If You Don’t Have These In Your Office You’re Missing Out!

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Desk with computer (caption: Business Essentials)Having an organized and productive office doesn’t have to be a huge struggle. Let us help you keep your inbox and your desktop in order. A clutter free desk and mind will translate into efficient operations and help your business run more smoothly (or at least you’ll maintain your sanity).

The experts here at We Rock Your Web help you get your business email, phone system, faxing, conferencing and other essentials up and running with tips and reviews of the best office equipment and software. We cover the latest from standing desks and shredders to online productivity and virtual team tools. We also help you back up your work online, solve those pesky Windows errors and much more.

Article Overview

Finding The Best Office Equipment

Whether you’re setting up a home office or office space for your small business, you’ll need the latest equipment to run smoothly. We’ve got some recommendations for you for everything from hardware, printers, scanners and paper shredders to accessories like surge protectors, laptop bags and partitions. See our ultimate guide to office equipment (coming soon!) for all of our reviews.

TIP: If you own a small business, we highly recommend getting an Amazon Business account to help streamline all of your business ordering needs — and to enjoy frequent discounts and free shipping. Learn more about other account perks in our article all about Amazon Business.

An Alternative To Buying Equipment: Rent A Coworking Space

Teams working at coworking spotDon’t have the budget for a dedicated office space or new equipment? Many small businesses (and freelancers) are turning to coworking spaces to rent fully-equipped (and sometimes support-staffed) office space. See which networks we recommend to find the ideal coworking space in your area.

Virtual Communication

Businessman holding cell phone (caption: Communications for Businesses)In addition to having all the essential office equipment, you’ll need the most efficient ways to communicate with clients, remote team members, customers and others. In our office communication section, we cover everything from reviews of the best online fax services and VoIPs to online tools that can help virtual teams optimize their collaborative efforts and productivity.

Software & App Solutions

Productive apps on iPhone

Best Business Apps

Need to stay as efficient as possible when you’re on the road? See the 15 best business apps that can help you stay connected to ongoing projects and your team members when you’re on the road. We include everything from time trackers and business receipt scanners to itinerary organizers and password managers.

Help Desk Software

Help desk person at computerYour customers are the heart of your business, so it’s crucial to give them plenty of avenues to get in touch. Using online customer support shows them that you care about their entire experience, from questions about your products or services to any assistance they might need with a recent purchase. We review the best help desk software for small to large-sized businesses to help you decide on the ideal option.

TIP: If you don’t have (or can’t afford) Microsoft Office on your PC, we give you step-by-step tips on how to optimize Open Office, a useful free productivity suite by Apache.

Ways To Optimize Your PC & Data

Keeping your PC organized is paramount to having a productive work day. And we’ve got plenty of advice for you to do just that.

Do you waste precious time searching for files you saved eons ago on your PC but can’t remember where they are? We’ll show you how to use a desktop search engine to save you time and stay organized.

Back Up Your Data

Floppy Disk: Best Online Backup Comparison TableSpeaking of your files, what would you do if your hardware got stolen or damaged or a virus wiped out all of the data on your computer? It’s crucial for any size business, whether it’s home-based or a large corporate office, to back up your files to another location. The best way to disaster-proof all of your data is by backing it up online. See our reviews of the best online backup services, which include pros and cons, features, pricing and more.

Save Your Disk Space

Mac on deskIt’s also a good idea to periodically clean up the files on your PC to save disk space. This will also help it run faster. There are numerous tools you can use for both Macs and Windows PCs that are relatively inexpensive. See our review of CleanMyMac for just one of several great options.

While you’re cleaning up the data on your Windows or Mac PC, you may run across some file formats that look entirely foreign. Don’t just delete them if you’re not sure what they are! Some could be essential for programs running on your computer. Use our comprehensive guide of file formats to learn more.

TIP: Be sure to keep your PC clean. See our tips on how to clean your PC, which include some recommendations for PC vacuums to keep your office space dust and pollutant free.

Solving Virtual Headaches

Technology can be a lifesaver for your hectic workday, but it occasionally presents its own set of problems. Fortunately, we’ve got tons of tips for common issues that might arise.

  • Email – Having trouble with Outlook or Gmail or need to learn some tricks to make them more functional? See our office email guide (coming soon!), where we also recommend some of the best office email services.
  • Windows – Can’t resume Windows when it’s on standby or frustrated with a hung print job? We give you Windows assistance for common tech issues.
  • Internet – We’ve got tips to help you solve a pesky wireless connection that keeps dropping.

We hope our guide to all your office needs can help you become a more efficient and productive business.

What’s missing in your office that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments!

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