4GB RAM so unless it was a big memory leak I don’t think that’s the whole issue!

If the battery is low or power not plugged in the laptop goes into a hibernate state. I cannot recover from this without the recovery disk(Microsoft Vista DVD). In order to ensure the laptop boots from the DVD:

* Shutdown initially by holding the power button down for several seconds when in the hibernate state(should be zombie living dead state).
* Go into your BIOS – F2 key depressed numerous times when first powering up. In bios ensure external disk enabled and amend the boot sequence so that it boots from CDROM/ internal optical drive prior to booting from hard drive. I suspect that may have been one of Mel’s problems. Save configuration. Be very careful of corrupting any entries. Save config.
* Before quitting from BIOS and shutting down the PC. Insert your Windows recovery disk(Vista disk). Shutdown PC in BIOS.
* Powerup and boot from CD/DVD.(option for boot from DVD/CD – press enter. Takes a while to load from DVD, should hear the disk spinning. Select keyboard regional options then select repair and fix startup options.
* Do not select the CD/DVD option 2nd time around and the laptop should start from the hard drive.
* Remove CD/DVD I have had to do this several times and it has really been inconvenient.

If you take your laptop anywhere take the recovery disk. I have now gone into control panel and amended all my settings so that the laptop never goes to sleep. And if this does happen again/hibernate still enabled I will attempt the F8 key.

My laptop appears to have absolutely no life, apart from power in the hibernate state so it is unlikely to work. I think I did attempt this and almost every other key when I lost my laptop to hibernate while in a hotel for a week.

This post helped me so thought I would add my success story. My PC also wouldn’t boot into windows…just stuck on the Resuming Windows screen. I turned off and back on and kept hitting the F8 and had the two choices mentioned above.

* Resume Windows
* Delete restore data and reboot from scratch

This is not the exact words at all…something similar. Number 1 didn’t work so tried again and selected number 2. Came up fine and I had no loss of any data (description was a bit scary). No problems since. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for your help!

a web rocker
Thanks for this post. I have been struggling with this issue for the last few days with no help, but your solution worked! For this post I thank you.

Don’t be happy with that solution yet. That just temporarily gets you out of hibernation and returns to Windows. In fact, the computer is lurking and infecting your master boot record with viruses, etc.: Rootkit.TDSS. This rootkit stopped Windows waking up from hibernation. Go to Kapersky Support to download and to learn how to remove the infected rootkit.

On my Asus laptop I need to close Windows Media Player (or at least stop/pause playing files) before hibernating. Then problems recovering from hibernation mode become much less frequent.

Hibernation failed to resume. Mozilla Firefox was the cause. I uninstalled it. Now no problems! Thank you very much!

Hi there. I was using my computer earlier today. I went out for about 1/2 hour and when I came home my computer was turned off. I turned the computer back on and tried to unsleep my monitor with the mouse and nothing happened. I turned the monitor off and on and it would appear to be okay for about 2 seconds then go directly into sleep mode. I thought it was the monitor so I attached another monitor to the computer and the monitor was stuck also. I thought it was the wireless mouse so I tried using it on another computer and it works fine.

I can’t access the computer without having a problem at all. When turning it on I hear the fans but nothings else. Am I having a hardware problem? It is Windows Vista…..please help. I read the above solutions and it sounds like the problem I am having but I have no way to access the programs on the computer……??

Alex Schenker
It sounds like your hard drive might be failing. How old is your PC and your hard drive?

I will turn on my computer and play online or Diablo 2, etc. Then after anywhere from 5-20 minutes *estimate* my screen goes blank, and on my computer above the power button, one light is orange and the other light is green. Please help me!

Alex Schenker
After 5-20 minutes of having your PC on the screen goes blank? Does this only happen when playing a game, or no matter what you’re doing? Have you tried just letting your PC sit there and see if the same thing happens?

Check your power settings and make sure your PC isn’t set to sleep/ screen saver/ hibernate, etc. after a certain amount of time.

To help us troubleshoot further, what is the make/ model/ year of your PC? Do you know how old the hard drives are? And what version of Windows XP are you running?

Okay it got to the point where it wouldn’t even get to the login screen, now, when I turn it on when it should go to the login screen, it takes me to a blue screen saying it can’t read windows/system32/config *not sure if exact file info* and dumps physical memory to disk. It’s Windows XP Home edition, and the number on the end of the label was X11-45371.

Alex Schenker
It sounds to me like the hard drive has given up the fight. But without being there to troubleshoot, I can’t say for certain. You could always take it into a shop and see what they can do. Even if the hard drive is broken, you should be able to recover data from it (in the event you don’t have online backup).

Going forward, we recommend you use an online backup solution (read our article on online backups comparison for some ideas), as hard drives all fail eventually.

The file is systemroot\system32\config\ or something, I will take it down to the local computer shop as soon as I can. ๐Ÿ˜•

Alex Schenker
Good luck, we hope everything works out. Please let us know how it goes.

You heard me. It took me several years of just not putting my desktop Windows XP PC in sleep mode before I figured out what was going on. I finally stumbled on a Microsoft help article related to some other situation so I thought I would give it a try. Of course this may not work for you as there are may things that could cause this condition but if it does please post back.

I opened control panel/system/hardware tab/device manager/USB and disabled USB enhance host controller. Naturally you will get some complaint about USB can be connected to a faster controller etc.

Then I tried to put the computer in sleep mode and after a few seconds to bring it out and viola! Worked flawlessly!

