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If you’re familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you know how ever-changing and evolving the industry is. While anyone in this field needs to stay up on the latest industry trends, the most important part of the job is tracking and strategizing your SEO plan. Trying to do this without an SEO tool is a fool’s errand.

This comparison looks at the leading SEO software options and distinguishes what sets them apart from one another. You’ll notice that these solutions have free trials, but after that, there is a monthly fee involved. While there are free SEO tools out there, any experienced online marketer knows that to find a quality solution, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Article Overview

What To Consider

It’s important to keep in mind what you’re looking for in your SEO marketing before choosing a tool. Are you the webmaster for one website? Are you an SEO service provider with dozens of clients? Do you just need a keyword tracker?

How about an easier way to do keyword research? Or maybe you have a great keyword strategy and just need to focus on backlinks. There are different tools for different goals and some tools that try to combine every possible SEO strategy.

Best SEO Tools

We’ve chosen three SEO tools that set themselves apart from the competition based on what they’re best for.

Best SEO Tool Overall: SEMrush Review

Semrush logoVisit Website

It’s always a concern when it seems like one product is trying to do too many things at once. This was my hesitation when I first learned about SEMRush years ago. But after a few years of daily use, I’m comfortable saying that SEMrush does a little bit of everything, and does it all well.

The backbone of SEMrush is the Analytics Reports. From this tool, you can research search data, traffic and competitors for a domain or a keyword. If you are into paid advertising, you can get a deep look into what keywords your competitors are bidding on and how much traffic they are generating from their efforts.

Piggybacking on all of this research is SEMrush’s backlink analysis. We are customers of SEMrush and use most features of the service in our SEO marketing.

SEMrush is constantly adding new features. Some of its latest additions include:

  • U.S. database now has over 200 million organic keywords
  • New tool to discover any company’s mobile traffic sources
  • Track your brand mentions on Instagram
  • A/B testing for Amazon seller listings
  • Easy tool to boost your social media posts



  • Site Audit tool shows overall website health and what issues you need to address
  • Position Tracking tool provides historical data and can target different devices and locations
  • SEO Ideas tool looks at your content and compares it to your competitors’ to give you ideas
  • Brand Monitoring tool easily allows you to monitor your brand reputation online
  • Sensor tool gives you a SERP score and graphics to see how your Google rankings have been performing
  • Great for competitor evaluation — track keyword position changes, traffic values, and more
  • Traffic Analytics, including mobile traffic data and mobile vs desktop comparison (added fee for Guru & Pro plans)
  • Speedy — The data loads quickly, unlike some competing services
  • Learning curve to master its many features
  • While we appreciate SEMrush’s Keyword Difficulty tool, we’ve found it places too much emphasis on total Google results, perhaps making some keywords less difficult than their rating provides

Here is an overview of SEMrush’s interface:

SEMrush Screenshot


SEMrush offers a 7-day money back guarantee on all plans. The following prices are monthly. You get discounts if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$99.95$199.95$399.95Must Contact
Reports Per Day3,0005,00010,000Must Contact
Projects550200Must Contact
Keywords5001,5005,000Must Contact
Scheduled PDF Reports52050Must Contact

SEMrush also provides custom plans if there isn’t a stock product that works perfectly for you. For example, if you just want to add another session (simultaneous login) or user, you can pay for this a la carte.


Our readers have access to an exclusive 14 day free trial for SEMrush Pro! Just use this link to get started.

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Best Keyword Tracker: AuthorityLabs Review

Authority Labs logoVisit Website

AuthorityLabs is your go-to tool for daily search engine ranking tracking. The local tracking feature (you can filter by country, city or zip code), is a great tool for those targeting local areas. Other features include competitor tracking and mobile rankings.

Another unique feature is the “Now Provided” report. By linking your account with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to easily see what terms you are ranking for and can implement those terms into AuthorityLabs with one click. If you have multiple domains covering the same topic, you can save time with domain groups — a unique feature in our findings. We have used AuthorityLabs in the past to track keywords by monetary value.

New additions to AuthorityLabs include:

  • Data API is newly redesigned for user-friendliness
  • Ability to collect custom data points about specific SERP features
  • Can track product rankings on Amazon, Walmart, Targets and more



  • Free tools available
  • See your daily rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Now Provided Report gives you access to keywords you rank for that you may not be aware of
  • Track mobile rankings
  • Shows all URLs you are ranking for if you rank for multiple URLs with the same term
  • Get alerts for the latest Google updates
  • Unlimited users
  • Sorts keywords by default alphabetically and no way to change this setting
  • Some complaints that the data loads slowly

Here’s a look at the AuthorityLabs Interface:

Authority Labs Screenshot


AuthorityLabs offers a 30-day free trial.

