Top 10 Benefits of using An Online Backup Service

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Thumbdrive and discsYou know the feeling. You just finished the last several pages of your report, and you nailed all of the information and sentences perfectly.

Just as you are about to save the file to your hard disc and print…. ZAP! The power re-sets, and all of your work is absolutely gone. Or worse, the flower pot next to your computer has been leaking unbeknownst to you, and suddenly your entire hard drive with all of your programs, music, photos, and files on it is fried beyond repair.

After you waste valuable time searching for your work somewhere on your hard drive or valuable money on getting a professional to extract any last bit of information they possibly can, you frustratingly wonder if there was a better way or something that could have prevented your crisis.

Many people have ideas about online data storage, and a lot of their ideas are incomplete or based on misinformation.

However, if you have ever experienced a complete wipe-out of your hard drive or lost an important file, you may have given some new consideration to the thought of storing some or all of your data online.

SpiderOak Online BackupIt sounds a bit scary at first – those in the know call it “saving to the cloud”, which sounds quite unsafe and unsubstantial in and of itself. The reality is backing up online and saving to the cloud are actually more secure than saving to your own hard or jump drive.

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Top 10 benefits of having online backup service:

  1. Online data storage is virtually unlimited in size. This means that there is plenty of space for you to back up your entire hard drive, including all of your purchased programs, music, photos, and files.
  2. Storage over the internet is safe, with most companies offering at least two remote servers that will store backup copies of your data. This means your computer and two separate backup hard discs would have to all die simultaneously in order for your data to be completely lost. This is an event that has to date never happened, and is less likely to happen to you than being struck by lightning – twice.
  3. “Backup online” is the term for saving your work to a remote server database over an internet connection. That means you upload or import your work into a file online, and a copy of it is stored by a professional storage service at a remote location. Files are literally stored in multiple copies so that you will never lose them again.
  4. Your information is secure with online data storage! No need to concern yourself about hackers or people viewing your private information or stealing your programs. Companies that provide these services are aware of these potential problems and make sure all of your data is stored and encrypted without your specific pass key. This means you aren’t taking any unnecessary chances when you store your data over the internet. In fact, it’s more secure than saving to your hard drive at home!
  5. Online data storage is a hot new business field, with many companies getting involved. This makes services competitive for your business. What it means to you is that you will find prices to be quite affordable and the excellent customer service you so desire with an internet company handling your private information. Although keeping your files safe is priceless, it should not have to break the bank to do so.
  6. You can set up your computer so that your information will save into your online backup account automatically. This means that even if there is a fire drill in your building or a power shortage before you can save your work, you can be rest-assured that everything you were doing is there waiting for you.
  7. Saving to the cloud means that you are saving to hard drives in a remote location. It does not mean that you save into a cloud where you will never be able to find your work again. On the contrary, it means that you are actually creating the cloud when you save your work to it, because the cloud is made of all the virtual databases through the internet.
  8. Online backup service is safe and reliable. Virtually all companies offering online backup storage service will store your work on a computer storage drive located at their offices. But you might be wondering, what if they break down or have a flood? The answer is that the files are stored a second time on a second, backup server.
  9. Online backup service gives you access to your files from virtually anywhere. Plus there’s no need to buy an expensive laptop or a breakable jump drive that will get lost in your briefcase or purse, since you can just log in from any computer and all your files will be available.
  10. Backup online will create a backup of your entire computer hard disc in the case of catastrophe. This means you can get everything back that you value on your computer if it is damaged or becomes inoperable. And the amount of information you can backup online is virtually unlimited.

Cloud Computing Can save Your Company

Here at WeRockYourWeb we have taken a look at the top ten benefits of using an online backup service, we have focused on some of the best online backup companies and we have compared the benefits of each of the major cloud computing options. Today, we want to take a look at how using cloud computing can save your company.

The topic of how cloud computing can save your company arose soon after hurricane Sandy as people in those areas were not only directly impacted by the hurricane, but their livelihoods were also affected when computer hardware was destroyed.

How Cloud Computing Can save Your Business

When Hurricane Sandy hit, most people had taken precautions to save what really mattered – human and animal lives. Important paperwork and mementos came next as people packed up what they could before heading to designated evacuation areas. Unfortunately, many people did not stop to think about the impact that the hurricane could have on their electronic data. Certainly human and animal lives are more important than anything when it comes to natural disasters, but after the dust has settled electronic data becomes important as well.

For many individuals, electronic data that is stored on personal computers is comprised of personal and family photographs and perhaps a personal or family budget plan. For small businesses, the self employed and even big businesses however, this data also included years of business records.

Hardware Backup versus Virtual Backup

Unfortunately while those in tech related industries understand that physical data backups aren’t always the best, those unfamiliar with the tech industry believe that physical backups are all they need to save vital data. There are a number of faults with this concept. First of all, the external hard drives that are utilized for these types of backups can (and often do) fail. What happens when these drives fail? The answer to this question varies depending on just what it was that caused the failure in the first place. What is known is that when external hard drives go wrong, data is often irretrievable. That means that any data stored on the corrupted hard drive is more often than not destroyed. Immersing a hard drive completely in water, as happened with many hard drives when Hurricane Sandy hit, results in this type of destruction.

Cloud data backup provides a better option for anyone who utilizes technology to store their important data because it relies on virtual data storage. Businesses that utilize virtual data storage are uploading and backing up their vital information to a location that is not on site which means that if their place of business is completely destroyed in a natural disaster, their backup data is not also destroyed. This data is kept in a virtual space where it can reside without threat of being flooded by a hurricane or smashed to fragments in a tornado. Cloud data backup is backup for your business without utilizing a tangible backup source.

Is it Possible for Virtual Backups to “Go wrong?”