Then I just uninstalled the enhanced host controller and rebooted the machine. Of course Windows recognized and reinstalled the enhanced controller and standby still works great. Problem (in my case) Solved!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Alex Schenker
Very interesting that reinstalling the enhanced USB host controller worked. We’re so happy it did and that you’re able to put your PC into sleep more and re-awaken it. Thanks for taking the time to share with our readers!

This worked for me too! Fantastic. I can’t pretend I fully understand why, and lord knows i would never have thought to try this otherwise. But after years of simply never letting my computer sleep or hibernate, finally I can!

Thanks very much

Great, glad it worked. If it works for you I would like to hear.

When we go to:

opened control panel/system/hardware tab/device manager/USB and disabled USB enhance host controller. Naturally you will get some complaint about USB can be connected to a faster controller etc.

We go to control panel and which one do we go to?

system and security
hardware and sound

If we go to system/device manager and USB controllers come up

Then 4 different USB host controllers come up

Which one do I pick and how do I disable?

Thanks for your help!

You go to: System and Security; System; Device Manager; Driver; Disable

Then Click on the Advanced tab and tick/check “Don’t tell me about USB errors” box. (Press Cancel if you change your mind)

I searched on the internet 2 days and got nothing … and I followed our idea and it works .. tnx man u are the best

Great it worked for me too,

you are amazing, it save me a lot of time… thanks.

Kimberly Alt
Glad we could help you Andre! ๐Ÿ™‚

I just did this on my HP Compaq and all usb ports are now disabled and mouse and keyboard not responding which means I lost complete control of computer. I shut it down by holding power button and restarted but all usb ports still disabled. Now what?
Help, help? My XP machine won’t “Resume Windows” after hibernating, and I can’t get in to make the (promising!) fixes described above. I have unplugged, held the power button in to ‘flush’ any residual ‘memory’ (sure those aren’t the terms, but it sure used to work for me), multiple tries… unresponsive to F8 or F12 (held in or tapped like a rat at a food lever)… project due, really hope someone has an idea or two based on your experience! Thank you in advance.

Alex Schenker
Hi Mark,

Are you basically saying that you can no longer turn on your PC? That could be a whole ‘nother problem in itself. How old is your computer?

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Are you kidding me? How on earth is this supposed to help me get my wireless connection back up and running? This is the most useless article you guys have. Unfortunate, because most of your stuff is pretty high quality!

Are YOU kidding us? This page is for problems with a computer that won’t wake up, so of course this isn’t going to help you with wireless problem. That doesn’t mean this article is useless.

My laptop won’t wake up from hibernation if I have the charger plugged-in, the button just keeps flashing.

If I unplug the charger from the laptop, it starts right away.

What can cause that problem if it won’t wake up with the charger plugged in, but starts when I unplug it?

The problem is that I made a mistake in my Power Management settings which I know how to correct but I cannot reach Windows 7 because the Wakeup from Hibernation fails.

The result of the failed Wakeup is the following:

How can I get to windows 7 to fix the problem? I have tried all the sources that I can find for a solution to the Wakeup problem and they all involve access to Windows 7 on my computer.

The problem is that I made a mistake in my Power Management settings which I know how to correct but I cannot reach Windows 7 because the Wakeup from Hibernation fails.

How can I get to windows 7 to fix the problem? I have tried all the sources that I can find for a solution to the Wakeup problem and they all involve access to Windows 7 on my computer.

Does anyone have a source that might know the answer?

Hi Guys, I entered my XP run PC into standby yesterday but as it would not resume later, I turned it off using the power button. Now it won’t wake up again. I have been sitting in front of a blank screen for 3 hours. The monitor displays “no video signal”, so I exchanged monitors but the other one stays blank too. The PC appears to be running but will not boot. I have entered Windows CD to restore but it won’t even boot that. Any ideas? I am getting slightly desperate now …

I should have also mentioned that my cable connected keyboard and mouse are not powering up to through the pc. I am also not able to start safe mode and cannot check any configurations due to the blank screen and windows not booting. I have restarted the PC and monitor several times. I have checked all cables and have even removed any unnecessary hardware to no avail I am afraid.

If you need any more info, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be grateful for any advise.


Hi Mel,

I am a computer technician and I have to say I have come across this problem more than once in all my years working with computers of all types. You state that your system won’t boot up at all. Am I right in saying that the fans come on and the power light but nothing else? Power supply units have many different power outputs that supply voltage to your system. Many faults are caused by PSU failures and I would say that is what you are looking at.

Fault finding is a case of eliminating one thing at a time. If possible try replacing the PSU and see if that fixes your problem. If that doesn’t fix it then I would say the motherboard itself has failed and needs replacing. Many things can happen to a PC when it is in standby and because nothing is displayed onscreen you can’t tell if there are any faults until you try and start the system again.

Finally, if you don’t have a surge protector you should get one. I myself have a UPS as it protects the system fully from spikes, brownouts, total power loss and all other power faults. I hope this helps you to sort out your problem.

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Alex Schenker
Hi Mel, It’s hard to say what the issue is without having your PC in front of us, but a guess would be hard drive failure. Hard drives don’t last nearly as long as some of the other components in your PC. Our advice would be to take your PC into a local tech shop and see if they can restore it to functionality. Whatever you do – don’t do anything drastic. 99% of the time your data can be recovered, even if your PC won’t boot. Next time, try out Carbonite online backup. That way, the next time an HD fails (and it will, since they have short life spans), you’ll be covered. Cheers and good luck!