 PlusProPro PlusEnterprise
Price Per Month$49$99$225$450 (Starting)

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Best Backlink Tracker: Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs logoVisit Website

Ahrefs offers among the best backlink analysis available among all SEO tools. Not only is its backlink database massive compared to other tools, but Ahrefs’ competitor analysis is also among the best.

Another top feature is its Content Explorer, which searches the web for the most popular content for any keyword or topic. Other key features include SERP overview and position history, related keyword ideas and the difficulty level. Ahrefs takes some time to learn, but its results are worth the learning curve.

New additions to Ahrefs include:

  • Site Audit Tool enhancements: faster data loading, improved error reporting, added site crawl features and more
  • Content Explorer 2.0 (total revamp) unveiled in April 2019, includes UI & filtering improvements, broken pages, content trends graph, new in-line charts and more
  • Release of Keyword Explorer 3.0 (major backend updates): tools are faster, and they added 9 more search engines, including Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and more



  • Extensive web crawler (among the best available)
  • Huge backlink database
  • Easy, one-click SEO checker for competitors
  • Comprehensive social share information
  • Tracks your rankings
  • Set alerts for new & lost backlinks, web mentions and keywords rankings
  • See traffic estimates for all top-10 ranked pages
  • SEO toolbar Chrome extension
  • Only the two highest plans give you everyday updates
  • No local keywords included in search volumes
  • Keyword suggestions don’t come with a relevancy score
  • Web traffic stats not as robust as other tools

Here is a look at Ahref’s interface:

Ahref's screenshot


Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7 for its Lite and Standard plans. You can save 20% off the following prices if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$99$179$399$999
Number of Users1135
Tracked Keywords3001,0004,00010,000

Other SEO Tool Reviews

While these services didn’t crack our “best of” awards, they are all worthy of a look if you are serious about search engine optimization.

Long Tail Pro | MajesticMoz | Raven | SEOBookSpyFu | Ubersuggest

Still not finding the company you’re looking for? Check out our overflow review page, where we’ve got even more services covered.

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro logoVisit Website

Long Tail Pro’s core areas are keyword research, competitor analysis and rank checking, but its main strength is as a keyword ranking tool. Long Tail Pro pulls keywords from Google’s Keyword Planner and uses a unique Keyword Competitiveness algorithm to calculate each keyword’s ranking potential (on a 1-100 scale).

This tool can save you a ton of time by quickly analyzing the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. It also checks SERP data points in your meta tags, domain and page authority and much more. Its new Rank Value tool gives you an estimated monetary value, including income from AdWords and Amazon Affiliates, of ranking in the #1 spot for any given keyword.



  • Among the most accurate keyword ranking tools to help calculate keyword profitability 
  • Detailed competitor metrics
  • Get custom keyword difficulty recommendations
  • Fast, cloud-based platform
  • Some users report that the tool is inconsistent in bringing back data, i.e., the keyword analysis feature shows the load box but with no data

Here is a screenshot of Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro Screenshot


Long Tail Pro offers a 10-day money back guarantee and 30% off if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$37$67$147
Simultaneous Users125
Daily Keyword Lookups8002,5006,000
Tracked Keywords302001,000

Majestic Review

Majestic logoVisit Website

Majestic (formally MajesticSEO) is laser-focused as a leading backlink history checker. As you probably expect, with this tool you can track referring domains and backlinks to any URL. Where does Majestic start to differentiate itself? The detailed reporting of new and lost backlinks and anchor text reports.

The feature we are most impressed by is Majestic’s custom Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores. Trust flow is a method of looking at a site’s link profile and comparing that profile to other websites with a similar profile. If those sites are quality, the Trust Flow is higher. If those sites are not quality, the Trust Flow is lower.

Citation flow looks at the number of links and the quality of them and assigns a score. We are customers of Majestic and use it as our primary backlink tracker.



  • All-in-one backlink checker
  • Unique Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics
  • Google compliant rank tracking and keyword search data
  • SEO toolbar Chrome extension
  • Exporting reports can be tedious — lots of columns presented all at once
  • User interface is dated

Here’s a look at Majestic’s interface:

Majestic Screenshot


All plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Price Per Month$49.99$99.99$399.99
Annual Price$499.99$999.99$3,999.99
Number of Users115
Detailed Reports60300950
Analyzable Links1 Million20 Million100 Million

Moz Review

Moz logoVisit Website

Moz is a known leader in the SEO world. Its blog is consistently one of the best resources for online marketers. There are a handful of Moz products available, but we’re focusing on its most popular product, Moz Pro.

