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The Complete Guide to SXSW Interactive

Crowd taking photos at SXSW

From the moment you step foot into Austin Bergstrom International airport or enter Austin City Limits, you will feel the energy, smell the delicious food, hear good vibes, taste the margaritas and sense all there is to love about my hometown for the past 10 years. Something about being in Austin just makes you hungry - and hungry to learn when you're attending the SXSW Interactive Conference. It's no wonder people flock to this place and Austin has become one of the fastest growing cities. The SXSW Festival is also among the biggest of its kind in the country, if not the world. Austinites have a lot to be proud of, and hopefully you'll get the chance to experience the Southern hospitality soon, if you have not already. These tips will prepare you for what to expect as a rookie to town and how to survive the South By Southwest madness... Read More »

Sign Documents Online: HelloSign vs DocuSign vs EchoSign vs RightSignature

Person signing document

Businesses and individuals alike spend too much money on printing, faxing and filing papers. Not only are you paying for those services but if you have a business, you're also paying for someone to do those tasks. Instead, you could use secure, legally binding e-signature software. That's what this article is for. Find an electronic signature service so you can get your documents signed faster instead of printing, then faxing, then signing, and finally resending all your documents... Read More »

Lending Club Reviews: Still a Stable Online Loan Option?

Lending Club Reviews

Are you trying to keep your small business afloat but can't get a bank loan? You're certainly not alone -- it's one of the most stressful parts of owning your own business. But, you don't have to give up hope. Online small business loans can be a viable option if you've come up dry with other funding sources. Lending Club is a popular choice for tons of small businesses. Our Lending Club reviews give you all the information you need to decide if they could be a lifesaver for your business... Read More »

Best Online Legal Services? Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom vs BizFilings vs MyCorporation & More!

Best Online Legal Services

As an entrepreneur, one of the first financial hurdles you hit is the cost of hiring a lawyer to set up your legal entity. But this shouldn't prevent you from being an entrepreneur! Especially when you consider that paying hundreds of dollars per hour and dealing with lawyers' busy schedules can be avoided by simply using an online legal service. Find the best online legal providers for starting a company and completing your federal and state fillings... Read More »

Best Streaming Service: Spotify vs Rhapsody vs Pandora vs Google Music vs Rdio vs Beats

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Companies providing audio streaming grow daily, with them the services they are offering are growing as well. With audio streaming you have access to millions of songs, from your PC, from your mobile device or from your home audio system. When you pay a monthly flat fee you have access to millions of tunes. This flat rate often includes additional features such as creating your personal radio, sharing your playlists or reading reviews about newest releases. What is the best music streaming service where you can listen to as many songs as you like for a low flat rate? We have researched some of the most popular streaming services and selected our picks for Best Music Streaming Service... Read More »

Email Marketing Battle: GetResponse vs AWeber vs MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs Vertical Response vs iContact & More!

Best Email Marketing Service Review

If email marketing isn't a part of your business, the number one question we ask you is: what are you waiting for?? Want to send an email to your prospective customers but not sure where to start? You are not alone! Email marketing has become a must to keep your customers engaged and your business booming. As with most things tech-related, email marketing is growing exponentially, not just with the number of service providers out there but with the increasingly advanced tech features that are becoming the norm The days of one email marketing service dominating the market are gone - there are SO many good ones to choose from (in fact, we review over 20 here!). But how do you even begin to weed them out? That's where we come in. We've broken down the most popular email marketing service providers out there and given you recommendations on our Top 3 winners for Best Email Marketing Service provider. You'll also find our "Best of" reviews helpful to choose the best email marketing service provider specific to the type of business you have and other needs... Read More »

Move Your Invention Forward with the Best Invention Companies

Pen to paper: Best Invention Companies

You think you've had a brainstorm idea for the next hot breakthrough product? Of course, you want to protect your idea, develop it, and one day sell your invention. Where do you start? There are a ton of services at your fingertips, but as a burgeoning inventor, beware -- invention and patent companies are extremely varied in what they offer you. It's a confusing industry for sure, and there are a ton of blurred lines about what each company offers and delivers. That's where we come in! We've done our research and will give you the ins and outs of moving your invention to the next level and also give you our picks for the best invention companies... Read More »

Best Fireproof File Cabinet: Is FireKing the King?

Best Fireproof File Cabinet

Ryan, the temp, left his cheese pita in the toaster oven and the entire office has caught on fire. The filing cabinets ignited the flames even bigger with numerous documents inside. All of those important files including HR documents, confidential business documents and more have now been destroyed. Fortunately, everyone is safe. However, all of your hard work has been destroyed. Tracking down people to get certain documents and categorizing those files is what you spent your entire summer doing and you finally got a good system going. But with one lunch disaster all your work has gone up in flames... Read More »

FreshBooks Review: Small Business Accounting Made Easy?

FreshBooks Review

Do you own a small business, or are you a sole proprietor? Are you an idea person who hates dwelling in the mundane details? Business accounting is a major hassle for many small business owners but a huge necessity, all the same. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-use online software packages -- and they'll save you a ton of time and manpower to get your dreaded accounting, timesheets and more accomplished. We've done our research, and we found cloud-based FreshBooks as our number one pick for the best small business accounting software on the market. Read below to see why... Read More »