Cloud computing, while known for being a good choice for data backup should not be the only source of data backup. One question that many people ask is whether virtual backups can “go wrong” and like most things, there is a possibility for things to go wrong. This is far less likely than a hardware backup source failing.

Where one of the biggest concerns for those using hard drive backups is the chance of failure resulting in data loss, this is not the case for cloud back up users. The biggest concern for cloud users is the chance of data being hacked – something which is considerably more controllable than external hard drive failure. What does this mean? It means that you should always do your research before choosing a reliable cloud backup company. Pick a company with a good reputation and high levels of security.

Choosing a reliable Cloud Backup Service

In order to ensure that your small business’s data is securely stored with a cloud backup company it is necessary to do your research. Some of the factors that you should pay attention to when selecting a company is:

  • The level of support offered by the backup company. This ensures that if you do experience difficulty retrieving backed up data that you have help available at any time.
  • The reputation of the cloud backup company you select matters. Go with a company that has a good record of client security and up time.
  • Find out if the backup service has the capability of saving previous file versions.
  • It is also important to find out how many computers an online backup service will allow. If you have multiple computers that you want backed up ensure that the service you are hoping to utilize will allow you to do so at an affordable rate.
  • Reliability of an online backup service also means being able to know that you can afford the service no matter what occurs. This means that you will need to understand just how much data you are looking to store and what the service you utilize is going to charge for that amount of data to be virtually stored.

Should You Rely Solely on Cloud Backups?

In the experience of anyone who has ever lost data, it is always best to maintain multiple backup sources. This ensures that should something go haywire with one of your backup methods, you will always have a second option available. Relying solely on cloud backup services however, is not as bad as relying solely on external hard drives to back up data simply because of the potential for data loss through physical corruption of a hard drive. It is always advisable to keep a cloud backup of your business’s data in addition to a physical backup of your information. Having dual backups gives you peace of mind that you have access to your data in any number of circumstances and for any business that is crucial.

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The online backup solution has a major advantage in online business if you are lost your data some incidentally then you can retrieve your data from anywhere. It’s very secure, cost-efficient and easily accessible.

Of all the benefits of online backup, I think I love the remote access the most. I can access my data from anywhere I go and that makes my job much easier. Since I have been one of those people who has lost every bit of data they had stored on their computer, I know how hard it can hit you. With online backup though, even if my computer crashes I can still get what I need from my data because my computer is not the only place that has it. I take classes online, which means I do not… Read more »
I just had an issue with this recently. My daughter was on my computer and she was playing some sort of game. She somehow managed to shut my system down completely, leaving me to wonder how I was going to get all my work done. Normally, she doesn’t mess with my computer, but the babysitter told her it was fine. As a result, I have to find a way to access my data and I’m looking for a way to back it up for the next time something like this might happen. I thought about getting an external hard drive,… Read more »
I have to admit, I was one of those people who was really leery about saving things online. I just assumed that those types of services would be easy to break into and I did not want to save my data online just to have it stolen or even looked at by someone I did not know or want to know. Then my system got hacked. The scary thing about something happening to your own system is that it is like someone coming into your home and looking through your closet. I mean, what if someone just walked in and… Read more »
I am finishing up the tail end of my college degree. The sad fact is that I wished I had used an online backup service more times than I care to think about. I have lost so much data in the way of video, audio, photos, and document. I can never recover some of these things. In fact, the only way I could access most of my school work was if my professors had it. And some professors didn’t even know how to access it if they did have it. Online backup service is better than an insurance plan. I… Read more »
I am a bit of a procrastinator. I happen to work best under pressure. So, I tend to wait until the last moment to do a lot of the things I need to get done. Otherwise, I drag them out and they take me twice as long to do. I’m not sure why I work so well that way, but I do. And usually, I surprise myself with how well those things turn out. That’s usually, but not always. I go to school for an degree in education. As part of that degree I had to create a portfolio that… Read more »
I work online. I can go anywhere in the world and do the same job I do right now, just as long as I have access to an Internet connection and the ability to get to that Internet connection. The problem is that I don’t use an online backup service. In face, though I do remember every now and then to put my files on a flash drive, more often than not I find myself thinking about how I need to do just that, but deciding to come back to it later. And so, today I find myself not doing… Read more »
If you are like everyone else, than there is a lot of important information stored on your computer. It almost does not matter who you are or what type of work you do. If you create, save or download files, then those files are certainly important to you. Anyone who has ever suffered through the pain of a hard drive crash or some other act of God will immediately appreciate the use of an online backup service. The main reasons to consider an online backup service all center around feeling (and being) safe and secure. Just the act of knowing… Read more »
As someone who has had this very same experience, I can feel the pain of the author. Having something like this happen even just once will certainly make you start thinking about taking some steps to protect your work. Of course, one of the easiest ways to start is by saving your work every 15 or 30 minutes or so. If I had been smart enough to even do this, I would have saved myself a lot of pain and having to redo a whole bunch of work. Some of the advantages of an online backup service include being able… Read more »
This article makes a point which I have often thought, but until now had never really heard it mentioned. This is the fact that most people who consider implementing an online backup service or solution have been a victim of some type of data loss. This could be anything from having the power reset after doing a crucial update of an important file or database to a full blown hard drive crash which prohibits you from accessing anything at all. With this in mind, I think there are a number of things which a top online backup service should offer.… Read more »
Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of losing data to something that was beyond their control will understand the need for having some sort of system or service which backs up their data on a regular basis. Unfortunately, those who have not had this type of experience may not yet be properly motivated to use such a service. This article provides a number of different benefits and reasons to help convince people to start using an online back up service. For one thing, it is much more secure using such a service. Even if you have a system of… Read more »