The core competency of Moz Pro is tracking keyword rankings, but you also get access to Moz’s Link Explorer — a powerful link profile analysis. Another fantastic feature is a site crawl that identifies possible SEO issues, similar to SEMrush’s Site Audit.



  • Search Visibility Score shows overall rankings performance
  • Moz Page and Domain Authority provide unique metrics
  • SEO toolbar Chrome extension
  • Tracks keywords weekly instead of daily
  • UI navigation is a bit confusing

Here is a look at Moz Pro’s keyword tracking interface:

Moz Pro Screenshot


Moz Pro offers a 30-day free trial. You can also save 20% off the following monthly prices if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$99$179$249$999
Tracked Sites51025100
Tracked Keywords3009001,90010,000

Raven Tools Review

Raven logoVisit Website

Raven Tools’ main focus is on custom reporting, so if you are an agency that represents a lot of clients, this could be a good fit. Raven started as an agency more than 10 years ago and couldn’t find an online marketing solution that had everything it needed, so it created its own.

Its drag-and-drop reporting allows you to provide an all-encompassing report for whatever your client desires. Raven Tools has a site auditor, keyword ranking reporting and a link checker. You can create white-label reports with performance metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads and more.



  • Users report that Raven is willing to add features based on customer feedback
  • Custom, drag-and-drop reporting of any combination of Raven features
  • Built-in backlink analysis tool
  • Rank searching through Google Search Console
  • Complicated user interface that takes a while to learn
  • Could use more customizable visuals for data presentations

Here’s a look at Raven’s site auditor:

Raven Tools Screenshot


Raven Tools offer a 14-day free trial. You can save up to 30% if you pay annually. All plans offer unlimited branded reports.

Price Per Month$49$109$199$299$479
Monthly Page Crawls50,000400,0002 million5 million7 million

SEOBook Review

SEO Book logoVisit Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: This SEO service is currently closed to new members, and there’s no pricing information. We are unclear on whether this product is still for sale or supported. We do not recommend signing up at this time.

SEOBook, owned and operated by SEO guru Aaron Wall, is slightly different than all of the other offerings in this comparison. Wall’s business started in 2003 with one of the most successful SEO books in history and then transitioned his efforts into an online SEO course.

The course is geared towards novice marketers — it claims that you are hiring your own personal SEO expert when you pay for its service. At $300 a month, the cost isn’t cheap, but if you’ve made it this far in the article and you’re completely overwhelmed by the content, a personal SEO expert might not be a bad move.

Once you join, you get personal interaction, but SEOBook also has its own proprietary tools like a keyword suggestion tool, keyword list generator, keyword ranker and competitive analysis.



  • Personal interaction
  • Community forums to ask questions
  • Free tools for anyone to use – we found the keyword density tool to be very useful
  • Not currently available for new user signups
  • Expensive
  • Tools are not as advanced as other services

Here is a look at one of the SEOBooks’ tools:

SEOBook screenshot


SEOBook does not have a free trial, but it does offer prorated refunds.

  • $300/month

SpyFu Review

SpyFu logoVisit Website

SpyFu’s focus is competitive research for SEO and PPC. You can find out what your competitors are doing by seeing which keywords they buy, which ads they run and which organic keywords they rank for. What stands out? Not only do you see this competitive information now, but there’s a 12-year history provided. SpyFu also offers keyword tracking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.



  • Researching your competitors’ historic ads gives you an excellent opportunity to tweak your site’s ad copy
  • In-depth PPC and SEO SERP analysis
  • Member discounts on other services (including AuthorityLabs)
  • No local data
  • Steep learning curve for beginners

Here is a look at SpyFu’s research tool:

SpyFu Competitor Analytics screenshot


All SpyFu plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Price Per Month$39$78
(1st month is $39)
Annual Price$396$696$2,388
Weekly Tracked Keyword Rankings5,00015,00040,000
Sales Leads & Domain Contacts2505002,000
Historical Data6 months10+ years10+ years
API AccessCheckmarkCheckmark
Custom Brand ReportsCheckmarkCheckmark

Ubersuggest Review

Ubersuggest logoVisit Website

Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool led by internet guru Neil Patel. It’s an easy-to-use way to find keywords you won’t get from Google’s Keyword Planner.

This site also gives you access to a free SEO analyzer report and a free A/B testing significance calculator. You can also schedule a consultation with Neil Patel. Sure, what you get from this site is basic compared to our other services reviewed here, but, hey, it’s entirely free.



  • Free keyword suggestion tool
  • Easy for beginners
  • Filter for web, YouTube, images and more
  • Select target market
  • Competitive overview lists all of your competitors and shows you their ad copy
  • Lacks many features, including keyword rankings, in-depth competitor analysis, etc.

Here’s a look at Ubersuggest in action:

UberSuggest Screenshot


Not seeing the company you’re looking for in our review? Check out our overflow review to see if it’s covered there.

SEO Tools Overview Video

View this video for a quick visual recap of SEO tools and how they can help your business.

What About Keyword Research And Trends?

Now that you have SEO software to track your results, you first need to get your top terms up there. Learn about keyword research and trend analysis, to find out which of your terms may experience growth, which are merely seasonal, and which are expected to decline. Then take a look at our keyword tracker reviews so you can keep track of them all and set alerts.

After all, why optimize on a term that won’t be searched for in a few years? Conversely, optimize now on a low-competition term that’s barely searched for, with the insight that it’s going to blow up in the near future to get a nice leg up on your competition.

If you want to dive deeper, read our guides on the best tools for backlink checking and SEO audits.

What’s your go-to SEO tool?

About The Author:

While attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s graduate school for journalism and public relations in the late 1990s, Sally began a long career researching and writing about business, technical and scientific topics. Her decades of experience as well as a passion to stay on top of the latest online tools and resources combine to help small businesses (and freelancers like herself) flourish.

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Both SEO tools have their own pros and cons. Ahrefs is best SEO tool to find quality backlinks, while Semrush is best for content ideas, keyword search of both competitor and own website.
Never tried majestic
Jordan Wexler
Great comparison, seems like SEMRUSH and AHREFS are the two leaders, however at the end of the day, knowing data is only half the battle. Having a site strong enough like ours certainly helps…
Todd Weitzman
I’ve used Spyfu and Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a much better solution but Spyfy should be noteworthy due to its price. It’s nearly half the cost (or less) than Ahrefs or SEMrush and the tools are similar. For a beginner, perhaps Spyfu would work best.
Power Suggest Pro is a highly acclaimed keyword and market research tool which has received numerous positive reviews from internet entrepreneurs and marketers who have found the software to be powerful yet extremely easy-to-use and more importantly, a valuable tool for their businesses.
Great content. Looks like the same people own all this SEO tools? I used Semrush, a great tool but in Ireland, it shows the wrong ranking. You will be working your arse off to reach the first position only to find that you are on the first position for 6 months. Travis is great as well. I am thinking to try Moz
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Alex, these companies are run independently and offer their own products. The tools we use most are SEMRush and Majestic, but every publisher or website owner has their own favorite mix, so we encourage you to try them all!
Interesting comparisons and a nice list of tools. Thank you.
SEM Rush and Moz are my go-to tools and resources when it comes to SEO. I couldn’t survive without them!
SEO Work in Progress
I have been using SEMRush for the past year or so and I find a new helpful tool every time I am in there. And, wow, the data it provides is invaluable in optimizing my website. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
I am a beginner in seo , through your post I got idea of tools in seo . Thanks for the info
We search a Seo Tool but from what i discovered here the price are to high. I don’t understand exactly why they are running this level of price.
George Coem
I’m using SERPstat after I switched from LTP. SEMrush has long been my plan B, albeit it’s pricier. I’ve grown to learn that there’s no way I’m buying a keyword research tool without API.
Hey George, would you mind explaning why you wouldn’t want one without API access? Thanks.
I am very impressed by your detailed review. I’m looking for tools that can help me manage my company’s SEO and it seems while there are dozens of free products out there, you definitely pay for what you get. I’ve also found that some tools are really good at one particular thing but then you can’t afford to buy multiple services (yet alone keep up with them all). Based on your experience it seems like SEMRush is the way to go as far as a one stop shop. Will do the free trial and check it out, thanks!
Jason C.
A week ago I read another useful overview for most interesting SEO tools on Upmixed and as per it Semrush,ahrefs,Moz,SEO Powersuite and Cognitive SEO are the most advanced complex tools for an average user.
My personal choice is MoZ and I’m using it for about two years now.The only drawback is the pricing.